Code of Ethics


I will treat all my clients with fairness, compassion, and respect, regardless of their gender, race, culture, sexual preference, and beliefs. Tarot readings and coaching sessions are a judgement-free zone, and I strive to create a safe place for clients to share, heal, learn, and grow.


As a tarot reader, teacher, and transformational life coach, I will serve the best interests of my clients without causing or intending to cause harm. While my role is to read and interpret the cards to the best of my ability, and be a guide through different life coaching techniques, it is the clients who are responsible for their own decisions and actions following our sessions.


My goal is to provide readings and transformational coaching sessions that provide guidance and empower the client. I am not a fortune-teller, nor do I believe in a set future. I believe we all have ability to take control over our thoughts, and forge our own paths. Thus, I encourage clients to make their own life-affirming decisions.


Tarot readings and coaching sessions are confidential, and I will not share client’s names or personal data. All information revealed in the reading will remains confidential unless life-threatening or required by a court of law. Your session will not be shared publicly unless you choose to do so with the exception of tarot readings done live on TikTok or Instagram.


I will always interpret the cards to the best of my ability, and am constantly improving my skills and growing as a reader. As a life coach, I will do my part to hold space, ask the right questions, and help my clients come to the answers they need at the time. I am not a qualified physician, lawyer, financial advisor, or psychologist. I will suggest the client seek professional services from qualified professionals as the situation arises.


I will perform all sessions with honesty, integrity, and compassion for my client. I will not pry into the lives of third parties – questions must be directly related to and focused around the client. If you want to know how someone feels about you, ask them, not tarot cards. I reserve the right to decline readings or coaching sessions that I feel are not suited to my ethics and reading style.