Tarotscopes - Week of February 5th, 2024

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been a big fan of aliens, the paranormal, and the unexplained. And lately, we’ve been watching a lot of X-Files (broken up between Supernatural and Seinfeld reruns, of course). 

So, what better deck to use this week than Tarot of the Unexplained by Dave Zilla.

What signs in your chart resonate with you the most? Those are the readings you want to focus on! Not sure what your placements are? Check out your chart using the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café!


The Yeti (The Hermit): Time to slow down, and go within, Aries! You have so many ideas, and you’re bouncing them all over the place, but you’re not listening to the most important person – yourself! This week, focus on introspection. It’s not that the opinions of others are bad, they’re just not helping you make the best choice right now. The answers you seek already lie within, but you need to quiet out the outside noise and focus on what your inner voice is trying to tell you. Get that alone time to give yourself a chance to focus on what’s really important right now.


Ace of Knockers (Wands): A fresh spark is on its way, Taurus, and this could be the start of something wonderful! What passions or desires are you ready to pursue, because now is the time to act. Create a plan that will help you be where you want to be, and tap into that passion to move yourself forward. Harness the energy you have to focus your intention on your goals, and nothing will get in your way. This is a great time to start something new, but remember that it takes your action and effort to really turn ideas into realities. 


Fan of Ghosts (Page of Swords): As always, there’s a lot going on in that mind of yours, Gemini, and you may find yourself extra chatty this week as you work through it all. Know that your words may cause some friction if not used wisely. Ask questions, seek answers, but be somewhat cautious in your pursuit. Remember, not everyone’s mind works the same way as yours. Communicate your needs, and explain yourself in a clear manner. You have the ability to work through a lot of problems this week, but be sure to stay vigilant and not let your thoughts (or overanalysis) consume you.


The Ghost Stalker (The Fool): This is your week to say yes, Cancer! Yes to new experiences, yes to new adventures, and yes to trying things out to see what happens. Don’t allow fear to get in your way, especially the fear of failure or looking stupid. Whatever new journey you decide to embark upon, approach it with optimism and excitement. Let your spirit be free, and just enjoy this week for the ride. Right now, it’s not about the end result or the final destination; it’s all about how you get there and what you learn along the way. 


Eight of Portals (Cups): Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way we want them to, Leo, and that’s okay. This week is all about moving away from what is no longer working. Not because it’s bad or because you failed, but because it’s just not what you need or where you’re meant to be right now. Instead of numbing yourself to the inertia, disconnect, and walk away. It’s not always easy to leave something (or someone) behind, but it’s necessary because there are bigger, better, and brighter things out there for you.  Get out of the space you’re in, go for a stroll outside; get some fresh air. 


Ten of Saucers (Pentacles): We have a vastly different energy for you this week, Virgo! The reconstruction that was forced upon you last week is paying off with a stronger foundation and more stability now. This is a great time to invest in your goals, in what you’re building in this life. Maintain routines and traditions that are meaningful to you, and spend time connecting with those who are important in your life. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, but don’t be afraid to enjoy a few of the finer luxuries available in your life. Trust your experience, and continue to build your legacy.


Redemption (Justice): Whatever was flying under the radar will come to light this week, Libra, and you’ll find that balance will be restored. This is your call to be honest and fair. Have the gumption to take accountability for your actions and your part in how things played out, but allow others to do the same. You don’t need to protect someone else for their own choices and actions. Stick to your morals; they will not lead you astray. Even though it may be difficult, you’ll feel better on the other side. Don’t let anyone convince you to act like someone you’re not. 


Hollow Earth (The World): How often do you take a moment to pause and celebrate your successes? This is the week to really stop and take a look at where you are. What have you finished recently? What do you still need to tie up? Take care of those few last things to knock something off your to-do list instead of putting them off for another week. Whether it feels like it or not, you have reached a certain level of success or fulfillment. Give yourself the opportunity to recognize there. Right now, there is no major push forward; just time to be where you are and be proud of who you are becoming. 


Three of Ghosts (Swords): The past can creep up on us in expected ways, and this week you may feel some of that lingering sadness. A recent (or even not-so-recent) loss, a disappointment, a relationship that you miss in your life. It’s okay if the grieving process isn’t fully finished, because you’re still working through it – just don’t repress those feelings and let them fester. Need a good cry? Watch a sad movie or listen to a sad song. Don’t try to rationalize your emotions – that will only bring frustration upon you. This is a week of release so that you can fully heal. 


The Pooka (The Lovers): What a great week for connections, Capricorn! Hone in on the important relationships in your life; the people you choose to keep close and those that you open up to. Be vulnerable, and allow your authentic self to shine through. This is not the time to keep the peace for peace’s sake, but to make choices and decisions that are in alignment with the true you. Who are you by yourself and who are you in your relationships? You don’t have to exist between two different worlds. Realize that it’s okay to make choices based on what you want.


Four of Ghosts (Swords): Chill out, Aquarius! Your mind has the tendency to be on overdrive, and if you don’t take the chance to turn it off from time to time, you’ll burn yourself out. Go out of your way to get some much needed rest and relaxation this week. Turn off in whatever way that means to you. Get away from the phone and social media. Make space to meditate, read, or catch up on your favourite television show. Know that it’s okay to turn off sometimes; the world won’t fall apart if you do. 


Four of Portals (Cups): There’s some stagnation in the air this week, Pisces, where it feels like nothing is really going anywhere at all. You may find yourself in a serious case of the blahs, and doing anything feels like a chore. Sometimes, it’s okay to feel this way. We can’t be going and on all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with turning off your emotions to catch a break. However, don’t numb yourself to the world around you. Say yes when aligned opportunity strikes, and don’t turn a blind eye to the wonderful things that are out there for you. 

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