Tarotscopes – Week of October 2nd

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead broken up by zodiac sign!

Happy October, friends! For the readings this month I’ll be showcasing my favourite spooky tarot decks. This week, we’re using the oh-so-adorable Skele-Tarot by Stephanie Mayton.

As always, don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising – especially if you feel more connected to those signs in your chart.


Nine of Cups & Six of Wands : Another week that looks pretty good for you, Aries, as it’s all about feeling content and being recognized for what you do! This week, sit back and appreciate all that you have. Allow yourself to stop and smell the roses, and feel content in where you are in life.

Be proud of what you’ve accomplished! Other people see your successes, even if they don’t readily announce it. This is your week to shine; accept compliments (without brushing them off), and show the word what you’ve done. Remember, though, there’s still work to do! Enjoy yourself now, but get ready to buckle down and keep going.

Challenge for the week: Gratitude time! Every day this week, make a list of 3 things that you are proud of or grateful for. Share that list if you’re brave enough to do so.


Ace of Pentacles & Page of Wands: This is your week to start something new, Taurus! What seeds are you planting? What do you want to build? Or what goals do you want to make progress towards? Get those ideas flowing, and start putting them into action. There’s a great chance for success here, but you have to actually start.

Not sure which way to go? The Page of Wands craves adventure – they want us to follow our ambitions, even if we’re a little nervous to really jump right in. Be fearless in your pursuits. When you feel that spark, run with it! It may take time to build what you’re after, but let the excitement fuel you forward.

Challenge for the week: Start something new this week! Whether that’s a new hobby, setting off on a new goal, or levelling up something you’re working on, get moving!


The Lovers Reversed & Four of Wands: This is the week to choose you, Gemini. While you’re great at playing the chameleon, and you know there are times when that’s the best course of action, the Lovers shows that we’re not being authentic to who we are or what we want. So, choose yourself instead of being influenced by the ideas and opinions of everyone around you.

Don’t worry about not fitting in or standing out too much. When you are authentic to yourself, you’ll find your place of belonging. Spend time with the people that are important to you; find your sense of community and celebrate! It’s a tough lesson this week, but worth celebrating in the end.

Challenge for the week: Instead of getting caught up in indecision, make choices based on what you truly want. Follow your instinct to know what is best for you. Who do you want to be?


Three of Pentacles & Six of Pentacles: This is a great week for cooperation and collaboration, Cancer! You may find yourself working alongside others, and it’ll be important to remember that while you have a lot to bring to the table, other people have their own areas of expertise. Strive for harmony and cohesiveness to get things done successfully.

While working with others, ensure that you do what you can to have an equal share of responsibility. You are caring and generous, remember that it’s not your job to take on everything. Let others do their part, but be generous in your time, energy, and advice.

Challenge for the week: Collaborate with someone or seek advice from an expert in an area you’re struggling with.


Page of Pentacles Reversed & Ten of Pentacles: Feeling a little… unambitious this week, Leo? Know that sometimes, that’s okay. However, it’s still important to keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities. They’re there, so make sure that your desire to just chill doesn’t result in a missed chance of something that’s worth building on.

That said, we do see a lot of stability this week. You’ve worked hard for where you are, and it is important to enjoy it at the same time. Make memories with people that important to you. Parktake in traditions that you want to keep alive. Do what you need to ensure your goals are on track.

Challenge for the week: Make new memories! What is something you’ve wanted to experience (or re-experience)? Do it – and do it with someone you love.


Eight of Swords & Four of Swords: Is your mind on overdrive again, Virgo? The Eight of Swords shows that you’ve created a great story in your mind. While it may feel like the truth, it’s keeping you trapped. It’s time to take off the blindfold and see things for how they really are; walk away from the skewed narrative you’ve created.

Make time to get out of your head. You’re only too busy to find moments of rest and relaxation if you allow yourself to be. Know that it’s important to take care of those intrusive thoughts now so that they don’t overwhelm you. Get some rest now, so that you can live to fight another day.

Challenge for the week: Get out of your head – turn that brain off for a bit. Binge watch a guilty pleasure TV show, leave the dishes for the night, meditate, or do something that makes you feel relaxed and calm.


