Tarotscopes – Week of October 16th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead based on your zodiac sign!

While your sun sign is a great place to start, don’t forget to check out your moon and rising! Not sure what they are for you? Visit AstroCafe to find out.

What better way to celebrate October than with some Buffy the Vampire Slayer? This is a great deck by Karl James Mountford.


Three of Scythes & Queen of Chalices: We’re facing a little heartache or upset this week, Aries. Whether that’s an argument with a friend or loved one, feeling let down by someone, or disappointed in how things have turned out, don’t bury those feelings. Give yourself the space and time to move through it – it’s important to take take care of yourself.

Instead of repressing or being overwhelmed by emotion, process through creativity. Create for the joy of it, and allow things to flow. Be compassionate towards yourself and others. This week may require forgiveness to move forward; allow yourself the grace you need.

Challenge for the week: Time for some self-care! Make time this week for 3 of your favourite self-care activities. Know that you deserve this time, so don’t rush through it.


Five of Pentacles & Queen of Stakes: This week is a drain, dear Taurus – either energetically, materially – or both. Know that it’s okay to admit you’re struggling, and it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Don’t be stubborn; now is not the time to dig your heels into the ground. At the same time, look for the cracks of light in the darkness – what things are still going well? What do you have to be grateful for?

Your energy is being zapped because you’re not doing things that make you feel alive. While we all have responsibilities and obligations to take care of, make sure you’re peppering your time with the things you really enjoy. Create, adventure, talk, explore – remember that it’s your passions that keep you going.

Challenge for the week: When you feel down this week, refocus your energy into something you enjoy (… but not something that costs you money to do).


Six of Pentacles & Three of Pentacles: The Six of Pentacles is coming up again, Gemini! But paired with the Three of Pentacles, we’re getting a different flavour. This is your week to share your area of expertise (well, one of them at least). You have something to offer, so don’t be afraid to share your gifts. This is the week to be generous with your time, energy, or knowledge.

This is a great week for collaboration and teamwork. What can you build alongside others? You have great ideas, but don’t forget that others do, too. Listen to their advice. I know you like to do and know everything, but this is the time to trust the experts and learn from what they share.

Challenge for the week: How can you give back in a way that feels right? Brainstorm, choose, and act!


The Magician & The Emperor: This is your week to make things happen, Cancer! What do you want for your life? Know that you have the skills, talents, and resources to make it happen, but you have to be taking intentional action if anything is going to come of it all. The idea, thought, dream – while wonderful, isn’t enough.

It’s time to step up and take the reins. You are the ruler of your kingdom. Be organized and focused in your pursuits. Show self-discipline to get things done. Protect yourself (in whatever way that means to you). Remember, this is your life and you are in control – so own it.

Challenge for the week: What are you working on accomplishing? Make a list of three things you can do this week to get you closer to success with your goal. Do those things (no excuses).


King of Stakes & Nine of Stakes Reversed: Let that inner lion roar, Leo! The King of Stakes (or Wands) tells you to stand up, and follow your ambitions. Funnel that drive and motivation into something productive. Take a risk, and expect the best outcome. There’s a lot of fiery energy here this week, so make sure that you still keep your feet planted on the ground.

You may find that people are testing your patience a little this week. Give into that stubborn streak. While compromise is often the better path, it’s not at this point in time. Be confident. Be bold. Take no prisoners. Remember, your strength this week is through drive and resilience.

Challenge for the week: Do something daring this week: try something new, put your all into a project, or speak your mind when it comes to an idea.


Two of Chalices & King of Pentacles: Connection and stability – what more could you want from this seek, Virgo? Make time for the people in your life that are important to you, or be open to new connections coming in. Have those heartfelt conversations, and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

As you find your relationships strengthening, you will find a deeper sense of security and satisfaction. That said, keep your head on and your feet planted firmly on the ground. Be practical in your approach, knowing that all worthwhile relationships take time, energy, and work. Invest in your connections, and be generous with those you love.

Challenge for the week: Plan a fun date night or outing with a friend or loved one. It doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive, just a way for you to connect and enjoy the company of one another.


