Tarotscopes – Week of October 9th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead based o your zodiac sign!

While your sun sign is a great place to start, don’t forget to check out your moon and rising! Not sure what they are for you? Visit AstroCafe to find out.

I’m digging out my spooky decks for October, and this week we’re using the Ghost Tarot by Davide Corsi.


Hanged Man Reversed & Ten of Pentacles : Okay, Aries, it’s time to stop stalling. Whatever it is that you’re putting off, you’ve given yourself enough time to contemplate and ruminate. It’s time to stop making excuses, and get a move on. If you’re feeling stagnated, this is why.

Know that nothing is going to happen overnight, and that’s okay. The important thing is that you’re making progress. You’re seeking stability, and abundance so work on what will bring you just that. This is not the time to cut corners, even though you may feel a little impatient or restless. Keep going; one step, one day at a time. Remember, you’re building your legacy here and that’s well worth the wait.

Challenge for the week: What goal (or goals) are you currently working on? What are three things you can do this week, big or small, that will move you forward? Do them.


The Lovers & Seven of Pentacles: Spend some quality time making connections this week, Taurus. Whether that’s a friend or family member, new love interest, or getting some networking in – connections are key. But even more importantly, show up as your authentic self. No masks, no skirting around issues. Show up as the person you want to be.

There will be choices that will need to be made in terms of what you are investing your energy into. While the Seven of Pentacles encourages you to be patient to reap the rewards of your efforts, it’s important to ensure that your efforts are going into something that is actually worthwhile to you. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Challenge for the week: Reassess your goals. Are they in alignment with who you want to be and the life you want to lead? If they aren’t, make choices that will get you back on track.


Six of Pentacles & Two of Swords: It’s another week of wanting to do all the things, dear Gemini. Your attention in being pulled in all sorts of directions, and there’s a part of you that wants to be fair, and entertain each one. But know that doing so isn’t being fair to you. It’s great that you want to give of your energy and time, but remember, you only have so much that you can give.

So, it’s time to make some decisions. No more fence sitting or waiting on the right choice to simply fall into your lap. Take agency over your decisions, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it might be. Think it through, weigh your pros and cons. You don’t have to rush into anything. but you do have decide.

Challenge for the week: Take stock in where your attention and energy are going. Where are you pulled too thin? Start putting some things on the chopping block (or at least on the back burner for now).


Ten of Swords Reversed & Nine of Wands: I hope you learned from your previous lessons, Cancer, because you’re going for another ride. Expect to get uncomfortable this week, and do what you need to survive. Don’t worry – it’s not an every man for himself kind of situation, but you will find the past rearing it’s ugly head again.

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. The Nine of Wands reminds you of your resilience. You’ve faced these challenges before and got through, and you will again. But be sure to set your boundaries, and don’t let people cross them – that’s likely what went wrong last time, and we don’t want to go back there. Things will get easier, but you need to make this last stand before they do.

Challenge for the week: When you’re feeling beaten down this week, take a time out to remember how you’ve overcome challenges in the past. Find examples in your life where you were strong and resilient. Say no when you need to.


Two of Cups Reversed & Temperance: Prepare to have your nerves tested this week, Leo, as it feels like everyone is just annoying. Disharmony is the theme, so expect miscommunication and discord. You may want to take a step back from some of the relationships in your life, just to cool your head.

So much of how things turn out will be on how you react. Take a deep breath before speaking your peace. Find moments of peace and calm, away from the crowd. Seek balance and moderation, especially when you feel your blood begin to boil. Pushing too hard will only push people away; self-regulate now to avoid further difficulties and confrontations later.

Challenge for the week: When you feel yourself getting worked up in a conversation or situation, take a physical step back. Go for a walk. Open a window. Give yourself a few moments to find your center.


Six of Cups Reversed & Judgement Reversed: You’re reflecting on the past a lot this week, Virgo, remembering how things used to be and lamenting on what they were. And while a bit of nostalgia can do us some good, it’s keeping you stuck more than anything – it’s time to let go.

Instead of viewing the past through rose tinted glasses, look at it for what it really was. There are lessons that you’re repeating, so instead of looking back on the “good old days” figure out how to break the current cycle you’re on that’s keeping you stagnated or stuck. Reflection can be a powerful tool, especially when you do it to learn instead of hide.

