Tarotscopes – Week of November 13th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead based on your zodiac sign!

Remember, you’re more than just your sun sign! Check out the messages for your moon and rising, too!

The deck delivering our messagings this week is the Masquerade Tarot by Fatum.


The World & Page of Cups: You’re approaching the end of a cycle, and whether it done this week or you’re just beginning the wrap up, take a moment to look back and see the successes that you’ve had along the way. Now is the time to start bringing things to completion; so no more procrastinating or putting it off. You’ll feel so much better as that to-do list shrinks.

As you finish things up, you’ll make room for more ideas, more creativity, and more flow. Call upon your inner child to balance productivity with happiness, and enjoyment. Remember, the world is your oyster – so give yourself the grace to dream and let your imagination take over (at least, for a little while).

Challenge for the week: Finish something. Choose something that has been hanging out there unfinished, and finish it. Don’t rush through it just to get it done; do it right so it doesn’t come back to haunt you. Then, relish in your accomplishment – allow yourself to feel good for crossing it off your to-do list.


Two of Wands Reversed & Queen of Wands: You may find yourself a bit stuck this week, Taurus, as you come up against unexpected challenges or feel like something is holding you back. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty here – what’s really holding you back is (yep, you guessed it), you. There’s a hesitancy to really step off the beaten path or you’re getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

So how do you get around that? It’s time to channel your inner Queen of Swords. Use your intellect and your keen sense of perception to really see through the fog. Be decisive and unapologetic in your decisions. Maintain healthy boundaries, especially in your relationship with your own thoughts. You are in charge here, not every thought or worry that comes into your mind.

Challenge for the week: Take a risk. Step outside of your comfort zone (even just a little) and go down the path less travelled. Be honest with yourself at what is making you hesitate and deal with those thoughts and emotions in a measured way.


Strength Reversed & Eight of Wands: There’s a bit of a blow to the confidence this week, Gemini, where it feels like you’re just not up to the task (or tasks) you’ve been assigned. Know that this isn’t actually about your capabilities, but it’s that internal struggle of feeling like not enough. It’s time to call upon your inner strength; remember, you a strong, and resilient. Give yourself space for kindness and self-compassion – you will get through these uncomfortable feelings, but you need to stop doubting yourself first.

As you go through that age-old internal battle, know that change and opportunity is on its way. Don’t be so shrouded in the shadow of self-doubt that you fail to see what is being offered to you. Open your eyes, and strike while the iron’s hot. If something feels right in your gut, go for it!

Challenge for the week: Make a list of five times in your life when you overcame challenges or obstacles. This is proof that you’ve done it before, and you can do it again. Remember your own resilience.


Page of Pentacles & Queen of Pentacles: This could very well be a wonderfully productive week for you, Cancer! Start planting new seeds and expanding your knowledge – especially in terms of practical or tactile skills. Hands-on experience (if you can get it) is the best way to go. Be diligent and focused in your pursuits; have a plan and stick to it!

The focus right now is on stability; of expanding your experience in a way that will increase the level of abundance and security in life (in whatever way that means for you). You have no problem working for what you get, but make sure that you’re remaining balanced. Be practical in knowing when to push yourself, and when to take a moment for a break. Afterall, you’re putting in the effort now to be able to further enjoy all life has to offer – don’t forget to enjoy things along the way, too.

Challenge for the week: Find balance this week. Schedule in time away from “being productive”. Take a walk. Get some fresh air. Reward yourself for progress and a job well-done.


Five of Cups Reversed & Ten of Pentacles: After the Five of Cups upright last week, things are looking up with same card coming up reversed, Leo! Those disappointments or upsets that set you back are losing their grip, and there’s a certain amount of acceptance and willingness to move forward. As you feel better, you start to notice the more positive aspects of your life, and as we already know, nothing keeps you down for long!

With moods improving, you really get to settle into a place of comfort. This is a great week to practice gratitude, and to focus on the people and things in life that matter. You may find some extra money, so appreciate the little treat. What goals are you still working towards? You will find that they’re not as far away as they appeared before. Make decisions that keep your foundation strong.

Challenge for the week: Practice some gratitude this week! Every day, make a list of five things you are grateful for.


The Devil & Seven of Cups: You may feel a bit stuck or powerless this week, Virgo, as shadows or bad habits rear their ugly heads. Remember, you have the power to take back control: you are only powerless if you believe you are. It’s time to face the shadow head on, and begin to work your way through it. It won’t happen overnight, so be gentle with yourself.

Don’t allow indecision to become another vice. You have many options available to you, and it’s easy to get distracted by what ifs and shiny object syndrome. It may also be difficult to not let your imagination run away with ideas. However, the best way to make your choice will be to trust your intuition; if you quiet your mind enough to listen, it will not lead you astray.

