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I’ve done a lot of different readings over the years, on many different topics for many different types of people. I’ve used various techniques, and honed my skills down to what does and doesn’t work for me. It’s taken time, flexibility, boundaries, and adjustments. 

Have all my readings been wonderful? Oh heck no. I’ve had some that I walked away from with my heart racing and my cheeks burning because I felt so awkward about how they went. I once had a lady say, nope, nope, nope throughout the entire reading. To say I was freaking out internally is an understatement, but I tried desperately to keep my cool. At the end of the reading, she explained her story – basically repeating what I had just said. I still don’t know what all the nopes were about. Maybe that’s just what was coming out as she processed the information? But once we had concluded, she remained and chatted for another twenty minutes.

It’s all part of the learning process. 

My style of reading isn’t for everyone; it’s very much for people who want to understand who they are at their core, and want to understand the world around them. They want to know how they can become their favourite version of themselves. And the best part is that can change as you grow and transform. Exciting, right?

Let’s get into it. Here are some of my thoughts, and when it comes to tarot, I’m an open book. Have a question about something I haven’t covered? Leave a comment or drop me a line. I’m always happy to chat.

How does tarot work?

Honestly, I wish I knew! I do think there’s some sort of energetic connection, which goes beyond space and time. There’s a spiritual and intuitive element, a psychological element, and an element of the human experience to it all. It’s having trust in yourself, in your connection, and in where you’re being lead. 

How do I know what cards to choose? I have no idea. I go with what feels right or wrong. And I’ve realized (many times the hard way) when I overanalyze, the readings are definitely not my best.

I always think of it as we’re all connected. We’re all made of stardust, and we all come from the same beginning. Maybe it’s a collective unconscious or one true source that on some level, we’re in touch with.

Maybe it’s God, angels, or spirit guides (not my favourite label, but I understand if that’s what works for you). 

No matter what you call it, I have a feeling it’s all the same in the end. It’s just how we each understand and perceive that energy around us. 

As a tarot reader, what do you do?

Well, I read tarot cards! But really, my job as a tarot reader is to interpret the cards in an honest, meaningful way. I tell you what I see, and not necessarily what you want to hear. However, it is important to me that messages are delivered with kindness and compassion. 

Tarot is a mirror. It reflects back to us what we need to see (even if we don’t always want to see it). Think of me and the cards as a catalyst. We can’t force you to do anything. We can’t make up your mind. We can’t tell you who to be. But we can help you see, and get the wheels moving.

Sometimes, it’s my job to ask questions and to hold space. It’s not because I need (or want) an answer, but it’s to help you find the answers you already have within. And that’s why I love tarot and transformational coaching as a pair.

And I feel it’s important to say that there is a tarot reader out there for everyone. It’s important that you find someone that you feel safe working with, because you’re entrusting them with a very vulnerable part of yourself. 

Can you predict the future?

I don’t believe in predicting the future. Why? Because I truly think that we have a choice in the matter, and I’d hate to have someone feel locked into a “fate” or “destiny” because of something that was in the cards. I also wonder about self-fulfilling prophecy; what if because the idea is planted, it comes true? Or the person makes choices (consciously or subconsciously) that lead to the outcome due to that seed being planted?

I prefer to view life as a choose your own adventure type of story. That said, I do think tarot can show inclinations. Something that will likely happen if the current path is followed, because after all, we are creatures of habit. Does that mean you have to go there? Absolutely not.

A lot of manifesting what we want out of life comes down to intentional action. Let’s say a lovely woman comes for a reading, and she asks about her love life.

Cards are pulled, and it looks good – there’s someone on the horizon. And while this isn’t a bad thing to say, what if she thinks that the person the tarot spotted is just going to fall into her life with no effort? What if she then sits on her couch, waiting for something to happen? What if she turns down someone who could be wonderful for her because the cards said they’d show up in a month, not five days?

Wouldn’t be more useful to her to know what to look for? To dig into the type of relationship that she and a partner would flourish in? To understand what kind of person might be a good match? 

On the flipside, let’s say the cards came out not so positive. Well, now she feels disappointed, stuck, and like maybe love isn’t something that will happen for her. Is any of this true? Not at all. 

She would get a lot more knowing how to overcome the blockages that are holding her back. To have a better understanding patterns that she’s repeating that keep her attracting the wrong people into her life. To know what to work on to focus her energy on getting what she wants out of this life in terms of a relationship. 

Does this mean I think predictive readings are bad? Not necessarily, they’re just what I personally do nor are they my jam. And at the end of the day, I think it’s more powerful motivated and confident to follow the path we desire. No amount of predictions can change that. 

Can you tell me what someone else thinks or feels?

This has been something I’ve thought about and gone back and forth on for years. I’ve done readings based on what a third party thinks or feels. Am I proud of it? Honestly, no. But I’m a people pleaser and I thought, hey, that’s what they want? That’s what I’ll do. But I’m at a place now where I feel I have a solid stance on how I feel about third party readings.

I don’t see a problem in pulling cards to better understand a person you’re connected to, but neither myself nor the cards are mind readers. We don’t need to spend our session prying into other people’s lives. A tarot reading should be about you.

If you’re trying to get clarity on a situation, no problem. Want to know if the person you’re seeing seems too good to be true? Sure, we can look into that (and why you feel they just might be). Wondering why your boss loads your plate with extra work? Let’s pull some cards.

But if you want to know what someone is thinking or feeling at a given moment, it’s probably best to talk to them. I mean, we have thousands of thoughts and hundreds of emotions on a daily basis. How would you feel if a friend or loved one went to a tarot reader to ask how you felt about them, only to have that tarot reading put words into your mouth? Not really fair, is it. 

And let’s be totally honest: if you can’t talk to that person about what they’re thinking or how they’re feeling, there are bigger issues in the relationship than what’s on their mind. So, why don’t we look into that, instead?


There are hundreds of different ways to read tarot. Different styles, different strengths, different ways of viewing what the cards can do and how they can work. 

Want your whole future laid before you? I’m not a good match, but there are many predictive readers out there who might be. Looking to learn more about yourself or your situation? Well, that’s where someone like me shines.

At the end of the day, whether you’re reading tarot or getting a reading done, it’s up to you to decide what feels right for you

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