Challenge for the week: Where have you been and where are you now? Stop hiding, and work to bring more self-awareness into your reflection. What patterns or habits are you repeating that you know you need (and want) to break? Awareness is the first step.


Eight of Swords & Knight of Swords: Down the rabbit hole you go again, Libra. Your thoughts are getting the better of you, and creating a lens o perception that is driving you further and further away from reality. It’s time to put an end to the narratives you’re creating (as imaginative as they are). Take off the blindfold, and see the truth of your situation.

When you do, you’ll quickly realize that there is a way through. This is a great week for problem-solving, and your mind is ripe and ready for it. Be assertive. Be focused. Use that brain power and figure your way through. Communicate your thoughts in a clear, and concise manner, but be sure to maintain that balanced approach. Impulsiveness won’t get you the results you desire.

Challenge for the week: What thoughts or stories are keeping you trapped? Poke holes in those narratives. In what ways are they untrue?


Five of Wands Reversed & Ace of Pentacles: We’re seeing an ease in tension this week, Scorpio, where the people around you (and maybe even you yourself) are willing to come together and be more cooperative. Things will flow more easily, and you’ll find people are ready to hear what you have to say.

This brings out new opportunities – so if it feels right, see where it takes you. There is something growing under the surface, but it’s up to you to take it and cultivate it into something amazing. This is a great sign for success, but know that there is a lot of work to be done – and with that Five of Wands, you’re not meant to go in it alone.

Challenge for the week: What new opportunities are you ready to take the mantle on? How can you cooperate with others to turn those goals into something that will grow? This is a week of cooperative action.


Death & Two of Pentacles Reversed: Time for change, Sagittarius, whether you’re ready for it or not. There is something wonderful on the horizon for you, but you’ll never find it if you don’t allow things to end. What doors can you close to make space in your life for new growth? This could be letting go of a thought or idea, a relationship, or even physical items that are just cluttering your space.

Right now, you’re juggling a lot and you can’t maintain that status quo forever. Restore balance into your life. Focus your energy, and start cleaning up. I know it feels like you have a million things to do, but it’s okay stop and clean up the mess before you push yourself forward.

Challenge for the week: Time to get organized. Take an area of your life and declutter; physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Seven of Wands Reversed & Four of Wands: You may feel like digging your heels in, and fighting whatever comes your way, Capricorn, but that’s only going to keep you stuck. I’m not saying to forgo your beliefs, but be ready and willing to compromise. Giving in doesn’t mean loss or failure.

Surrender a little bit; let go, have fun. Be flexible, and you’ll find a lot more joy and happiness this week. This is the time to enjoy the company of others. To celebrate the successes, and to realize that you have a strong foundation that you’ve built upon. That in itself deserves a moment to simply be and enjoy. Not everything in life needs to be about taking a stand.

Challenge for the week: Bend. Physically, bend your body (try some yoga), mentally, be flexible towards the desires of others. Let go, and just enjoy the ride.


Ten of Cups & Ace of Cups: Well, this is a week to really enjoy, Aquarius! Love, happiness, creativity – it’s all there for you, so choose to partake. Enjoy the company of those that are important to you. There is a harmony and stability surrounding you this week, take it and run.

As you are able to enjoy calmer waters, you are also on the verge of something new. A new creative project, or relationship coming into your life. Be open, and allow things to flow. This is not the time to get in your way or muddy the waters with expectations. See where the currents take you, and be present for the ride. Trust your heart and your intuition – they won’t lead you astray.

Challenge for the week: Where do you find happiness? Seek that this week, and incorporate it into your every day.


Seven of Cups Reversed & Ace of Swords: Feeling a bit lost this week, Pisces? Things are up in the air, and there’s definitely some confusion rolling in. It may be hard to make up your mind because there’s an underlying feeling of something missing. Take a deep breath, and don’t give into the chaos. You’ll straighten yourself out, but first you need to sit down, open your eyes, and see the possibilities that are ahead of you.

Clarity will come, but the fastest way to it is through honesty. Get clear on what you want; on what’s important to you, and on what you cannot compromise on. Take that sword and start cutting out the options that aren’t in alignment with what you know you want. Trust yourself – you will make the right choice.

Challenge for the week: Need to see things more clearly? Get them down on paper (or screen). You’ll see you have more choices available, and writing everything down will help you sort through the chaos.

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