Tarotscopes – Week of July 10th

Welcome to Tarotscopes! A (soon-to-be) weekly post to get you ready for the days ahead.

Find your sign, and read the messages the cards have for you. I suggest looking at the messages for your Sun and/or Rising, but as I always say, we’re more than just our sun sign. If there’s a sign in your chart that you connect with more, look at the messages there.

Every message comes with a challenge, if you choose to accept it. If you do give the challenges a try, I’d love to know! Leave a comment and tell me how it went.


The Chariot & Three of Stones: This is the week to dig your heels in, and know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Don’t let anything stand in your way, but make sure you have a destination in mind before you start out; this isn’t the time to take the scenic route.

You may feel frustrated when working with others due to your natural ability to take charge and desire to feel like you’re in control. But remember, you’re not the expert in everything. While you have valuable insight, others do, too. Cooperate with those around you, and you’ll get much closer to your goals.

Your challenge this week: Allow someone else to take the reins. Follow, instead of lead.


Four of Stones & Six of Cups Reversed: There’s a desire to protect yourself this week; you may feel more inclined than usual to retreat to your personal fortress – and you know what, sometimes, that’s exactly what we need. Rely on yourself. This is a time for indepence and becoming your own source of comfort. Set boundaries.

Move forward by finding stability in the here and now instead of focusing on what you’ve had in the past. It’s time to let go of the security blanket. Be mindful of your spending habits; creature comforts can only cure so much.

Your challenge this week: Setting boundaries and not apologizing for it.


Page of Stones & Temperance Reversed: Keep your feet on the ground, fellow Gemini! While this is a great week to pick up a hobby or learn something new, your ambitions just might get away from you. Be diligent in your pursuits, and have a plan of action in place.

Know when you’ve reached your limit – it’s okay to take a break! Going to the extreme will only set you back in the long run. Your skill is being flexible; use it to your advantage. Practice balance and moderation so you don’t burn out.

Your challenge this week: Meditate. 10 minutes on 4 different days.


Nine of Swords & the Moon: That mind is racing this week, dear Cancer, and it’s not in the fun way. Whether it’s sleepless nights, or entertaining the worst possible scenarios, you’ll need to work extra hard to stay out of your head.

Where are these thoughts really coming from? Is it possible that you’re making things larger than they seem? (I’ll give you a hint, the answer is yes). Don’t let your imagination get the better of you – that serial killer hiding in the bushes? It’s just a possum.

Your challenge this week: When confronted with negative thoughts, challenge them: list all the ways those thoughts aren’t true.


Eight of Swords & Page of Wands: You put up a good front, Leo, but we can tell that there’s a part of you that’s feeling trapped. There are stories you’ve created that have gotten you stuck, and the only way out is to take off that blindfold and confront the reality of your situation. Where are you holding back and what’s the real reason?

Because you have the ambition and the fire to get ‘er done. Step into your inner lion; be fearless. It’s time for a new adventure so take that idea that’s been nagging at you and run with it. You know you’re the hero of your story. Start by freeing yourself.

Your challenge this week: Make a list of all the things you want to do. Do one of them – no excuses.


Ace of Swords & Six of Wands: You wield a lot of power this week, Virgo! So, take up that sword and use it. This week is ripe for fresh ideas and new perspectives; it’s a great time to start something new, and to really hone your focus. Keep your mind open to new opportunities. Go forward with success on the mind, instead of getting bogged down with setbacks and what-ifs.

When you feel stuck, remember how far you’ve come. Sometimes we need to look back on our accomplishments to see a way forward. You can be successful at whatever you put your mind to, but don’t forget to celebrate the wins along the way to keep you motivated.

Your challenge this week: Write down five things that you are proud of yourself for.


Two of Cups & Ten of Wands: This is a lovely week for fostering connections! Spend quality time with someone you love, reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, or get to know someone new. Even though there’s a lot on your plate, connection is what will give you the energy to keep pushing forward.

But remember, you don’t have to say yes to everything. You only have so much energy and there are only so many hours in the day – it’s okay to say no (and not explain yourself afterwards). If you’re feeling bogged down, ask for help. Delegate. It’s not up to you to carry all the burden.

Your challenge this week: Cross something off your to-do list with the help of someone else.


Seven of Stones & Ace of Wands Reversed: Is waiting for something to happen testing your patience, Scorpio? Keep going – even if it feels like you’ve hit a lull and aren’t getting anywhere. Cultivating pretty much anything really, takes time, energy, and effort. If you’re expecting overnight results, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Expect delays and frustrations. Don’t miss opportunities because you’re focusing so intently on one specific thing. Diversify. If you push too hard, you may end up going in the opposite direction. Take a step back to allow things to flow naturally – it will come.

Your challenge this week: Do something you enjoy doing that you haven’t done in a while. It doesn’t have to be “productive”. It just has to distract you for a while.


Six of Stones & the Hermit: Generosity is one of your Sagittarian strengths, and you’ll likely find that you have an abundance to share this week (and when talking about giving, I don’t just mean money; time, attention, expertise, energy, help).

It’s wonderful to want to give of yourself, but remember that we all have limited resources – and you only have so much you can give without depleting your own well. Take time to yourself. Give yourself space to go within, and to reflect on your interactions. How can you be of service in a way that still allows you to give back to yourself?

Your challenge this week: What are you giving your energy to? Make a chart of the top 5 places your energy goes. How can you reorganize to be more in balance?


Page of Cups & Two of Wands: I love this week for you, Capricorn! This is your chance to dream big, and allow your imagination to soar. Be open to new perspectives, and don’t be afraid to get a little silly (as uncomfortable as that may be).

Work on leading with your intuition, especially when you reach a fork in the road. This is the right time to be bold, and try something new, even if it seems illogical or out of character. Dip your toes into different waters, and you’ll find what works best.

Your challenge this week: Get outside your comfort zone, and try a new creative venture.


The Devil & Four of Cups Reversed: It’s hard to get up and going when you feel stuck and powerless, but this week, Aquarius, you’re working towards freedom. What habits are keeping you stuck? What steps can you take to free yourself from them? I’m not saying you’ll be able to fix it overnight, but awareness is the first step.

It’s time to make choices that are aligned with what you want instead of waiting for things to be handed to you. Seize opportunities, and take an active role in cultivating your happiness. No more allowing yourself to stay stuck in stagnation. You’re better than that.

Your challenge this week: Do something different. When you notice yourself falling back into an old habit or pattern that you don’t like, change course (even that means putting it down, and walking away to another room).


Eight of Wands & Ace of Stones: Change is coming, Pisces, so get ready! This is your time to strike while the iron’s hot – say yes to new opportunities that feel aligned. You don’t have to time to sit on the fence or be wishy washy. Act or miss out.

But if you do act on what feels right, you’ll be planting seeds that could grow into something wonderful. Know that success in whatever you do will take work and effort. And it might be hard to say yes because you feel like you don’t have it all worked out – that’s okay. You’ll learn as you go. You’re at the point where the idea isn’t enough; it’s time to act.

Your challenge this week: Take decisive action. Make choices, and stick with them.

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