Challenge for the week: What habits or coping mechanisms are you ready to say goodbye to? What is holding you back or keeping you stuck that you know you have agency over? Make a choice, and a plan of action. Reward yourself for progress (the Devil still wants to have a good time, afterall).


Two of Pentacles & Ten of Cups: You’re juggling a lot this week, Libra! And while you are a master of balance, it’s important that you really take a moment to reassess your priorities. Are you spending your time and energy where you want to (for the most part)? Do you have a healthy work/life balance? Are you truly making time for happiness, creativity, and connection?

By making adjustments, you will find more peace, harmony, and happiness in your day to day life. As you decide how to be balance, keep the focus on what makes you feel fulfilled. Yes, we all have responsibilities and obligations. But if you’re focusing all your energy on what you feel you have to do instead of what you want to do, are you actually in balance?

Challenge for the week: Make time to assess, adjust, and act.Don’t be afraid to say no or allow things that are truly not that important to you slide off the plate for now.


Knight of Wands & The Fool: This is your week to get to it, Scorpio! There are so many great ideas spinning around in that head of yours, that it’s time to really take action towards one that will help move you closer to fulfilling your ambitions. Be bold, be brave, and go for it – but, make sure you have a plan of action so all that energy has somewhere to go.

Don’t be afraid to go all in (the Knight wouldn’t be), and take a bit of a risk. This is time for a new adventure, and that sense of excitement will help your motivation grow. Whatever action you decide on, know that it’s more about the journey than the final destination. Expect to learn on your way, and be open to seeing where things take you – you’ll find it much more rewarding if you do.

Challenge for the week: Say yes to a new opportunity. Act upon an idea that you’ve been mulling over, and do so without trepidation.


Judgement & Five of Wands: It’s been a bit of a ride as of late, Sagittarius, but there is an end to that in sight! Allow yourself to slow down a bit this week, and make time to reflect on all that’s happened over the last little while. It might not be the most comfortable journey, but know that this reflection and evaluation is not to be self-critical, but to see where you’ve come from, and to help avoid repeating the same patterns or mistakes.

As you move forward, choose that path that you truly feel called towards, even if it feels like a bit of an uphill battle. It may feel like you’re fighting against the grain or not being seen for what you’re offering, but it’s important to stand in your power. Be assertive, and don’t take no for an answer when something is important to you. You’ve got this.

Challenge for the week: Evaluation is key this week. What lessons have you learned from the past year? Write them down or voice memo them. Remember how you got through them, and consider what you could do again if confronted by a similar challenge.


The Hierophant Reversed & Four of Swords: There’s a tendency to be methodical this week; to keep doing what’s been done, and moving through the tasks at hand. But the truth is, if you want to make progress (or make a difference), the tried, tested, and true method won’t be your best guess. Think outside the box, and try a new, fresh approach if you’re looking to find more success.

While searching for that fresh approach, be sure to give your brain a time out. Overthinking and over analyzing is just going to keep you stuck. Know that it’s okay to take a break; rest and relax so that you can keep fighting. This is not the time to deplete your resources. It is through giving yourself space to recuperate, the clarity will come.

Challenge for the week: What are you doing in the same way that is no longer working or working as well as it should? WIthout worrying about expectations or societal norms, what would be the best way for you to go forward?


Ace of Swords & Queen of Cups: Good things are coming your way this week, Aquarius, as you find fog lifting and clarity come to light. It’s important to be honest with yourself; cut the crap and the excuses, and use your mind to focus on making good decisions. There is a desire to have things happen quickly, but don’t rush your way through your options.

You’ll find success through balance; balance of the heart and mind, the logic and emotion. Be compassionate and supportive both to yourself and those around you. Communicate your thoughts and needs, but do so with grace and understanding. There is a big call this week to listen to your intuition, which with the desire for reason may have you out of sorts at times; this is why balance will be key.

Challenge for the week: When confronted with choices, find the best way forward by using both your logical mind and your intuition. What are they both telling you? What agrees, what is at odds, and how can you find a balance between the two?


Five of Pentacles & Seven of Swords: The low energy is hitting you this week, so be sure to take care of yourself! You may find yourself struggling a little with either health or money, so do what you need to feel safe and protected. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and remember that people don’t know you’re struggling unless you tell them – no one, your partner or closest friends included, can read your mind.

There is a desire to pretend that you’re fine, and that everything is okay, but please realize dear Pisces, that painting on a smile will only make things worse. You’re not getting away with anything by trying to hide, so instead, use the resources available to you to take care of yourself in the best possible way.

Challenge for the week: Give yourself space to slow down, especially in areas of life where you’d rather pretend it’s all okay. Lying to yourself (and others) now, will only bite you in the butt later.

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