Tarotscopes - Week of March 25th, 2024

Spring is here, and March is almost over. How fast has this month flown?

This week’s deck is The Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar of 13th Press. If you’re a fan of skeletons and gold (like I very much am), this is a deck for you!

Don’t forget – check the messages for your Moon and Rising signs, too! Now sure what yours are? Visit the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café to find out!


King of Cups Reversed: You may be feeling a little extra moody or emotional this week, Aries, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to make sure that the feelings don’t get the better of you. The overwhelm may come on strong, so tap into that calm, cool, and collected side of yourself. Choose peace over disruption; but not in a way where you are being manipulated or taken advantage of. It can feel selfish to put your own feelings ahead of others, but this week it’s important that you make sure your emotions and needs are being met.


Knight of Wands Reversed: The energy is everywhere this week, Taurus, which can quickly lead to motivation dwindling and little getting done. This can easily lead to frustration, where it feels like you’re at a standstill. It’s important to consider where you want to funnel your energy ambition. What are you currently wanting to work towards? It’s not that you lack ideas or conviction, but it’s important to employ some self-discipline. Know that trying to rush through it all won’t make things better as you won’t be satisfied with the outcome. 


Queen of Cups: Another round of cups, Gemini, but this week the focus is within. How can you show yourself and those around you kindness and compassion? Where can you make time for a little extra self-care? And how can you play a supportive role for others? The Queen of Cups allows herself to move through her emotions, as uncomfortable as that sometimes may be. Lead with your heart. With your active mind it can be difficult sometimes to know how to trust your intuition, but this is your call to quiet the mind and listen to what your inner voice has to say.


Eight of Cups: What isn’t working for you anymore, Cancer? What are you trying to make work, but just aren’t into anymore? Know that it’s okay to withdraw or walk away. There are better things ahead, but you’re not able to get there when you’re stuck trying to fix something that you can’t. When you find yourself getting emotionally drained or overwhelmed, walk away – literally. Get a change of scenery, even if that means moving to a different room for a few minutes or making time for a short walk. This will help you clear your mind so you can decide which way forward is best.


Two of Rings: It’s all about balance for you, Leo! Take some time this week to really take a look at all the things you’re juggling. What are you priorities? Your responsibilities? What do you need to keep juggling, and what can you perhaps drop to make time and energy for what’s really important to you? It’s not always an easy balance to strike, but it’s important to realize that it’s not up to you to balance it all. Most importantly, remember that life isn’t out to get you. Ride those waves with good humour, and you’ll find yourself that much further ahead. 


Knight of Rings: Steady, measured steps are the best way forward for you right now, Virgo! There’s no rush; so take your time, and keep working towards your goals. Keep your eyes on the prize so that you remain motivated, but this isn’t the time for giant leaps and bounds – it’s for dotting those i’s, and crossing those t’s. Take care of the small (generally not-so-exciting) details. Doing so now will make progress easier as you continue on. Be patient with yourself. Ground your energy. And start getting all those bits and pieces off the to-do-list.


The Hierophant Reversed: While balance is generally most comfortable for you, Libra, this week you’re being called to rock the boat a little bit – especially if you’re feeling suck or constricted. Ask questions – ask why. Why are things being done the way they are? Explore different options, different approaches, and different ways of thinking. Challenge the beliefs that just don’t feel right any more. And as an interesting exercise, question where those beliefs came from. Are they yours? Or are they something ingrained by family and society? Remember, sometimes, finding balance means breaking the rules.


The Emperor: There’s a desire to protect your kingdom and everything you’ve built this week, Scorpio, and you may find that inner defender coming out stronger than normal (especially when loved ones are involved). It’s important to remain focused and disciplined regarding the task at hand. Choose what must be executed wisely. Strive for stability, knowing that sometimes that means choosing your battles wisely. Don’t feel like you’re protecting your castle alone; step up and lead, and don’t be afraid to delegate. When you’ve made a decision, don’t be swayed. Stand your ground.


Five of Cups: You may find that things don’t exactly go according to plan this week, Sagittarius. While this isn’t good or bad, there is a pang of disappointment and some of those should’ve, would’ve, could’ve feelings swelling up. It’s important to question why you feel this way, but it’s even more important to spend time looking at what is going right. Remember, we can’t go backwards. That said, it’s necessary to learn from where we’ve come from so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes. Don’t be so stuck in what has happened or what could have been that you miss something great.


Four of Rings Reversed: It’s time to loosen up a little more, Capricorn! You have a strong desire to know what’s going on as that brings stability and security into your world. That’s all well and good, but sometimes we get so caught up in trying to keep everything together, that we miss out. Let the guard down a little. That may mean spending a little extra money on something that would be a good investment for you, or perhaps it’s lowering the wall and letting someone in on a deeper level. You can only protect yourself so much; let go so that you don’t get yourself stuck.


The Lovers: This is a week to strive for harmony, Aquarius, both in your relationships and internally. This isn’t always easy, especially when faced with difficult choices and decisions. But it’s important that you follow your heart.  It may be easier to agree to something to keep the peace, but does that make you happy, too? How can you compromise and find balance? Lean into the connections with people you trust; be vulnerable, be open, and allow the to lend their support. At the same time, remember that your choices are yours – be sure you’re being authentic to you first and foremost.


The Hermit Reversed: It’s time to come down the mountain, and let your soul shine, dear Pisces! There may be an inclination this week get under that cozy blanket, and hole up. You’re tired of thinking, and you’re tired of figuring it out. Afterall, we can only work on ourselves, our problems, or our situations so long. know that isolating yourself won’t solve anything or make it easier. So, instead of giving into the lethargy, get up and engage. Share stories, connect with the world around you. You don’t need to spend more time going within. You’ve done that work (for now).

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