Eight of Wands & The Magician: More change for you, Libra! This could be remnants of things catching up from last week, or another round of (smaller, more manageable) change. Watch out for new opportunities, and strike while the iron’s hot! Don’t say yes to everything that comes your way, but definitely jump on board anything that feels aligned with what you want. Do not hesitate or you’ll miss out!

Call in on that personal power. Remember that you have the skills, talents, and resources to make happen what you want – however, the idea, thought, or dream isn’t enough. It’s time to take intentional action towards your goals. Be confident, and don’t second guess yourself – you’ve got this!

Challenge for the week: What can you do to manifest what you desire into this reality? Make a list of actions you can take – and do them!


Ten of Wands & Queen of Swords: Not going lie, Scorpio, it’s a pretty exhausting week. You’ve piled your plate high, and it’s not getting any lighter the more you push onwards. Know that things will get easier, but it’s okay to drop some of that load. You don’t have to be responsible for everything, so ask for help or let some of those things go.

If you’re taking on so much due to obligation, it’s time to stop and reassess. You have a good sense of perception – use it. This is not the time for hasty decisions (especially any made out of fatigue). Observe the situation before acting or reacting. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to establish and maintain boundaries.

Challenge for the week: What are you carrying that you don’t need to be? Drop it, and don’t tolerate any boundary pushing when you do.


Seven of Pentacles & Queen of Pentacles: This won’t be a week filled with fast pace action, Sagittarius, but it is a great time to keep investing in your goals. Patience is key as you work towards what you want, however, it’s easy to get frustrated when things aren’t moving in the time you want. Take a deep breath – know that the effort you put in isn’t for naught. Don’t be afraid to turn your attention to something else for a bit; you’ll likely see you’ve made more progress than you thought when you do.

And while there is a desire to be productive, and to get it all done, it’s also important to take time out and enjoy. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and likely have sacrificed, too. But what is all of that worth if you can’t take time off to enjoy the fruits of your labour? Balance productivity with luxury and self-care.

Challenge for the week: Treat yourself this week. No guilt, no questions asked. (But of course, be sensible and practical in your treat to you).


Death & Judgement: Big changes on their way this week, Capricorn! Death shows that there is a transition on the horizon. It’s time to allow things to come to their natural end – and to be honest, there is no use fighting it. The change that Death brings comes for everyone and is unstoppable. Declutter, close doors, and make space within for new things to grow and blossom.

As you welcome endings, take time to reflect on where you’ve been. This is not a time to be cruel or judgemental towards yourself, but instead to see how far you’ve come. What have you learned? Look backwards so you don’t make the same mistakes you’ve made before. This is a time of growth; follow the path of who you know you’re meant to be.

Challenge for the week: Give yourself space to reflect; journal or voice memo your thoughts if you feel so inclined. Declutter a space that you frequently spend time in. It’s time to get your Marie Kondo on.


Two of Swords & Strength: You’re reaching a crossroads this week, Aquarius, and a decision will need to be made. Don’t ignore it, or sit on the fence and figure it’ll just all work out. Take agency over it, so you can choose the path that’s best for you. Weigh the pros and cons, think it through, and then take action.

Know that you have the inner strength to get through whatever life throws your way. The choice you need to make might not be an easy one, but you’ll get through it regardless. Be kind and compassionate to yourself – why make things harder by being critical or judgemental? When you feel your frustration boiling, take a deep breath to tame that inner lion.

Challenge for the week: No fence sitting. Whatever crossroads you come to (big or small) be determined to make a choice.


The Emperor & The World: The World for the second week in a row, dear Pisces! But first let’s look at the Emperor, which encourages you to to step up, take the reins, and do what you need to feel protected and secure. You are in charge of your life; this week it’s important to be practical and focused, but don’t be too hard on yourself (that’ll just get you down!).

In the meantime, keep working on those endings. Tie up loose ends, gain closure, and get ready for a new phase to begin. Take a moment to appreciate where you’ve come from, and see how much of your kingdom you’ve built. Where are you going to conquer next?

Challenge for the week: Start planning your next adventure. What would you like to do or experience? Where would you like to go? Make notes in your journal, let your imagination roam, or print a few new photos for your vision board.

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