Tarotscopes – Week of October 23rd

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead based on your zodiac sign!

Ready to jump in? Go ahead and read the message this week for your Sun sign, but don’t forget to check your moon and rising as well (especially if you relate to those more). Not sure what those are for you? Visit AstroCafe to find out.

We’re bringing in some dark and edgy this week, with the very cool Lost Hollow tarot by Pixel Occult. This deck is really cool because you can customize it in the way you want (as it has extra cards that you can choose from). I left them all in – so, we’re going with it.


The Magician & The Fool Reversed: You’ve got the power this week, Aries! The Magician is a reminder that you have everything you need to make progress towards the life you want to create for yourself. This is the week to manifest what you want, but realize that hoping for something, or repeating affirmations won’t be enough. It’ll take intentional action, and that seems to be where things are getting stuck.

There’s a bit of fear lingering there; you’re so close to the edge, but not pushing yourself over it. When you focus your energy and make thoughtful, mindful decisions, you won’t be acting foolishly or on impulse. Be afraid, and do it anyways. Stop holding yourself back!

Challenge for the week: Do one thing that you know would be good for you, that you’ve been putting off doing (especially if you’ve been scared to do it).


The Sun & the Nine of Swords: There’s a desire to smile, and be up this week, Taurus, and I can definitely respect that. You want to feel happy, carefree, joyful, but there’s still something in the back of your mind that’s dragging you down. While it is worthwhile to focus on the joy and positivity, make sure that you’re not just painting over issues with “I’m fine” when you’re really not.

It’s time to work with those fears and anxieties. You don’t have to tackle everything head on, but you do have to work on purging that negative energy that keeps creeping back into your mind. Journal it out, voice memo, talk to someone, scream in the parking lot – whatever it takes. And in the midst of purging, seek the simple things in life that make you happy.

Challenge for the week: Get some of that not-so-great energy out in whatever way works for you. If you don’t, it’ll continue to cycle through. Be mindful of your thoughts and how you are interacting with them.


Ace of Wands & Two of Cups: Loving this week for us, fellow Gemini! This is our time to take those ideas and blaze ahead! Take that motivation and run with it, but make sure you’re channeling that energy into something productive. A new adventure is great, but we want to stay on course.

Sometimes, the best way to do that is to bring someone along for the ride. Find a partner to be accountable with. Strengthen connections in your life, and share those ideas as you move forward. Try something new with a friend or loved one; it’s time to share your passion and excitement – after all, you never know what this will be the beginning of.

Challenge for the week: Do something fun and different with a friend, partner or family member. This is the week to try something new, and see what happens.


Strength & Prince of Pentacles: Remember how strong you are this week, Cancer, and hone in on the courage you have within to overcome the obstacles that get in your way. Tame that inner beast, and don’t allow frustrations to get the best of you. Most importantly, be kind and compassionate – especially to yourself.

As you draw on the strength to keep going, stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. You’re on the right track, and while it might not feel like things are moving quickly, they are moving. Keep going; remain diligent and take care of all the little, mundane tasks along the way. Now is not the time to let your focus wane. It’s not always glamorous, but you will get there.

Challenge for the week: Cross at least three things off your to-do list – focus especially on the things you’ve been putting off for a long time.


Four of Swords Reversed & Four of Cups Reversed: You are being called into action this week, Leo! You may find yourself riddled with restless energy, but that’s just another sign that it’s time to get up and move. No more thinking about it or taking a moment to rest; find the mental strength to pull yourself up and out.

Taking that first step forward will bring you to clarity. The fog is lifting, and you’ll be able to see the opportunities that are available to you. Open your eyes. See them, accept them, and go for it (as long as it feels right). It’s time to accept where you’ve been, where you are, and make the choice to act upon what is next for you.

Challenge for the week: GO. Make a conscious choice as to what’s next for you. No more ruminating. No more sulking. Time to act.


Five of Swords & Ten of Pentacles Reversed: We’re facing some conflict this week, Virgo. Tensions are high, and miscommunications are afoot. There’s a desire to be right or to have things go a specific way, but watch how you’re delivering your message – especially when it comes to money and familial matters. Choose your battles wisely, because not all of them are going to be worth the win.

