Tarotscopes - Week of June 3rd

I’ve been listening to a bunch of audio books about Greek mythology as of late. So many aspects of various myths have been ingrained into our every day lives through symbolism and culture, and it’s interesting to hear the stories, and have those ah-ha moments.

To pay homage to Zeus’ lightning bolts, this week will be lightning tarotscopes! And because I’ve been diving into Greek myths, what better deck to use for this week’s message than Tarot of the Gods by Andrew J.T.

What messages should you focus on? Take a peak at the readings for your sun, moon, and rising. Not sure what they are? Head on over to the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café enter your birth date, time, and place to find out!


Knight of Swords: Focus your mind; be assertive, direct, and cut to the chase. Don’t let impulsiveness and perfectionism get in your way. 


Queen of Wands: Own your personal power; use your charm, step into your confidence, and be optimistic about what you can accomplish this week.


The Moon: Don’t make mountains out of molehills; turn on the light, face insecurities, and see with clarity so that you can overcome obstacles and challenges.


Page of Wands: Say yes to a new adventure and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone; approach this week with courage and excitement. 


Nine of Swords: Thoughts and fears are getting the best of you; release yourself from their grasp or you’ll continue in the cycle.


King of Pentacles: Work on maintaining what you have built: trust your experience, and take a practical approach. Make time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


The Lovers: Focus on the connections in your life that allow you to thrive as you are; make choices that are in alignment with who you truly want to be.


Six of Cups: Find healing and strength in creature comforts; spend time with those that love and support you, or in a place that you consider home.


Queen of Swords: Be honest and upfront this week; no beating around the bush. Make smart decisions, and be objective in difficult situation.


High Priestess: Rely on your inner voice; trust the feelings and inklings you feel within your core. Accept that not everything has a logical answer.


Eight of Swords: Stop creating false narratives; take off the blindfold and see things for how they truly are so that you can free yourself. You are not a victim of life.


Three of Swords: Give yourself space to heal from past disappointments, upsets, or heartache. Don’t repress, allow yourself to feel fully to work your way through.

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