Tarotscopes - Week of June 24th

It’s time to see what messages the tarot cards have for your signs!

This week features the Old Style Tarot by Alexander Ray, published by U.S. Game Systems, Inc.

Don’t forget to look at not just your sun sign, but your moon and rising as well. Unsure what those are? Head on over to the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café enter your birth date, time, and place to find out!


Seven of Swords: While it may be appealing to run away from issues right now, use your resourcefulness to make your way through. Be strategic and logical in your approach. Know when to keep things to yourself, and don’t be afraid to find a different way around a problem. Sometimes, it’s important to look out for number one – because if you don’t, who will?

Question: What is something you can do for yourself this week that gives you an advantage?


The Chariot: Success can be yours, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to go forward – have a destination in mind, and put your pedal to the metal! Don’t let bumps in the road throw you off course. Through focus and determination you’ll get where you want to go; just don’t be afraid to step outside what’s comfortable.

Question: What is something you really want to accomplish this week? Choose your plan of action and go.


The Fool: Say yes! This is the week to take a leap of faith; to try something new. It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t be the thing that gets in your way. Remember, it’s more about the journey and experience than it is the final destination. Enjoy the adventure for what it is.

Question: What new adventure are you ready to focus your energy on this week? It’s time to just do it!


Four of Wands: Celebrate this week! You’ve built a strong foundation, and deserve to take a little break to simply enjoy. Community is key: spend time with the people who matter. Go out to dinner, attend (or host) a party, gather for a games night with some friends – whatever works for your schedule! The important thing is spending time where you feel you belong.

Question: Who makes you feel like you fit in or belong and how can you connect with them this week?


The Empress: Spend time this week with your inner femininity; make space to create, seek beauty and happiness in the world around you, and take care of both yourself and others. Focus on the abundance that is present in your life. Make an effort to go outside, and ground yourself in nature.

Question: What can you do to make yourself or your space feel beautiful this week?


Eight of Wands: Keep your eyes open to new opportunities this week, and don’t hesitate to say yes (providing of course that they feel aligned). Change is coming, and movement is happening! Keep your energy up, and your motivation running. This week is all about timing, so pay attention and play your cards right.

Question: What changes are you wanting to attract this week? What opportunities can you keep your eyes open for?


Nine of Pentacles: You’ve put a lot of work and effort to get where you are – first and foremost, don’t forget that! Appreciate your journey thus far, see what you’ve built for yourself, and recognize the hard work. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself and know that you don’t owe anyone an explanation when you do.

Question: What are you grateful for? Challenge yourself to list five things every day.


Justice: This is a week of honesty and integrity. Be fair in your judgements; both to yourself, and to those around you. If there is anything that’s been flying under the radar, know that the truth will come to light. Remember that your actions (and decisions) have a cause and effect relationship; make choices with that in mind.

Question: Where can you be more honest and fair with yourself? Is there anything you need to take more accountability for?


Seven of Wands: Be prepared to stand your ground this week; especially for the ideas and matters that are important to you. It’s a fact of life that not everyone will always be on the same page or understand who you are or what you’re trying to do. But if it’s important to you, it’s worth fighting for. 

Question: When have you felt your ideas or beliefs were challenged? What did you do about it?


Four of Cups: You may find yourself feeling a little more moody than normal this week, creating difficulty in getting up and motivated. This may cause you to withdraw, choosing to give into apathy or boredom. Sometimes, we need moments of disconnect, but be sure to keep yourself available for new opportunities – especially ones that get things flowing again. 

Question: What can you do to combat feelings of boredom? Create a list that you can use.


Ace of Wands: New ideas and fresh energy is coming your way this week! Harness that potential, and create something real out of it. What new adventure or experience are you ready to put some effort into? What passions are you excited to pursue? Limitless potential is available to you right now, but it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Question: What idea can you start taking actual action towards? What will you do?


Seven of Pentacles: You may be frustrated at what feels like a lack of progress or success, but know that if you continue to put your energy and effort into your goals, you will get there. Be patient. When you feel stuck, pivot your focus. It’s okay to alter course, but be sure you’re doing so for the right reasons and not out of frustration over things that take time.

Question: Do you feel you are a patient person? If yes, what has allowed you to be so? If no, what can you do to practice more patience?

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