Sacred Destiny Oracle

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“The Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards call upon the energy of nature and majesty of the natural world to provide answers to the heartfelt yearnings of your soul. Use these cards on a regular basis and you’ll find solace, healing, and wisdom emerging within you.”
Created by Denise Linn, this is a beautiful 52-card oracle deck, featuring lush landscapes, animals, symbols, and scenes that you’ll want to explore. Each card is titled with a word to hold onto, encouraging you to connect to both the word and the image. The deck comes with a guidebook that helps you understand the imagery behind each picture, and guidance to follow.

While I prefer to work with tarot decks over oracle decks, the Scared Destiny Oracle is one that I always go back to – and it’ll work great alongside your favourite tarot deck to hit home those important, much needed messages.

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