Tarotscopes - Week of March 18th, 2024

It has been a long two weeks of feeling not 100%, but I think that’s all coming to an end. Just in time, too, as we celebrate the spring equinox this Tuesday!

The deck I chose this week is the beautiful Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson. I thought that the gorgeous watercolour art with the flora and fauna was a perfect choice for the change in seasons.

While many of us gravitate towards our Sun sign, don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising, too! Not sure what yours are? Get your natal chart calculated for free at the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café!


Wheel of Fortune Reversed: There’s a strong desire to dig your heels in and try to control what’s going on around you. However, this is your reminder that there are forces at play that are far greater – trying to control them will only get you stuck. Instead of spending energy worrying about what’s to come, give in and go with the flow. I know you like to go full steam ahead, but expect delays and prepare for them accordingly. And remember, getting frustrated with yourself or the people around you won’t help anything move faster. Take a deep breath, and allow thins to move of their own accord.


Five of Cups: There’s a bit of sadness to this week, Taurus, and may it be difficult to pinpoint where exactly it’s coming from. These emotions can be really easy to give into, and with that, comes focusing on disappointments or regrets from the past. Go easy on yourself; take time to process those emotions. Learn from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them. Instead of getting stuck, look at what’s going right in life (because there’s definitely something). We don’t want you missing out on great opportunities because you’re stopping yourself from seeing them!


King of Cups: While I know moving from one thing to the next is where you shine, dear Gemini, this week it’s important to really focus on finding inner calm. So, make time to slow down. To connect to your heart, and balance your emotions against your mind. This balance may lead to more people coming to you as a shoulder to lean on, and this week, that’s likely the roll you need to take. At the same time, the King understands boundaries – and you must, too. The desire to help and understand others is strong; just make sure you’re also turning your wisdom within.


Nine of Cups: Lots of good energy coming your way this week, Cancer! Follow your happiness, and be mindful of what brings you joy. Instead of seeking complication or struggle, seek contentment and ease. This is a great time to incorporate a little extra mindfulness into each day, and to be grateful for what you have. If you’re nearing the end of something, this is your call to be positive about it, instead of getting frustrated or in your own way. The Nine of Cups is a good omen of positive results or change, so don’t be afraid to hope for the best.


Seven of Swords: This week has the potential for drama, Leo, but know that this can be avoided if you so choose. There are truths coming to light. It’s worth considering which side of the story you want to be on. There are always consequences for our actions – will you make it easier or harder on yourself? If you think that ignoring things will make them go away, you probably won’t be so lucky. While I’m not suggesting to sneak around and lie, there are appropriate times to be strategic and resourceful (and this week is one of them), especially if you’re looking for things to go your way. 


Queen of Swords: You have a good sense of judgement, Virgo. Don’t get caught up in the details of making the “right” choice. You may find there are people or stories that pull on your heart strings, but instead use logic and perception to lead the way. This is not the time to beat around the bush. Be upfront and honest. Hear people out, and ask questions if you need more information, but do not tolerate drama or toxic behaviour. Use your words to express yourself and speak your peace. Remember, the Queen of Swords is strong, independent, and true to herself above all else.


Four of Cups: It might feel like there’s not a lot happening this week, Libra, and that might make things feel like they’ve come to a standstill. It’s not that anything is particular bad or going wrong, it just feels… blah. Know that’s there’s wrong with disconnecting from time to time, but if you’re feeling life is dull and monotonous, it may be time to shake things up a little. Don’t let getting stuck in a routine stop you from saying yes to new opportunities (because they’re out there, if you allow yourself to see them). What is something you can do this week to bring some joy and fulfillment into your life?


Death: Spring is here, Scorpio, so it’s time to shed the old and welcome the new. This week, really focusing on letting go; and allowing things to come to their natural end. What are you holding onto that at this point, is dead weight? There a renewal on the horizon, but first, you must let go. This may come through a good old fashioned spring cleaning, the release of outdated beliefs, a refresh in your wardrobe, or a change in who you want to grow into. New doors are opening, so be sure that you’re ready to walk through them.


Seven of Pentacles: Second week in a row for the Seven of Pentacles, Sagittarius, and you might just feel like your patience is being tested this week.  You’ve been putting in the effort, you’re doing the hard work, so why aren’t you getting the results that you want? If you fear failure, this is definitely not a comfortable questions. However, it may be worth sitting down and examining your path – is there a pivot you can make that may help? Take stock of what is working (slowly, but working) and what is stagnated. Take what you’ve learned, and make a small shift. It just might make the world of a difference.


Eight of Wands: Things are picking up pace this week, Capricorn, and you may notice a shift in energy as things really begin to move. What direction do you wish to go? This is a time to ride that way of motivation to get things done. New opportunities may present themselves to you, but this isn’t the time to hum and haw over whether or not it’s a good idea. Strike while the iron’s hot or you just may miss out on something great. This isn’t a sign to say yes for the sake of it; make sure the paths you decide to follow are in alignment with your goals and ambitions. Expect news or change, but in a positive way.


Page of Swords: Back to your element this week, Aquarius, as you’re brimming with fresh ideas and new thoughts. This is a great week to work on figuring things out. Whatever problems arise, know that you have the power to find your way through them. Ask questions if you need more information. Share your thoughts and opinions when you feel inclined to do so. The Page is paired with a little bit of cautious or nervous energy, so make sure that you’re not allowing that mind of yours to lead you down the rabbit hole.


Queen of Pentacles: Time to get ‘er done, Pisces! Whatever is on your to-do list, the Queen of Pentacles energy for this week can help you cross it off! Draw upon your experience, and take a simple, down-to-earth approach to anything that comes your way. Now is not the time to overcomplicate things. You are more capable than you give yourself credit for – so quit the second guessing! This is also a week to really see all that you’ve accomplished. You’ve put a lot of effort into getting where you are, so make sure you take time out to nurture and treat yourself, too. You deserve it.

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