Hi, I'm Adrienne Amari

I’m a tarot reader and transformational life coach from the Niagara region in Ontario, Canada. 

I’ve always had a fascination with how the universe works and how exactly we fit in it. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll ever really know, but I like exploring all the possibilities nonetheless. That’s what drew me to tarot: the mysteries it shares, and the answers it brings.

More recently I’ve been drawn to learn about thought; how our brains work, and how our thoughts can influence not just our lives, but the world around us. It’s through this interest that I found hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and transformational life coaching. 

Combining these interests created the perfect storm. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and would love to help others do the same. By understanding ourselves, we can more easily create the life we desire.

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I can always talk about tarot, and guested on the podcasts Weird and Wacky World with the JabberGuys, Path to Empowerment with Sydney Morrison and Crescent Connection with Felicia.

Some fun facts

So, we’ve covered some of the deep-thinking stuff, but here are a few things about me that might make you think hey, she’s my kind of people.

  • I love animals. I have a dog named Caliadne, and a rabbit named Percival. 
  • I thrive on tea, especially earl grey (hot). My mum says tea cures all, and I’m pretty sure she’s right.
  • For six years, I lived in Nagoya, Japan – one for school, five teaching English.
  • My degree from university is in Applied Linguistics with a focus on teaching ESL/EFL. 
  • Jack of all trades: I want to try everything, even just to see if I like it. It’s important to never stop learning.
  • I’m building a collection of interesting musical instruments. Ocarina and theremin are next on my wishlist. 
  • Tarot is one of the few things I’ve consistently stuck with. I feel like that means something.
  • While I have my favourite few, I love collecting tarot decks. I love seeing how other people interpret the cards!
  • I like crafts. I crochet, make cards (greeting, not tarot), do paper tole, and am learning to how to work with resin.
  • When I was young, we spent hours playing with a Ouija board. This fueled my interested in the paranormal.
  • I’m spiritual, but not religious. That said, I find both religion and the occult fascinating
  • I go through phases where all I want to do is play video games. My favourite is Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • My goal is to read all the tarot books.
  • Friends and Seinfeld are my comfort shows. I often have them on in the background just because.

If I had to choose a tarot card to describe myself, it would be the Page of Swords. Curious, likes using their mind, talkative, loves sharing ideas, honest, youthful, and a little cautious.

My journey into tarot & coaching

When I was in grade six, my teacher had invested an in-class currency called Whales. He made up bills that we could earn, and encouraged us all to create classroom based businesses where we could make and spend our money. I was fresh out of ideas, so when I came home from school that day I asked my parents. My dad said, why don’t you learn to read tarot cards and tell your classmates their fortunes?

He handed me deck of cards, and big, thick, hardcover book. I wish I could say this was when things started for me, and while this is when I learned what tarot was, the Devil card scared 11-year old me. I bundled everything back up, and wouldn’t look at it until many years later.

In 2014, I decided to return to Canada after living in Japan for five years. It wasn’t a hard choice to make, I was ready, but I don’t think I was prepared for what it would feel like. I moved in with my parents as we renovated my house, and went back to an old job. While I was grateful, I felt like I had gone back in time. But while I had gone backwards, everyone around me had gone on with their lives. 

It was disorienting, to say the least, and I just felt lost. Who was I now? It felt like I had lived a whole other life. I wasn’t the same person I was when I left, and I wasn’t the same person I was in Japan, so who was I? What was I meant to do now?

It was in searching for those answers that I really got into tarot. I dabbled in astrology, explored energy healing and sound healing, learned about vibrations and frequencies, and tip toed along the edge of Quantum theory. But it was tarot that stuck for me. It just worked. It gave me something new to focus on, to learn. It showed me things I wasn’t sure I wanted to see, but when confronted with them I was able to work through them. It helped. And because it helped me, I know it can help you, too.

There are old wives tales saying that you’re supposed to be gifted your first tarot deck. I definitely did not follow that tradition, and bought the Prisma Visions Tarot which still remains one of my favourites. 

I developed my skills by reading anonymously for feedback on the Biddy Tarot Free Readings platform. Then I branched out to offering readings online. Eventually, I felt brave enough to face the real word head on and began doing local markets and events. Was I terrified at first? Yes. But ripping off that bandage was pretty liberating. 

I completed Angie Banicki’s Advanced Tarot Academy, and while I don’t necessarily believe in tarot certification, I learned a lot and it really boosted my confidence. It was nice to hear someone that I looked up to say hey, you’re on point here. 

In 2022, I was invited to have a booth in the experience zone at Grape & Wine festival here in Niagara, and welcomed back in 2023. I’ve done get togethers and bachelorette parties, events at the local university, and participated in various events around the region. I even started hosting workshops, because I believe that tarot is really that powerful.

Now when people ask what I do, I tell them I’m a tarot reader.

I’m so grateful to have so many amazing people share their stories, their hopes, and their fears with me. That’s really been my favourite part. But I know there’s more can do. There’s more tarot can do.

In more recent years, I’ve become fascinated by the way the think – but how our thoughts, our ideas, our perceptions, our words all influence our day-to-day reality. I took a masterclass with Ali Campbell where he compared our brains to a computer – and I was hooked. Through his program I earned my life coaching certification, and all through the course I kept thinking – wow, this tarot card (or that tarot card) relates to what we’re talking about so well!

That’s when it really clicked that if I wanted to be of service, if I wanted to help others find answers, I had to combine tarot with transformational coaching. And that’s where I am now.

As I continue building my practice, I will continue to learn, seek, grow, and support. If you’re ready, willing, and open – I’m here.