Tarotscopes – Week of September 25th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead broken up by zodiac sign!

This week’s readings were done with Tarot by Caro by Caro Clarke.

The last few weeks I’ve been doing questions to consider, but this time around, we’re turning it back to challenges. Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising – especially if you feel more connected to those signs in your chart.


The Sun & Eight of Pentacles: This is your week to let loose, bask in your successes, and give yourself the time and freedom to play! Get outside and move; let the sun hit your face. Share your radiance with those around you make someone’s day a little brighter. Bring out that inner child, and do things purely for the enjoyment of it.

Channel that sun-filled energy into something productive. Focus on reaching the next level of something that is important to you; whether that’s a skill, hobby, or even your job. Progress may take time, but it’s important to get the ball rolling.

Challenge for the week: Choose a hobby or skill that you enjoy, and work on getting better at it. Practice, read a book, take a class, ask for advice – whatever way works for you.


Two of Cups & Page of Wands: It’s all about connection this week, Taurus! Whether you’re meeting new people or wanting to strengthen your connection with someone already in your life, be willing to let people in and connect. Foster those meaningful relationships, and don’t be afraid to open up a little more.

It might be uncomfortable to share how you feel, but this is not the time to be scared. Step outside of your comfort zone a little, and bring someone along for the ride in trying something new. Adventure awaits – so let’s go!

Challenge for the week: Plan a date with someone important to you (friend dates count) or new to your life. Experience something new together; have an adventure, and enjoy each other’s company.


Nine of Wands & The Hermit Reversed: Tired of the same old challenges rearing their ugly head, dear Gemini? Well, get ready because they’re coming around again. Be resilient, and persist through any difficult situations. Know that you’ve gotten through them once, and you can certainly do it again.

There may be the inclination to hole up a bit and protect yourself, but now is not the time to retreat. There’s been enough thinking about it; it’s time to get down off the mountain and take action. Use your wit and communicative nature to share your struggles; you never know how they may help someone else.

Challenge for the week: Face uncomfortable situations head-on, instead of trying to get around them. Hiding from difficulty isn’t going to make it go away – so get it over with.


Justice & Nine of Cups: It’s all about fairness and honesty this week, Cancer. Bring the scales into balance, and make sure that you are being true to yourself and your convictions. Truth will prevail – remember that you are only accountable for your part in things. Stop taking on the burden of others.

By only taking responsibility for what is under your influence and control, you will find more contentment. Stress will lessen, and you’ll be able to breathe easily again. Give yourself the chance to feel that happiness, and just be. What do you wish for? Know that it is possible, especially if you act with Justice in mind.

Challenge for the week: Step back from something that you’re not actually responsible for, knowing that sometimes, people need to learn their own way and it’s not your obligation to fix them.


Seven of Swords Reversed & Ace of Pentacles: The truth is coming to light this week, Leo, whether you’re ready for it or not and you may find yourself with a bit of a bruised ego. Whether you find yourself on the giving or receiving end of a confession, make peace with what has happened. It’s okay to feel disappointment or regret, but don’t let that hold you back.

With this new information, comes new opportunity. What have you learned from the experience? What new ideas are you ready to expand upon and put into action? Start planting those seeds, knowing that whatever you decide will take time to grow – but at least it can grow with a clean slate in mind.

Challenge for the week: Forgive this week. Whether it’s yourself or someone else, forgiveness is key. However, remember that forgiveness doesn’t have to mean allowing someone back into your life. Forgive to accept and move forward.


Judgement & Nine of Pentacles: This week calls for a little reflection, Virgo. Are you where you want to be in life? If yes, continue to follow what feels right. If no, how can you trust what you feel is your calling? If you’re still searching for it, that’s okay – don’t give up and know that reflection may help you work out what’s next for you.

You are at a place in life where it’s okay to take a moment to pause. There is a certain about of stability, and we both know you’ve worked (or are working) hard for it. Judgement can be a bit of a doozy, so take time for gratitude and self-care. You deserve it – don’t convince yourself otherwise.

