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understanding yourself through tarot

Are you feeling lost, unsure of what direction to take? Do you find yourself stuck in self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy or fear? Does imposter syndrome stop you from stepping into your full potential? Are you ready to really dig deep, ask the difficult questions, and find the answers you need to create the reality you desire?

Hi, I’m Adrienne Amari, a certified tarot reader and transformational life coach. I’m here to help you understand yourself, your situation, and this crazy world that we’re in. 

Together, we’ll challenge your thought patterns and shift the way you interact with that inner monologue that runs through your mind. We’ll journey through the messages and mysteries of the cards, using them to unlock your full potential and create positive changes in your life. 

When we understand ourselves, our obstacles and our motivations, we can work towards building a life that we’re excited to be living.

Tarot Reading Sessions

One-on-one live tarot reading sessions offered virtually, in -person, and recorded. Tarot parties, and reader for events. 

Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational COaching

Transformational life coaching packages to help you overcome what’s holding you back, and find answers from within.

Workshops & Mentorship

Learn the power of tarot through my workshops, tarot practice nights, and one-on-one tarot mentorship.

What clients are saying

“I had an interest in learning tarot, but I struggled interpreting the cards…”

I attended Adrienne’s Tarot for Beginners workshop and it was incredible! Prior to attending the workshop I had an interest in learning tarot, even had a few decks of my own, but I struggled interpreting the cards without googling the meaning online or using the reference booklets the decks came with. For this workshop, Adrienne took the time to walk us through the meaning of the suits, Major and Minor arcana cards, as well as touching on numerology. Adrienne was knowledgeable, friendly, and made a lovely teacher who encouraged us to trust our intuition when observing the cards to enhance their meaning. All of this was condensed into a wonderful cheat-sheet booklet that made learning tarot quick and easy. A week following this workshop I would use my deck each day and it’s becoming so much easier to interpret the cards! I can’t wait to attend more of her events!


“She helped me recognise my patterns, which was important…”

Had a Finding Love read”ing with Adrienne ! And omg!! It was exactly what I needed..it was fun, gave me so much clarity and direction that I was seeking and her energy so beautiful, uplifting and pure. She helped me recognise my patterns, which was important.

We were smiling and laughing through the session, which definitely is a good thing guys!! 200% recommend any reading with Adrienne, but if you’ve been single for a while then Finding Love is a must!! Thank you Adrienne for sharing your beautiful energy and reading for me , grateful for all the guidance 😍


“I had a wonderful experience from start to finish with this reading!”

I had a wonderful experience from start to finish with this reading!  Adrienne paid special attention to the areas of my life in which I was looking for guidance, and went above and beyond my expectations both in selecting questions, and explaining the cards that were drawn. She wrote a lovely summary that tied everything together, and I have saved the reading on my computer to go back to when I could use direction. The care and attention that went into the entire process is clear in the wonderful reading she sent me!


“It was SO nice to just sit and talk with someone…”

It was SO nice to just sit and talk with someone about things I might not have talked about with other people. I loved that I could see the cards. Adrienne really knows her stuff! I felt comfortable and she helped me by spreading the cards and because she was genuinely interested in helping me.


“The reading fully resonated with me…”

I am so so very happy with this reading, the PDF sent to me was so detailed and was laid out beautifully! The reading fully resonated with me and enabled me to get a lot of insight & perspective into my relationship! Thank you so much for this, I’m grateful for this guidance ✨


“It was an awesome experience…”

I did a 40-minute live reading with Adrienne. I was really nervous at first but she helped me feel comfortable quickly. I did not have a question to begin with so she proposed that we looked into a general message. She helped me choose the right deck and explained what she did as we moved forward. I could see both the cards and her as she read and I was able to ask questions or clarifications. It was an awesome experience and I will ask her for more in the near future!


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