Tarotscopes - Week of February 12th, 2024

Ready to see what the cards have to say for your sign this week as we dive into the cards, and feature Tarot of the Scared Kingdoms by Earth Moon Magick.

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Two of Cups: I wasn’t planning on focusing around love and relationships, even though it’s Valentine’s Day this week, but this is your week for connection, Aries! Whether it’s welcoming new people into your circle, or strengthening a bond with someone you already know, make time and space to enjoy the company of someone else. This is a great time to get vulnerable, and allow your true self to shine; to take off the masks, and be seen the way you want to be seen – unapologetically. Ask for support when you need it; this week especially, it is abundant.


Nine of Wands: This is your call to keep pushing, Taurus! You’re almost at the finish line of something that you’re working towards, and although it may feel like you’ll never get there, you will. Don’t be afraid to put up boundaries and say no. Conserve your energy and gather your strength so that you’re able to get over those last few hurdles (and know that you are more than capable of doing just that). Be strong, and know that right now, it’s okay to draw upon that stubbornness that you Tauruns are so well-known for. 


Knight of Cups: The heart-lead knight, for the week of Valentine’s Day, what are the odds? This week, follow your heart, Gemini, instead of getting wound up in the analysis of each decisions you need to make. What feels right? Tune into your intuition, and work on really trusting it to guide you (without the 1000 what ifs getting in the way). A little idealism is never a bad thing, but don’t allow it to get in your way; you’re great at creating scenarios in your mind, but this is the week to do. Use your charm to your advantage, and allow your creativity and expression to flow.


Seven of Cups: Options are abundant this week, Cancer, but with choices comes confusion. It’s hard to know which door to choose or where to focus your energy, and you may feel yourself being pulled in all sorts of directions. Unfortunately, you can’t make all the things your choice, so you will need to decide which road to follow. How do you make up your mind? You listen to your intuition; if you give it a chance, it will never lead to astray. Make sure you don’t get caught up in shiny object syndrome and know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


Wheel of Fortune: The wheel is turning this week, Leo, so make sure you’re on board! Keep yourself open to change, as with that will come new opportunities. This is not the time to fight against the grain, but instead go with it. Remember that there are things in the universe that are beyond your control; trying to force things to happen in a certain way, will only make the ride that much more difficult. Get out of your own way and welcome some good luck into your week. The energy you put out right now will return to you; so make the most of it!


Queen of Cups: I love this Queen for you right now, Virgo! This is your week to really connect within – to fill you cup, and nurture yourself so that you can continue to give. There is no shame (and should be no guilt) in disconnecting so that you can do something nice for you – meditate, create, take that long bubble bath, enjoy your tea in peace, or take that long walk out in the sun. Let your heart and intuition guide you, and you’ll find that flow comes more easily to your life. When you nurture yourself, you will have more capacity to continue to take care of everyone else, too. 


Five of Wands: Frustrations are rising this week, Libra, but instead of shrinking it’s important to deal with it head on. This is your reminder that what you have to say is worthwhile; your ideas are meaningful, and you know what you’re talking about. The probably isn’t your ideas, the problem is everyone else is so invested in their out stuff that they’re not really paying attention. Be assertive, be bold. Use that Venusian charm to allow people to be heard, to feel settled, and to listen to you in turn. While you may be tired of playing mediator, use that role to your advantage.


Nine of Cups: Give yourself permission to enjoy just being this week, Scorpio. To tap into the love and happiness that you have around you, to appreciate and celebrate the things that are going right. You have happiness and satisfaction coming to you this week, so accept it. Relish in it. Stay with it. What is working in your life? Seek more of that. What relationships are bringing you happiness and joy? Spend more time with that person or those people. Do something this week that truly makes you happy. 


Ace of Pentacles: New opportunities are on the horizon this week, Sagittarius, are you ready to accept them and start planting those seeds? Now is the right time to take that next step or move towards what you consider to be that new goal or level, as what you start has a very good chance for success. Know that this won’t manifest overnight, and instead will take time, energy, and effort to bring to fruition, but the journey will be well worth it. Remain focused and steady in your approach, and don’t be afraid to invest in your future. 


The Fool: Just say yes, Capricorn. This week you are being called to new adventure – whether that’s a new experience, a fresh connection, or a different approach. Don’t be afraid to say yes to something that feels right, even if it’s a little nerve wracking. This is your time to take a chance, to leap forward with full faith in yourself and your journey; to be afraid, but do it anyways. Keep your mind and heart open to new possibilities. And while this isn’t to say you don’t have responsibilities to take care of, cut yourself some slack and give yourself a chance to be free.


The Hanged Man: You’re being told to relax for the second week in a row, Aquarius. Last time, it was the Four of Swords encouraging you to get some rest and relaxation. But this week, we’re taking a bit of a different approach. This is a good time to pause; contemplate, reflect, and don’t make any hasty decisions. Instead of feeling like you have to push forward, take a deep breath. Shift your perspective, and see things from all angles. While you may feel like you’ll lose something if you stop, it will be worth it in the end. There is another way forward, you just haven’t seen it yet.


Five of Pentacles: Take care of your energy this week, Pisces! You may be feeling sluggish, a little down, or just plain blah. It’s hard to get motivated, and you may find bouts of feeling like nothing is going right. The lack mindset isn’t going to get you anywhere, but sometimes we have to trudge through it nonetheless. Take time to take care of you. Give your physical body time to recoup, eat well, get fresh air, and ask for help when you need it. You don’t need to struggle alone, so don’t. This is also not the time to use retail therapy as a way to feel better; self-care and fresh air is key.

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