Tarotscopes - Week of May 27th

Every other week, I get together with a group of friends and we play Dungeons and Dragons – and this Friday, it’s on (for the first time in three weeks, because life). 

So, I thought that it would be fun this week to break out the Dungeons & Dragons tarot deck by Clarkson Potter, and along with little read, include a side quest you can choose to partake in this week. If you’re trying to match this deck to the classic suits, keep in mind that Strength is Wands, Intelligence is Swords, Wisdom is Cups, and Charisma is Pentacles.

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The Moon: What is lying beyond the shadows this week, Aries? You may find yourself plagued with uncertainty this week, but remember that things may be different than they seem. Instead of giving into your imagination, seek answers, find clarity, and allow your intuition to guide you.

Quest: Create a ritual for yourself this week that incorporates the element of water, and gives you time and space to connect within. 


Justice: Time make sure those scales are in balance, Taurus! Dig deep, and get honest with yourself as this week it’s especially important to act within your personal morals and integrity. Consider the cause and effect relationship your actions have, especially when faced with a choice or difficult decision.

Quest: Make a chart of where you like spending your energy, and where you need to spend your energy. Is there a fair balance? If not, how can you find better balance and be more fair to yourself? 


The Hermit: While your inner world is constantly on the go, it’s important this week to give yourself space to slow down, and connect within. The way forward will become much more clear when you tune out the outside noise, and trust your inner wisdom. Right now, you are your best guide. 

Quest: Make a conscious choice (and effort) to disconnect from social media, screens, and the hustle bustle of the outside world for at least an hour every day this week. 


The Tower: Change is coming (or needed) this week, Cancer, and you can wait for it to happen or get out in front of it. What are you ready to release and rebuild?  Know that what you tear down you can remake bigger, better and stronger, with skills and experience that you’ve acquired since the first time around. Use that to your benefit.

Quest: Build a structure; use twigs and branches, Jenga blocks, Lego, cardboard boxes, pillows, cards – anything available to you. Knock it down. Note your feelings. Rebuild it, and repeat.


Two of Strength: It takes strength to step outside your comfort zone, and that’s exactly what you’re being encouraged to do, Leo. Start figuring out what your next move in – but make a plan. You have options available to you, but you may benefit more from taking a bit of a risk. 

Quest: Take an alternate route three different times this week. Whether you’re driving or walking, choose to go down a road you don’t frequently go.


Ace of Wisdom: Allow new emotional and spiritual energy to come into your life this week, Virgo! Get in the flow; open yourself to new connections or to strengthening existing ones. There is potential for love and happiness all around you this week; how will you accept the offer? While this is a great time to give, remember to be open to receiving as well. 

Quest: Express yourself this week. Whether that’s doing something creative or having a heart to heart with a loved one. Connect your inner emotions with the outer world.


Nine of Strength: Keep on climbing, Libra! Expect a few bumps in the road this week. Instead of letting them get you down, stand tall. Persevere, and use learned experience to navigate your way through. Don’t be afraid to set solid boundaries, especially when your ideas and motivations are being challenged.

Quest: When faced with a challenge or difficult situation this week, consider other times in your life that you have been in a similar circumstance. How did you get through? 


Judgement: Looking backwards isn’t always a comfortable thing to do, but that is what you’re being urged towards this week, Scorpio. Self-reflection and evaluation, so that you can really tune into where you’ve been, and make good choices about where you want to go. What lessons have you learned and what patterns are you ready to break?

Quest: Grab a journal or open a voice memo on your phone. Three different days this week, make time for reflection. Pay attention to unhealthy patterns you’re repeating. Consider the path you’re on – is it what you want?


Page of Strength: What new ideas and adventures are you ready to embark upon, Sagittarius? Get clear on your direction, make a plan, and go forth. Get that energy pumping, and be courageous in your pursuit. Now is the time for action; ideas are no longer enough. 

Quest: Try something new this week. It doesn’t have to be huge or life altering, but something that you’ve been mulling over and haven’t taken action on yet.


Five of Intelligence: You may find yourself involved in conflict or drama this week, Capricorn. It’s important to remember that not everyone will see things the way you do, and you can’t control how someone else thinks or acts. How much of it is really worth the fight? Know when to put down the sword and opt for peace.

Quest: Walk away from something this week. Whether that’s an argument or difficult situation, or letting go of some old junk you’ve been hanging onto – it’s time to part ways.


Page of Charisma: It’s time to hone in on that determination, focus, and vigilance this week, Aquarius! What are you working towards building? Take steady steps towards your progress. Know that you may have to learn something new to proceed, but don’t let that hold you back. Put in the work, and your efforts will be rewarded.

Quest: Plant a seed this week, quite literally. Write or speak your intention into the seed(s), plant it into the ground or a pot, and allow it to grow.


Six of Strength: Time to amp yourself up, Pisces! It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back, and celebrate the wins – especially if it feels like your efforts haven’t been seen. Accept praise and recognition, instead of brushing it off like no big deal. Allow your confidence to spread, and enjoy the success this weeks brings.

Quest: Celebrate something that may feel a little silly or ridiculous this week – and be sure to incorporate the people you love. Don’t be afraid to go big; enjoy yourself and the process!

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