Tarotscopes – Week of July 31st

Welcome to Tarotscopes! Get guidance from the tarot cards for the week ahead based on your zodiac sign!

Messages are broken down by sign, so find the one that corresponds to your Sun and/or Rising. Is there a different sign in your chart that you connect with more? Look at that reading, too! More than one message can apply.

What challenge do you have this week? If you partake, let me know how it goes!

This week I’m using the Exit Veil Tarot by Cherry Mochi. I was so excited to get this deck because it’s actually part of a JRPG that will be coming out in 2024! What a perfect mix – tarot and video games!


The Hierophant & King of Wands: You have the power to accomplish what you set out to do this week, Aries, but don’t spin your wheels trying to invent a new way to get something done. I know you like to innovate, but sometimes, the tried, tested, and true method is the path of least resistance.

You’re in charge; so step up and take control to make sure things go the way you’ve planned. Stay focused. Use your charm to overcome roadblocks, and keep that temper under control. Delegate as needed, and don’t be afraid to seek advice from those in the position to offer it.

Your challenge this week: When you feel yourself getting worked up or frustrated, do a quick breathing exercise of inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8. Repeat a few times.


Seven of Cups & Ace of Cups: You may be feeling a little lost this week, Taurus, and are searching for the “right” road to take. Know that you have lots of options available to you. Don’t get stuck in the illusion that there’s only one path ahead. When you ground yourself in the here and now, and commit, you’ll find that your cup runneth over.

This is a great time to choose connection and creativity. Make something, beautify your space, cook that gourmet meal you’ve been thinking about; allow yourself to tap into that happiness and spread that to your circle. Get into the flow instead of blocking it with what ifs and grass is greener syndrome.

Your challenge this week: Do something creative that you enjoy, and share it with others.


Ten of Coins & Two of Coins: This is the week to make some solid progress towards your goals, Gemini! When you put in the focus and effort, you’ll find a great deal of success and stability. We’re looking towards the long-term this week: what are you building in this life? What is your contribution here?

To really make things happen, know that you’ll need to take a time out to assess (and probably reassess) your priorities. I know there are so many things you want to do and learn, but you can’t juggle all the balls all the time without dropping a few. Reprioritize. Seek balance, and don’t let the waves of life get in your way.

Your challenge this week: Make a list of the top 5 areas of life that are important to you. How much time do you spend on each? How much time would you like to be spending on each? Use this as a way to see where your time and energy goes.


Page of Cups Reversed & Knight of Swords: That insecurity is creeping up this week, Cancer, and I know that’s not a fun thing to deal with. Be prepared to get some disappointing news this week, which may make it feel like things in life aren’t fair. It’s important to deal with your emotions in a healthy way.

And how do we do that? Use your intellect and look at the logical side of the situation to see that life really isn’t out to get you. Express yourself by talking (or writing) it out, and seize opportunities that do arise instead of sulking and missing out.

Your challenge this week: Unplug more than usual. This will help curb those jealous or insecure feelings from getting the better of you.


Justice & The Hermit: We’re talking about honesty and fairness this week – and that means being fair to others but also yourself. Be accountable for your actions and the drama that they bring. Don’t want the drama? Make a different choice. You’ll be in spotlight this week, and while you thrive there, you do need some time away from it all.

Don’t forget to make space for you to just be you; no mask, no performance. The best way to do that is to find moments of peace and solitude where you can be alone with your thoughts and just breathe. Trust your inner guidance, but know that you’ll have to make an effort to hear that voice. Remember, Leo, not everything has to be on display.

Your challenge this week: Trust yourself to make the right decision. Take a week off from bouncing your ideas off others.


Ten of Wands & Knight of Coins: Some of that exhaustion and low energy from last week is still present, but good news, Virgo, you’re almost through! You’ve taken on a lot of responsibility, and while that won’t go away entirely, you will see relief. Just remember that you don’t have to carry things that aren’t yours – maintain boundaries, and say no when you need to.

