Tarotscopes - Week of April 1st

Happy April!

I’ve been incorporating these super fun Mystic Metals tarot coins by Mystic Midnight into my readings lately, and they’ve been a big hit at tarot parties, and events! So, why not break them out for Tarotscopes?

Remember, Tarotscopes can be about more than just your sun sign. What do your moon and rising signs have to say?

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Strength: This is your reminder, dear Aries, that you are more than capable of overcoming whatever life throws your way. Even if things seem tiring or difficult, you have the inner strength and resilience to handle it – don’t convince yourself otherwise! When you feel that inner lion getting ready to bite, show yourself some compassion and kindness. Give yourself some grace; and tame that inner beast knowing that by doing so, you’ll already be ahead. You’ll get much further leading with a gentle hand, than you will trying to force a situation you happen.


Nine of Pentacles: Work hard, play hard, Taurus! You’ve put a lot of effort into getting where you are; it’s taken hard work, and effort.  You’ve learned a lot along so far, and have had to make some sacrifices along the way. Take a moment to pause, and really appreciate where you are. You’ve reached a certain level of stability and security, and that’s something to be proud of! Make extra space for gratitude practice to help recognize what you’ve accomplished. Don’t shy away from treating yourself – you’ve worked hard, and you deserve it!


The Chariot: Get to it this week, Gemini! Choose your destination, grab the steering wheel, and start driving. There is a great aptitude for success this week, as long as you are the one in the driver’s seat. It’s important that you truly take charge, Through willpower and determination, you’ll be more than able to overcome (or find a way around) any obstacles that get in your way. Draw upon your confidence, and focus your energy. Be brave, and be bold. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; take a practical approach. 


Nine of Swords: You may find your mind and thoughts on overdrive this week, Cancer. Worries and anxieties swell up, making it hard to think of much else from time to time. While it may be hard to rid yourself of these sorts of thoughts (especially as you’re trying to get to sleep), it’s important to work through them in a way that makes sense for you. Instead of being swallowed up, talk to someone or get these worries and fears out in a productive way. Remember, that you can’t control your thoughts, but you can control which thoughts you give power to.


Ace of Swords: The fog is lifting, Leo! If you’re in a situation where things seem unclear, you’ve been experiencing some mental haze, or are looing for an answer to get clarity, this is your week! As with all Aces, this is a week of potential – it’s up to you to do the work. Be honest with yourself about where you are, what you need, and what you’re thinking (honest, not critical). Express your thoughts clearly and concisely. Advocate for yourself when you need to. Use your words wisely; that sword can be used to create or destroy. 


The Empress: Some wonderful energy for you this week, Virgo! You’re being encouraged to put yourself out into the world in a creative, meaningful way. Give birth to new ideas and emotions. Seek comfort and beauty in the world around you. Take time to connect to your feminine, receptive energy – tap into your sensuality, and make space for self-care. Do what makes you feel grounded; connect with nature, do some breathwork, practice yoga, or incorporate mindfulness into your every day. This can be a very grounding and abundant week if you allow it to be.


Two of Wands: Where to next, Libra? This week is all about planning your next course of action, and considering the routes you have available to you. Often when the Two of Wands shows up we have a choice between the comfortable path that we’re used to, and being a little more bold by stepping outside of out comfort zone. Consider which way will set you up to feel more excited, more motivated, and thus find progress. Don’t be afraid to test the waters and see which way feels right. This is a time for discovery; use it wisely.


Ten of Swords: This may not be the most comfortable week, Scorpio, as the Ten of Swords indicates a not-so-comfortable ending. What are you allowing back into your life that is creating pain and drama? It might feel like there’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s time to bring that to a close, and allow it to end.  The good news is that when you do, a weight will be lifted. Give yourself time to process, but know that a new beginning is on the horizon; one where the clouds lift and you’re able to see (and think) more clearly. 


The Sun: Lots of vibrant energy and hopefully some sunshine heading your way, Sagittarius! There is so much happiness to be had, so lean into that joy and radiance. Make a conscious effort to welcome laughter and play into your space. Do something fun just for the sake of enjoying yourself – and don’t be afraid to bring along someone you care about for the ride! Celebrate the successes, focus on what’s going right, and allow yourself to be filled with optimism and confidence. You’ve got this, after all! Get outside, and let the sun’s rays warm your soul and shine on your face.


Five of Swords: What conflict is present this week, and is it worth entertaining? There will always be people that you disagree with in life, but at what point do you decide to stop trying to change their mind or have them see your point of view, and just walk away? Sometimes standing your ground can lead to self-isolation. Sometimes, that’s what you need. But when you’re digging your heels in to “win” or “prove a point”, it may be worth considering the consequences of those actions. Aim for internal peace this week, Capricorn – that will help you decide. 


Four of Pentacles: You may feel like hunkering down, and holding on to what you have this week, Aquarius, but it’s important to consider whether or not walls are going to help or hinder. Yes, play it safe. Do what you need to feel safe and secure (especially financially). Guard yourself in a practical way, but ensure that you’re not getting in your own way. Invest wisely, and don’t overspend. However, don’t be afraid to loosen up a bit when an opportunity feels right. And while I’m not saying throw all caution to the wind, be aware that a little risk will likely be worth the reward. 


Queen of Swords: This is your reminder to make good choices this week, Pisces! You are intelligent, and have a keen sense of perception. Use it to make fair, just choices. Observe situations before acting (or reacting). Think things through, and tap into that logical part of you. The Queen of Swords says you’ve been through a lot. There may be an urge to keep everyone at bay for simplicity’s sake, but this is not the time to isolate yourself. Understand your worth and don’t accept toxic or deceitful behaviour. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth or advocate for yourself – if you don’t, no one else will. 

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