Tarotscopes – Week of November 6th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead based on your zodiac sign!

Take a scroll down to your Sun, Moon, or Rising – whichever you feel most connected to. Not sure what all of your placements are? Check out Cafe Astrology to find out!

This week’s chosen deck is the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi.


Strength & Two of Wands Reversed: You may find yourself in the pits of frustration this week, Aries. It may feel like life is testing you, but really call upon that inner strength and resilience that you have to find your way through. Know that being forceful won’t make anything else; instead, take a deep breath, tame that inner lion, and act from a place of compassion.

Lack of plan or focus is really what’s getting in your way, and I know that it isn’t something that you can just flip a switch on. Be patient with yourself, and don’t get wrapped up in overanalyzing what’s going wrong. The more you focus on it, the harder it will be for things to click into place. Test the waters a few different ways, and you’ll figure out what the best way forward is; just don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone or do something a bit different.

Challenge for the week: Breathe. When you find your frustration beginning to boil, try the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Inhale for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 7, and slowly exhale for a count of 8. Repeat three times.


The Hierophant Reversed & The Fool: The tried, tested, and true method may feel most appealing this week, Taurus, but you’ll fare better taking the unorthodox approach. Look for an alternate route around a problem, get another opinion on an issue, or do your own research to be better informed when you make up your mind. While you may ruffle a few feathers, the stagnation will not be worth it.

This is a great time to take a risk – try something new, start a new adventure to just see where it takes you. Not everyone will understand what you want to do, and that’s okay. Approach things with optimism and excitement, even if they are a little scary or uncomfortable. Don’t let your own stubbornness get in your way.

Challenge for the week: When you find yourself falling into old methods that you know no longer work, don’t be afraid to break the wheel. Try a fresh approach, and see how it works out for you.


Judgement & Page of Wands: It’s time for some reflection, dear Gemini! We’re being called upon this week to contemplate where we’ve been so we can see where we want to go. Give yourself time for reflection and self-evaluation; not to beat yourself up, but to learn lessons so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. It’s time to break patterns, and make choices that bring us towards what we feel our calling truly is.

Looking back gives us the motivation to move forward. Choose the path you’re ready for next, and approach it as a new adventure. Focus your energy and be courageous in your choices. Sometimes doing what we know is right can be a daunting task, but now is the time to chase our ambitions without letting our past selves stop us.

Challenge for the week: Reflect on where you’ve been. Journal it, voice memo it, talk to yourself outloud – it doesn’t matter how you do it. What patterns are you ready to break? What ambitions are you excited to follow?


The Hanged Man Reversed & The Chariot: We have two competing energies this week, Cancer: stagnation and forward movement. There are areas where you’re beating around the bush. You’re stalling, maybe in hopes that the answer will just pop up easily, and growing apathetic as things remain the same. You’re tired of contemplating and the desire to find a different way around is wearing off. So what does that all mean? It’s time to pull yourself up, and act.

Draw on that willpower to get yourself moving again. Know that you do have what you need for success, but you can’t let the obstacles get in your way. Can’t get through? Find an alternate path. Can’t find a way around? Well, plowing through with all your might it is. Choose your destination, get in the driver’s seat, and make it happen.

Challenge for the week: Make a list of 5 things you want to do this week. Plan it out, and don’t let anything get in your way. No stalling, no excuses, just forward movement.


The High Priestess & Five of Cups: It’s time to quiet out the noise, Leo, and listen to that inner knowing that speaks softly in the background. Don’t worry about what your ego is trying to protect you from, or people around you want you to know; this week you really need to tune into your intuition. It can be a difficult thing to stop and listen, but I promise you’ll be taken care of when you do.

There are some regrets or disappointments lingering, which is why trusting that inner voice comes with some struggle. Remember, you can’t go backwards. Instead of focusing on the “would have, could have, should have”, focus on what you have in the here and now, and what is going right. Give yourself space to process those not-so-comfy emotions, and trust yourself to know how to do just that.

Challenge for the week: Make a note every time you get a strong, intuitive feeling. Record it somewhere you can refer to it later. Also make note of your choice. At the end of the week, reflect. Did your intuition ever lead you astray?


Temperance & The Wheel of Fortune: There’s a strong need to restore balance into all areas of life this week, because the scales are tipping and it’s causing some major discomfort. Take it upon yourself to reassess and realign. Moderation is key; don’t try to make all the changes at once. This is not the time to give into the chaos around you, but instead to find moments of peace and calm – wherever that may be. It is in that tranquility you will find the answers you need.

Be patient. Remember, Virgo, that there are things in this world beyond your influence or control. Digging your heels in and trying to force the pendulum to swing the way you desire is only going to cause more grief. Allow things to come naturally and in their own time. Go with the flow, and trust that you’re on the right path.