These difficult conversations and (petty) arguments may make things feel unstable, and like you’re going backwards in progress. This week does require some flexibility, and it’s important to keep your long-term goals in mind. A short-term win won’t mean anything if it’s not sustainable.

Challenge for the week: Allow for more compromise and flexibility. Compromise. Walk away from a battle you know isn’t worth engaging in. Give yourself peace.


Queen of Cups & Princess of Pentacles: You’re feeling a lot this week, Libra! Don’t fight it, and allow those emotions to flow through you. Feel fully and honestly. Give yourself space for processing and for release, and channel that energy into a health outlet (like something creative). Nourish yourself first, before you take care of those around you.

There is no rush. Progress may start slow as you find your footing, and that’s okay. Test the waters to find out what works best for you – in whatever area of life you’re working on right now. Be diligent, and remain focused. While allowing your emotions to move you, try to keep your feet planted on the ground. Find balance between the emotional and the practical.

Challenge for the week: Channel your emotion and creativity into a new outlet this week; explore, and see what works for you.


Adjustment Reversed & Three of Swords: There’s an unfairness to this week, Scorpio, and while you’ll likely want to double down with wanting answers and accountability, it’s unlikely that that’s what you’re going to get. That said, be sure that you are aware of your part in the situation – not many things are wholly one-sided.

While you are seeking justice, you’re likely going to find disappointment, and hurt. Give yourself space to deal with your thoughts and feelings, and don’t bury them in hopes that things will just go away (shockingly enough. they won’t). Let it out, grieve, and accept things for how they’ve happened. The hurt won’t last forever.

Challenge for the week: To overcome the adversity this week, realize the imperfections in yourself and others. Accept them, and try to release judgement.


King of Wands & Eight of Cups: This is your week to take action, Sagittarius! Dig into that drive, motivation, and ambition to make things happen. Be confident. Be fearless. Use your charm to influence things in your direction. There’s no stopping you once you put your mind to it.

While we’re taking the world by storm, but sure to let go of things that are no longer working for you. Walking away doesn’t mean failure; it means that you tried, you learned, and it’s time to go a different route. How can you blaze ahead when you’re still hanging on to things that keep you stuck or stagnated? With the King and the Eight we’re seeking freedom – it’s there, but you have to decide to take it.

Challenge for the week: When you feel stuck or frustrated this week, take a walk. Get out of the physical space you’re in, and give yourself the chance to clear you head.


Six of Cups Reversed & Prince of Wands: We definitely have some restless energy this week, Capricorn! There’s a desire to move forward, but it feels like everything around you is stagnating. The routine has gotten dull, and while it’s brought security and comfort, it now feels stifling. It’s time to break away.

We’re looking for new motivation; challenge the routine and the way things are being done, especially when you can see an alternate (better) route. Be brave as your ideas are pushed back upon, and know that they are worth fighting for. You need to forge the path ahead, but be sure to do so with a plan of action.

Challenge for the week: Where do you feel things are stagnating? Challenge a routine that is making you feel stuck. Change it up, or scrap it and start anew.


Prince of Cups & Strength: You may want to use your logical mind this week. Aquarius, to make your decisions, but know that you’ll do best when you lead with your heart. Give into your emotions, and don’t be afraid to share how you’re feeling – especially if that will help calm a situation or keep the peace. There is a certain sense of idealism behind how you think things should go, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, be sure that your expectations are grounded in reality.

Remember that you have the inner strength to get through whatever is thrown your way. You may find your patience tested, but it’s best to remain calm, cool, and collected under pressure right now. Act with grace and compassion; you’ll get much further ahead if you do.

Challenge for the week: Find strength in feeling. How do your emotions make you stronger?


Eight of Swords Reversed & The Empress: We’re taking off the blindfold this week, Pisces! It’s time to really see things for how they are, instead of the story you’ve created in your mind. You’re heading towards freedom – so face those thoughts and challenges head-on! You’ll find that when you do, you’ll see your perspective shift. Mountains will shrink into anthills, and you’ll feel a sense of release.

Step into that confidence, and take agency over what you want to create in this life. Connect to the world around you: feel the grass on your feet, and breathe in that crisp autumn (or spring) air. Remain grounded, and know this is your time for abundance. Get out of your own way so you can be open to receiving.

Challenge for the week: Challenge your thoughts, and get outside. Practice ten minutes of mindfulness every day.

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