Moonology Oracle Cards

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“Named after moon phases and positions in the star signs, the cards in this deck provide the answers to the user’s questions about their life and offer teachings on moon phases and moon positions. Each card shows how the energy of a moon position relates to an area of their life, including life goals, love, healing, family, work, money and success, plus an action to take or a question to reflect on.”
Moonology by Yasmin Boland illustrated by Nyx Rowan is a 44-card astrology-based oracle, featuring each of the moon phases, moon phases, full and new moon cards for each zodiac, and an additional set of special moon cards. While the cards each have a short sentence, the guidebook is a wealth of information.

Like many, the moon has always fascinated me, and this is not only an oracle deck, but an awesome resource for learning more about earth’s partner. I was extremely impressed with the guidebook, and how much it offered – including ways to attune to the moon’s energy, and astrological breakdowns and teachings.

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