Challenge for the week: Find a new place in your home or locally where you can connect with that inner peace. A new tree, spot by the river, cafe, or bookshop – where can you find that allows time to pause, just for a moment?


Queen of Pentacles & Four of Cups Reversed: This is your week to get stuff done, Libra! Whether it’s tidying up around the house, planning your next business move, or taking care of your personal finances. Be smart and sensible in your approach. Use the experience you’ve gained, and heed your own advice.

Clarity will be found by trusting your own skills. There is no sitting around and waiting for things to happen for (or to) you – take an active role in your pursuits, especially if find yourself slipping into negativity. Remember your worth. Make your own way, and be very aware of the space you’re occupying. While there is a push for productivity, it’s important to take time out for you; balance productivity and self-care.

Challenge for the week: Practice mindfulness. There is a place for planning and looking ahead, but make time for the here and now. Slow down. Connect with the physical world around you.


Six of Swords & Eight of Cups: There is a big call to move forward this week, Scorpio, on both a mental and emotional level. It’s time to drop the baggage that’s weighing you down. Don’t bring up issues from the past when you get into arguments; it’s not going to make the point you think it will. Let bygones be bygones, and accept things for how they are. When you find yourself getting worked up, frustrated, or not heard, a little distance will do you some good.

Take a look at what is no longer working. What have you put effort into fixing, but know it’s just never going to be what you want? Know that it isn’t your job to fix everything. Sometimes, the best way forward is to detach and move on. Be honest with yourself in your quest for answers – you’ll know the best route to follow.

Challenge for the week: When you’re feeling stuck, change locations. Whether that’s simply taking a walk around your office or home, or getting some fresh air. A small change of scenery will help you work your way through.


Ten of Swords Reversed & Three of Swords: It’s a heavy week, Sagittarius, as it feels like just as you’ve come to terms with one uncomfortable reality, another rears its ugly head. There may be instances where you feel like there’s no way things could get worse, but know that you are on the path to healing. Don’t hold on to past regrets, and make sure that you’re trying to avoid dealing with things and thus holding them in.

More discomfort is on its way, as we see upset and loss with the Three of Swords. Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged, and don’t let anything keep you down for long. You are great at going through the pain and coming out in the light, so remember that strength of yours. Conflict isn’t fun, but it’s sometimes a necessary catalyst.

Challenge for the week: Give yourself space and time to heal this week. Don’t feel like you have to constantly put on the brave face; it’s okay to take a break to process.


Four of Pentacles & Ten of Pentacles: I feel like this a week for you to be in your element, Capricorn! There is a certain amount of desire to protect all that you’ve accomplished, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Make smart, calculated decisions (especially about your finances), but ensure that you are doing what you need to invest in your future.

You’re at (or reaching) a place where you have a solid level of stability. Enjoy where you are, not because it’s fleeting, but because you’ve worked hard to achieve it. Focus on legacy and longevity; how can you continue your success? At the same time, don’t be so worried about the future that you forget to make memories in the here and now. Afterall, that’s what makes all your effort worthwhile.

Challenge for the week: Find balance between frugality and investment. Where can you save? And where can you invest in something that will help you create an even more stable future?


The Empress & Knight of Wands: What wonderful energy to have behind you this week, Aquarius! This is your time to create; to put something meaningful out into the world whether that be something physical or an idea that you know is worth sharing. Nurture the environment around you; help it to learn and grow.

There is a never-ending stream of things you want to accomplish right now, so take the world on full force! Be bold, be courageous, and use your charm to move mountains out of your way. At the same time, be sure to focus your intention – without a plan of action, all that motivation will burn into thin air. And while part of you wants to race ahead, keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Take moments out to just breathe; to exist, and to see the world around you.

Challenge for the week: Make a plan of action for this week (or each morning for the day) that is grounded in practicality. We know you’re capable of so much, but having a plan will help you not burn the candle at both ends.


King of Wands Reversed & Seven of Swords: While I understand wanting to keep the peace, be wary of being overly passive this week, Pisces. You don’t want to stand up and take charge, and I get it – sometimes that’s not the best or easiest approach. But at the same time, don’t allow yourself to be pushed into a corner. Just because someone approaches a situation with all the confidence (read: arrogance) in the world, doesn’t mean they know how to handle it.

This is further proven by the Seven of Swords. Please don’t take this to mean that there’s someone out to get you, but be aware that you’re not getting full truths. If you want the answers you’re looking for, be resourceful. Use what you have to your benefit, and find an alternate path to what you want.

Challenge for the week: Don’t shrink when conflict arises. Stand up, and take a leadership role. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself frustrated and feeling like you’re taking orders.

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