Tarotscopes - Week of May 6th

Annnd I’m back with another round of tarotscopes for the week! Last week, I did some lightning tarotscopes, and this week I’m throwing back in some questions to ponder. 

The deck delivering our messages is the Transient Light Tarot by Ari Wisner.

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Nine of Vessels: Make time to get comfy, and recognize the happiness and successes that you currently have in your life – no matter how big or small. Appreciating where you are, will help open doors to further fulfillment. Seek joy in who and where you currently are. 

Questions: What are you grateful for? What has brought you joy recently? What wishes are you still working towards fulfilling?


Five of Wands: There’s some tension in the air this week, where it may feel like no one is really listening to what you have to say. It’s important to know that your passions and ideas are worth sharing. Be assertive instead of defensive, and work through challenges instead of avoiding them.

Questions: What do you normally do when you feel frustrated? How can you communicate your ideas more clearly?


The Fool: Get out there and try something new this week! This is your call to take a bit of a risk, to jump right in, and to see what happens. Go forth with hope and optimism, knowing that it’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out. Be curious, and keep your eyes open for new opportunities each day.

Questions: What have you been hesitating on? Why? How can you jump in? What are you looking forward to?


Two of Coins: Balance and flexibility are key this week. Don’t be afraid to reprioritize your responsibilities to make your load easier to handle. Remember, dear Cancer, life isn’t out to get you. Ride those ups and downs with good humour, and they’ll be far easier to navigate. 

Questions: What are you juggling that you don’t need to juggle? How can you rebalance your time and energy?


The Sun: Let your confidence and radiance shine brightly in everything you do this week. Do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Enjoy your successes, and share your energy with those around you. Give yourself permission to be free; do what makes you laugh, and soak up some beautiful rays.

Questions: What can you do to bring more play into your daily life? Where do you currently find joy? What makes you feel fulfilled?


The Lovers: Coming from the Hierophant last week which focused on staying the course, this week is all about following your heart. Don’t be afraid to challenge beliefs or go against the grain when it feels right. Remember, the connections you maintain are a choice; choose love and happiness over toxicity and drama.

Questions: How can you make choices aligned with who you want to be? Who in your life sees you for your authentic self?


Six of Wands: Celebrate the wins! You’ll be reaching a milestone (or two, perhaps) this week, so allow yourself to bask for a moment in the accomplishment. Even if it’s something small, it’s worth recognizing. Give yourself a pat on the back, and accept compliments and praise from others – stop brushing it off as no big deal!

Questions: What are you proud of yourself for? What recent wins are worth celebrating? How can you recognize someone else’s job well done?


Apprentice of Wands: Another omen of a new adventure – these have been popping up a lot for you, Scorpio! This time, however, you’re being encouraged to be fearless. Make a move. Focus your energy, and funnel it forward. Say yes, and get excited for what’s to come!

Questions: What are you ready to say yes to? What ambitions are you ready to funnel more time and energy into? 


The Devil: There’s a good amount of getting in your own way this week, as it may feel like you’re stuck in a situation and have no way out. The Devil is a reminder that you can free yourself, but know that it will take facing fears and confronting uncomfortable thoughts and habits to do so. 

Questions: Where are you keeping yourself stuck or trapped? What beliefs are possibly holding you back? How can you release yourself from them?


Six of Coins: This is a week for support – and you could be on either side. Are you in a position to share your time, energy, money or expertise as a way to give back and help others? Or are you in a position where you could use a helping hand? Whichever situation you’re in, know that’s nothing selfish or wrong with expecting a fair return in some shape, way or form.

Questions: Where are you currently giving time, money or energy? Do you feel that it is worth it? Why or why not?


Keeper of Coins: You are capable of handling it all – own your expertise, your worth, and your hard work. You’ve put a lot of effort into getting where you are, and have learned a lot along the way. Keep things simple right now, and focus on common sense and seeing things through. Take time to nurture yourself and those you love.

Questions: How can you treat yourself a little this week? How can you use your skills and knowledge to accomplish your goals?


Four of Coins: Back to wanting to feel that safety and security this week, Pisces! And while there’s nothing wrong with that, the question is why are you holding on so tightly? While it is important to be sensible right now (especially with finances), make sure that you’re not holding yourself back. There’s nothing wrong with investing in you

Questions: What makes you feel safe and secure? Where are you possibly holding on too tight and how can you let go a bit?

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