Tarotscopes - Week of July 8th

Ready for some guidance from the tarot card? This week on Tarotscopes our messages are paired with questions to reflect upon. Ponder them over, or journal them if you feel so inclined. 

This week features messages from the Fortuna Tarot by Studio Artemy.

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Five of Keys: There will always people who don’t get it; who don’t see eye to eye with who you are or what you want to do. You can waste time and energy trying to explain it to them, or you can do what you know is right for you, and walk away. Choose inner peace this week, knowing that the conflict isn’t worth it.

Reflection: Can you remember a time you chose to walk away from conflict? How did you feel? What was the outcome?


The High Priestess: Not everything in life is meant to be known, especially not right away. Face the unknown with curiosity and a desire to understand more. Pay attention to repeating signs and symbols (but be discerning at the same time). Let down your guard, and listen to your intuition. Trust your inner voice to lead you in the right direction. 

Reflection: What is a specific time you trusted your intuition wholly? How did things work out when you listened?


The Devil: There’s a sense of feeling stuck or powerless as you go through the motions. It’s easy right now to give into temptation and distraction; to fall into bad habits, and waste energy on things you know hold little value in your life. Remember that this powerlessness is just an illusion; it’s up to you to take back control. Find freedom through facing the discomfort of fear.

Reflection: When was the last time you felt truly powerful and in control of your life? What helped you get there?


Five of Candles: It may feel like holding back is the right approach this week, but know that doing so will quickly lead to frustration. You have thoughts and ideas worth expressing, and while it can be disheartening when it feels like no one is paying attention, realize that that’s not a comment on you or your worth. Stand up: be a leader, be assertive, and be heard.

Reflection: When have you shared an idea that was accepted and put into action. What was the idea? How did you express it?


The Chariot: Now is the time to not let anything stand in your way – it’s all systems go! Decide what your destination will be, and get a move on. When roadblocks get in your way, don’t allow them to throw you completely off course. Go through, or find a way around. Success can be yours, but you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone, and be determined to make it.

Reflection: What was the last goal you accomplished? How did you do it? And how did it make you feel?


Nine of Tailsmans: It’s important right now to realize where you are, and how you got here. See the energy and effort you’ve invested into your journey thus far, and don’t be afraid to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Practice gratitude, and appreciate the little things – dare yourself to go beyond the material realm. 

Reflection: What has brought you feelings of success, security, and abundance in the last year? 


Five of Tailsmans: Protect your assets and your energy this week. It’s easy right now to fall into the idea not enough – and that can manifest in many different ways. Take care of you, because you’ll only get more stuck if you don’t. Seek connection; ask for help if you’re in need. Remember, people don’t always know you’re struggling unless you tell them.

Reflection: When did you last feel energized and powerful and what were you doing at that time in your life? How can you replicate some of that now?


Eight of Candles: Momentum is picking up, so get up and start moving! Keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities this week, because there’s something on the horizon: a new door opening, or information that you need. Say yes when things feel aligned – strike while the iron’s hot so you don’t miss out. Keep your energy high, and be open to change.

Reflection: Think of a time when it felt like everything was in alignment for you. What was going on in your life? How did you know to trust it?


Eight of Keys: You’re a great storyteller, especially to yourself. There are thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you trapped that aren’t based on reality. Consider what you’re giving power to, and the narratives that you’re accepting. The mental fog will lift when you stop overthinking, and allow yourself to see things clearly.

Reflection: What stories and self-limiting beliefs have you given into in the past? How did you free yourself from them?


King of Elixirs: Stay calm, cool, and collected in the face of adversity this week. Seek harmony in difficult situations, and lead with a gentle, supportive hand. Curb impulse with patience and peace. Know that the best courses of action right now will come by having a balanced approach between heart and mind.

Reflection: When was the last time you felt worked up and had to calm yourself down? What did you do?


Nine of Keys: Your mind is on overdrive, and it’s important to reign those thoughts in. Be aware of your thoughts and how you are interacting with them. Know that simply ignoring them won’t make them go away. Challenge the legitimacy of your fears and worries; are they based in reality or just living in your mind?

Reflection: Think of a time you were really fearful or worried about something. How did it turn out? Was the reality as bad as the fear?


King of Tailsmans: You have (or are on your way) to reaching a certain level of security and abundance; and it hasn’t come without hard work!  Recognize what you’ve built for yourself; everything you’ve learned, and how you’ve taken care of yourself and others along the way. This week it’s important to be practical, to stay grounded, and to make safe choices.

Reflection: What lessons have you learned about responsibility and material security in the past year?

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