The Light Seer’s Pocket Edition

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A pocket-sized, portable version of Chris-Anne’s wildly popular tarot deck in a keepsake tin. By reimagining the traditional tarot archetypes and symbols in a contemporary, boho, and intuitive style, The Light Seer’s Tarot expresses the light and shadow sides of our natures and explores the lessons that can be learned from both.”

Created by Chris-Anne and published by Hay House, the Light Seer’s Tarot is a favourite among many readers! This is a pocket-sized 78-card deck that comes in a travel tin, complete with a helpful guidebook. The Light Seer’s Tarot is a wonderful, more modern take on the Rider Waite Smith deck, beautiful illustrations that you can truly connect with. The Light Seer’s Pocket Tarot invites the reader to explore the light and dark sides of our nature and travel the sunshine-and-shadow-laden path of the Light Seer.

The Light Seer’s Tarot is a gentle yet powerful deck. The art is gorgeous, and utilizes a wide range of colours and people to deliver the card’s messages and help you probe deeper into your inner voice and personal insight.

*Please note the product gallery photo does feature the full sized version of the Light Seer’s Tarot (which can be found here). However, the cards are the same in terms of colour and illustration.

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