Take things one step and one day at a time, and you’ll see your energy begin to return. This isn’t going to be the most exciting or glamourous week, but you will be able to cross things off your to-do list. Continue to persist – you’ve made it this far, just a few more steps.

Your challenge this week: Unload – drop things that aren’t your responsibility (or don’t take any more on).


Queen of Wands Reversed & The Sun: You might be facing some fall out from last week, especially if you took the advice of the cards and went against the grain a little. Be prepared for gossip and drama that you really don’t need in your life; it only brings you own so don’t engage. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or guilt tripped, you deserve better.

Instead, focus on your own happiness. Get out there and have some fun; laugh, play, and connect with your inner child. There is so much joy to be had, so allow yourself to partake. Soak up some sun, and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Your challenge this week: At the end of each day, reflect and find something that was either fun or successful.


Queen of Cups & Four of Coins Reversed: We’re getting into our feelings this week, and what a wonderful thing that is!. Channel your inner Queen to process emotions without allowing them to overwhelm or get the better of you. Hone in on that intuition, and get into the flow. Make time to nurture yourself and those that matter in your life.

I know you want to protect yourself, Scorpio, (especially that heart of yours) but this is your sign to open up; to be vulnerable. It’ll be uncomfortable, sure, but whatever happens you can handle it and you’ll be better for it in the long run. Now is the time to bring down a little bit of that wall.

Your challenge this week: Time for self-care! Choose three days this week to do your favourite self-care activities.


Nine of Cups Reversed & Five of Wands: While you’re normally a pretty positive Sagittarius, you may find yourself dipping into the more pessimistic side of life this week as disappoints arise. It’s not that things are necessarily bad, they’re just not how you wanted them to be. Don’t allow these feelings to swell by comparing where you are to where others are – it won’t help and life isn’t a competition.

To combat this, make sure you speak up and advocate for yourself and your ideas. It might feel at first like no one is paying attention, but you have a way of organizing people and allowing them to feel heard – use that skill. In turn, you’ll find that what you say is more readily absorbed.

Your challenge this week: Every day, make note of three things you like about your life.


The Fool Reversed & Death: There’s a certain restlessness to you this week, Capricorn, which brings in feelings of apathy. Things are growing stale, but there’s a resistance to making any change. What are you fearful of? Where are you holding yourself back? Know that there are things in life beyond your control, and change is one of them.

In order to grow, we must let things die This week is ripe for closing doors, wrapping things up, and making an effort to let go. What changes do you want to see in your life? How can you be proactive about them? This is a time for transition; allow it to happen.

Your challenge this week: Declutter: out with the old. What are you hanging onto that isn’t doing anything for you? Get rid of it.


Judgement Reversed & Seven of Wands: You find yourself battling that inner critic this week, Aquarius, which causes you to question some of your actions or beliefs. Make time for some self-evaluation. This is not an exercise to give more credence to the self-doubt, but instead to see repeating patterns and unlearned lessons that it’s time to break.

What do you regret giving up on? When should you have stood your ground but you acquiesced instead? This week it is especially important to stand up for you thoughts and ideas. Don’t make the mistakes you’ve made before – it might feel like a battle, but you have the grit to pull through.

Your challenge this week: When you have a self-criticizing thought, don’t give weight to it. Try seeing it as just a thought, and let it pass by.


Three of Swords & Three of Wands: This is a week of healing and growth, dear Pisces, and while it may be uncomfortable at times, it’s going to get you right back on track. Make an effort to process your feelings; there’s been pain that you’ve paved over with “I’m fine”, but it’ll keep coming back up until it’s properly dealt with. Lean on someone you trust to talk it out if you need.

Giving yourself that space to heal will allow you to expand – it will reignite that fire, and motivation. Stoke the flames and let them grow; look towards the future and all that you want to do. Look for new opportunities, and don’t let past hurt be a reason why you miss out. Dream big, but choose an area to focus on. Be confident and bold. You’ve got this.

Your challenge this week: Find positives in the negatives. Even though you hurt, what did you learn or gain from the experience?

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