Temperance & Ace of Stakes: An interesting balance to strike this week, Libra! But if anyone can handle it, it’s you. Seek balance this week, in any area of your life that feels out of sorts. Remember that moderation is key, especially when you feel that itch to blaze ahead with the Ace of Stakes (or Wands) being thrown into the mix.

As you set out on new beginnings and take stock of new ideas, make sure you find moments of peace and calm to get your mind in order. There’s a lot going on up there, and it might be difficult to really focus that energy into something meaningful. So, deep breaths. Take it all in stride. You have plenty of time, so choose one idea to act on; you don’t have to do everything at once.

Challenge for the week: Make time for moments of calm. Meditation, a bath, a peaceful walk outside, or just listening to some calming music. Whatever works best for you, find time each day to connect to the calm.


Page of Scythes & Ace of Chalices: You have all the questions this week, Scorpio, and you’re going to have a hard time turning off that brain of yours. This is your week to seek answers. Keep asking those questions, but be sure to look before you leap. It’ll be easy for you to be pulled into petty arguments, so take a step back instead of engaging. You have a quick wit, but it can get you into trouble sometimes; caution is key.

You are at the edge of something new, whether that’s a new connection, creative venture, or really honing in on your intuition – take it and run with it. Your cup runneth over; communicate clearly, and keep your mind open. Instead of assuming you know what someone is thinking or feeling, talk to them about it.

Challenge for the week: Don’t assume. While you are very empathetic, this may lead to assumptions (and overanalyzing) this week. When you are even a little unsure, ask. Don’t be afraid to have those difficult conversations or heart-to-hearts.


The High Priestess & Three of Stakes: I’m really excited what this week has to offer for you, Sagittarius! This is your week to really hone in on your intuition – what is it telling you? Pay attention to the repeating signs and symbols around you; they mean something, and they’re telling you how and where to expand.

It’s time for growth; to move into the next phase and to take solid steps towards your goals and ambitions. Trust yourself to know the way forward – it’s scary, I know. But if you listen to that gut feeling that you get, it won’t lead you astray. Be prepared to not have all the answers (even though I know you want them), but keep going forwards anyway.

Challenge for the week: Pay attention to symbols, signs, dreams, or feelings that you repeatedly experience this week. Make a note of them; what do you think they mean? Do some research if you need to.


Five of Scythes & Four of Stakes: Tensions are high this week, as it may seem like no one is on the same page. Expect petty arguments, and people pushing back because they just want to be “right”. Not every battle will be worth fighting, so choose your battles carefully; know when to put down the sword, and walk away and consider what your time and energy is worth.

This is our second week for that Four of Stakes (or Wands), which shows a solid foundation, and the desire to “fit”. With conflict on the horizon, do what you can to find common ground. Agree to disagree, and compromise to keep the peace. Celebrate connectivity, instead of finding division.

Challenge for the week: When arguments or discussions get heated, walk away. Instead, find something meaningful that is worth investing your energy into. How can you celebrate and enjoy your time?


Four of Chalices & The World: There’s a bit of a blah feeling this week, Aquarius, where nothing is really bad or wrong, but there’s a bit of a cloud hanging over your head. Know that it’s okay to just sit with those emotions, but be sure to take opportunities that feel right as they are offered to you. Don’t get so down in your funk that it’s hard to pull yourself out.

Try not to mistake lack of movement for stagnation. The World shows that you’re approaching the end of a phase, so give yourself a chance to just enjoy where you are. Look back on all that you have accomplished, as you get ready to delve into new territory. Pause to celebrate your successes.

Challenge for the week: Take some time to reflect this week on what you have accomplished. What are you proud of? What have you learned? What are you ready for next?


Three of Chalices & The Tower: Lean on your support system this week, dear Pisces, because change is coming, whether you want it to or not. Carve out some extra time to spend with your friends or loved ones, and relish in their company and support. You are not a burden; they love you and are happy to be there for you. So, allow them to be!

This is the time to expect the unexpected; not as in be paranoid, but as in know that there are things in your life that need change. It’s going to happen regardless, so if you know what needs changing, get out in front of it. There are faulty foundations that need to come down, which will be uncomfortable, but will allow you to rebuild bigger, better, and stronger.

Challenge for the week: Reach out to a friend for support – whether that’s just to talk or to bounce ideas off. Don’t allow yourself to be alone.

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