What can a tarot reading with me do for you?

People come for tarot readings because they’re looking for answers – and I get it. That’s originally why I got into tarot. But ore than just answers, the tarot asks us questions, points to patterns, and helps us to see things we didn’t even realize were there.

If you’re hoping to have your future laid out in a series of predictions, I’m probably not the right reader for you. While I believe tarot cards can give you an idea of where you’re heading, I also believe that the future is ours to create. 

But if what you want is a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, help overcoming obstacles or making decisions, motivation, validation, and questions to help you connect to your own inner wisdom, then that’s something I can definitely offer.

Clients who work with me are ready to shift their perspective, make adjustments to their daily habits, and seek honesty above all else. At the same time, they’re looking for connection; for someone to hear what they have to say, and help them see a way through.

Some of the best tarot sessions I’ve had with clients focus on things like:

    • Better understanding their relationships
    • Recognizing and working on letting go of what’s holding them back
    • Looking at available options, and seeing paths they maybe didn’t consider
    • Improving self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-worth
    • Finding ways through creative blocks; tell me all about your creative project, and we’ll brainstorm with the cards
    • Overcoming false narratives and self-limiting beliefs
    • Working through and breaking unhelpful thought patterns
    • Viewing situations from alternative perspectives to find ways forward
    • Checking in on their path, and whether they’re going in the right direction

So if this sounds like what you need, I’m ready and waiting! A tarot session with me is a safe space. I’m not here to judge or reprimand you. I’m here to interpret the cards, hold space, and help you find the answers you seek – with a laugh or two along the way.

Virtual One-on-One Tarot Reading Sessions

People often ask if tarot readings even can be done virtually. And in my experience, they work just as well over the internet as they do in person. 

Online readings give us a chance to connect and see what the cards have to say. Come with questions prepared or book for a general reading – whatever you feel you need at the time. Since these sessions are time based, there is no limit on number of questions or cards pulled. Readings are done over Zoom with a “tarot card cam” so you can see what is being drawn. You will receive a photo of your readings afterwards.

Book your reading now

Choose the session time you’d like to book. If you can’t find a time that works for you for, please reach out at contact@adrienneamari.com

In-Person Tarot Readings: Available in the Niagara region upon request (prices are same as the virtual session listed above) and take place at the Starbucks on Lake St in St. Catharines. Scheduling options for in-person readings will be available in the summer of 2024 as I am building a dedicated space for coaching sessions and readings.

Recorded audio Tarot Readings

Recorded audio readings are not one-on-one sessions, but instead are the chance to have a personalized reading without the live commitment. These readings are great for those who are new to tarot, have hectic schedules, prefer an audio reading they can listen to or are too shy for a live one-on-one session. 

Do they work? I believe that we’re all connected, and as long as the intention is present, the universe is able to do its thing.

Choose the reading that best suit your needs. Audio files will be delivered via e-mail as an attachment, Google Drive link or private YouTube video. All recorded readings  come with a photo of the cards pulled.

Tarot Reading For Your Pet

Our animal companions are such important being in our lives, and tarot is a wonderful way to tap into their energy. During a pet reading, we can look into your connection, concerns, needs, and other messages that may help strengthen your bond.

Live sessions take place over Zoom, are twenty-minutes in length, and I invite to have your pet present with you (I’d love to ‘meet’ them!). Recorded readings will be sent via mp4 for you to listen to at your leisure.

Pet readings are not a substitute for professional medical or behavioural help.

events and Parties


If you’re hosting an event and want a tarot reader on site, or want to have a group of  friends over for a night of cards and connection, I’d love to be part of it!

I’ve done many busy events like the Grape & Wine Festival in St. Catharines, Canal Days in Port Colborne, Romby’s Ladies Night, Hamilton Pagan Pride, and Halloween readings at both Brock University Students’ Union and the Foundry Loft residence. 

I also have experience with friendly get togethers, bachelorette parties, and holiday parties.

Pricing is quoted on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.

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Gift Certificates

Know someone who would love a tarot reading, but not sure when they’re available or what kind of reading they’d like? Gift certificates are now available! Choose your amount, and add a message if you wish.

Gift Certificates may take up to 48 hours to process and will be sent to the buyer or recipient via email as a .PDF. The recipient will be able to use their gift certificate number to book online.

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