Challenge for the week: Take time out this week to reflect on where you’ve been. What have you accomplished? What patterns are you ready to break? What can you do to find more abundance in life, and how can you treat yourself?


Wheel of Fortune & Seven of Pentacles: Change is coming – and it’s time to hop on board and let it happen. Get into the groove and go with the flow, knowing that there are larger forces at play. Remember, Libra, there are things that are beyond your control – don’t make your life harder by getting in the way.

As the wheel turns, know that you will need patience to have things fully realized. Do put in the time and effort towards what you want to accomplish, but temper your frustration when fruition doesn’t happen as quickly as you hoped. Don’t be afraid to turn your attention elsewhere for a while; that’s when you’ll really see how far you’ve come.

Challenge for the week: Let go of control this week, and allow things to happen naturally. Spend time on a hobby or project you’ve been ignoring lately.


Eight of Wands & Three of Swords Reversed: Get ready to jump on board, Scorpio! The cards show that change is on its way, and if you don’t strike while the iron’s hot, you’re going to miss out. Keep your eyes open for opportunity, and say yes when things feel aligned.

This change in pace will give you a chance to heal from whatever difficulties have been on your mind. That said, don’t agree to something as a way to escape facing uncomfortable truths. While we do see a lessening of pain or drama, make your decisions based on what instinctively feels right for you – not what you think might distract you from what needs to be processed.

Challenge for the week: Say yes to an opportunity that comes your way – and it doesn’t have to be something huge and life changing. It could be as simple as saying yes to a coffee with a new friend or old acquaintance.


Five of Swords & Queen of Swords: There may be some inclination to look back this week on things that you are disappointed or feel regret about. And while there isn’t anything inherently wrong about this, make sure that you don’t get trapped in the past – you can’t go back. Instead, focus your mind and energy on the things are going right – and the things you can control.

Process your emotions, but work on focusing on the here and now. Make time to connect to your inner wisdom and intuition. There are messages there that need to be heard – so pay attention.

Challenge for the week: Walk away from a stressful situation that you have no control over. Set boundaries, and enforce them – in whatever way that means for you.


Ace of Cups & The Hierophant: Your cup runneth over, Capricorn! It’s time to get a fresh start, and approach things with an open heart and mind. You may find yourself making new connections, or deepening those that already exist. Enjoy the company of others, and allow yourself to feel (and live) fully.

This is a great week for making arrangements and getting any projects or collaborations set in stone. Follow the rules to make things go smoothly; remember that while innovation can be wonderful, sometimes the tried, tested, and true approach will work best. . Commit fully to whatever it is you’ve set your mind to, and don’t be afraid to get help or seek counsel if needed.

Challenge for the week: What traditions do you enjoy with those you love? Plan something or create a new one.


Queen of Wands & Seven of Wands: Aquarius, usually you don’t have any issues doing what you want when you want because you know that this is your life to live – and that’s what this week is all about That said, you may find people have a lot to say this week about how you do things. Have the confidence and conviction to keep doing your thing.

Be prepared for some push back and for people challenging your ideas. Not everyone is going to understand who you are, how you think, or what you want to do, and that’s okay. Stand your ground.

Challenge for the week: Follow those passions. What’s something you’ve been wanting to do that you never seem to have time for? Make time, and do it.


The World & Five of Cups: You’re reaching the end of a phase, Pisces, whether it’s this week or in the next little while. Welcome the ending, as this means something new is about to begin. Seek moments of fulfillment and harmony, knowing these will lead to a larger sense of feeling complete.

Whilst seeking harmony and reflection, you may find yourself focusing on the past – and it’ll likely be the not-so-happy, melancholy memories. There is nothing wrong with mourning loss or refret, but make sure you don’t stay stuck there. With an ending coming, focus on what has gone right and the great things you still have going in your life.

Challenge for the week: Tie up loose ends. What are you hanging onto that needs to be severed? Spend a little time looking back on successes and achievements – not regrets and failures.

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