Tarotscopes - Week of July 1st

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!🎉

It really feels like summer is in full swing as we head on into July. But what messages do the cards from the Everyday Tarot by Biddy Tarot have to get us ready for the first week of the month? Let’s kick it off with some lightning tarotscopes!

While our sun signs are most often our go-to, remember that you are more than just your sun sign! Check out your moon and rising, too! Don’t know what those are for you? Visit the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café enter your birth date, time, and place to find out!


Two of Wands: Pour your focus into discovery and planning this week; don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, and take the road less travelled.


Knight of Wands: Full speed ahead! Be confident and courageous as you forge your path; make bold choices, and funnel your energy into productive pursuits.


Six of Wands: Celebrate the wins! Give yourself a pat on the back, and accept recognition for a job well done. Appreciate the milestones, and use them as motivation to keep going.


Ace of Cups: Keep your heart and mind open; make new connections, rekindle (healthy) relationships or network. Allow your emotions and creativity to flow and see where you intuition leads you.


King of Pentacles: Be practical and reasonable when making decisions; focus on what brings security. Remain grounded. Utilize your experience to your benefit, and trust yourself.


Six of Pentacles: If you’re in a position to give, do so willingly – whether that’s time, support, money, or expertise. At the same time, accept help if you need it. How can you balance the scales?


Six of Swords: Accept things as they are. Work on letting go of any baggage or beliefs are weighing you down. Don’t be afraid to move forward; onto bigger, better, brighter things.


Three of Pentacles: Collaboration and teamwork is key this week. You’ve built a strong foundation, so don’t be afraid to let your skills and expertise shine. At the same time, know when to step back and trust the experts. 


Four of Wands: Enjoy a sense of community this week! Make an effort to spend time with the people in your life that matter; those that make you feel like you belong, and feel like home. Celebrate those connections!


Temperance: Where are things out of balance? Focus on restoring harmony to your life. Find moments of peace and comfort. Be patient with yourself and those around you. And remember, moderation is key.


The Devil: It’s time to take back your power. What habits or fears are holding you back, and how can you move through them? You are in no way powerless; it’s time to take control.


Page of Swords:  Your curiosity is running wild this week! Ask questions, seek answers, but don’t allow yourself to go too far down the rabbit hole. Think things through, and look before you leap.

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