Tarotscopes - Week of February 26th, 2024

As we round out the last week of February, what messages do we need to consider? Let’s take a look with this week’s readings which feature a distressed, black version of the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck by Craft Cards Store

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Two of Pentacles: You have quite the juggling act going on, Aries, and it’s about time that you sat down and made a choice. What are you juggling that needs to be dropped? You don’t have to do it all, so instead of adding just one more thing into the mix, take a moment to really assess where your priorities are at this point in time. It’s okay to shuffle things around, and set a few things on the back burner. It’s okay to drop some things if they’re just too large and clunky to make work. Balance right now is key, so do what you need to have a healthy, mangeable balance in life. 


Page of Wands: There are new ideas that you’ve been entertaining, Taurus, and now it’s time to set on a new path. This is your week to plan things out; where are your dreams and ambitions leading you? How can you bring them into reality? This is time to amp it up, start taking those first few steps. You may find that distractions get in the way, and you’re pulled in different directions. Remain focused with your intention set on the big picture. Be bold, and don’t let fear or the unknown get in your way. There’s a great new adventure out there for you, but you have to go for it.


Judgement: Slow down this week, Gemini, and give yourself a chance to see where you’ve been so you can figure out if you’re on the right track, and what shifts you likely need to make. This is the perfect time for reflection, to look back on “the road so far” as a way to gauge your progress. This isn’t an exercise in judgement or self-criticism, but in understanding. Learn now so you don’t make the same mistakes or get stuck in the same patterns again. Self-reflection will bring about a bit of an epiphany or ah-ha moment, so give yourself the opportunity. 


Justice: Are you being honest with yourself, Cancer? Or are you allowing the scales of justice to tip out of balance? This week, it’s time to connect within and really be honest about where you are, who you are, and what you want. Are you being fair to yourself? Accountable for what you want out of life? Or are you taking responsibility for things that aren’t really yours? Realize that you are only accountable for your actions and your part in things. Give yourself a break, be honest, and be fair. It’s important, especially this week, to upload your personal integrity and morals.


The Hanged Man: Deep breath, Leo. Stop, just for a second and know that this week, it’s okay if you don’t forge ahead. Now is not the right time for big decisions or impulsive moves. Instead, pause. Give yourself time to contemplate where you are, and to see your situation from a different point of view. The way forward will become clear, but not until you stop kicking up dust all around you. Let the cards fall, and the dust settle. In this busy world it can be difficult to stop, but remember that sometimes inaction is the best course of action.


Seven of Pentacles: You’ve been working hard and putting a lot of effort into what you wish to accomplish, Virgo, but it may feel like things aren’t happening as quickly as you’d like. Instead of getting disenchanted or frustrated, keep your eye on what you’re building, but turn your focus – just for a little while. Do something that helps you learn, that helps to gain knowledge or experience, and when you turn back to what’s been holding your attention as of late, you’ll realize that you’ve made more progress than you thought. Be patient; your efforts will pay off in the end.


Three of Wands: This is a week of growth and expansion, Libra, so tap into that creativity to figure out which way to go. Whether you’re just in the planning stages or ready to take action, keep making progress. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone a little, knowing that the risk will be worth the reward. It may come down to having to think outside the box a little bit, but when it clicks, you’ll find further motivation to continue. While it’s up to you to make things happen, keep your eyes open for new opportunities on the horizon. 


The Moon: There’s a lot going on under the surface this week, Scorpio, and things may not be what they appear to be. It’s easy to let your imagination run wild, and your ideas get carried away with illusions and what ifs. However,  it’s important to take a step back. Instead of giving into the darkness, turn on the light and see things for what they are – not what you’ve created them to be. Where is your fear and anxiety making things be a bigger deal than they need to be? Instead of focusing on the drama, it’s important this week to seek clarity.


Two of Swords: Choices are upon you, Sagittarius! Which way will you decide to go? With everything going on, it may be easier to push decisions aside in hopes that the best option will make itself clear. However, this week you’ll fare better if you make time to choose instead of leaving things to fate. Weigh the pros and cons, seek more information if you need, but don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. If you sit on the fence too long, the decision will be made for you, and it won’t likely be the one you prefer. It’s up to you to take control. 


The Chariot: You’re in the driver’s seat this week, Capricorn, so put that pedal to the metal and let’s go! But first, make sure you have a destination in mind – we don’t want you meandering around the backroads for no reason. Use your determination and willpower to get what you want, and realize that you are more than capable of overcoming and obstacles that get in your way. This is very much a “if there’s a will, there’s a way” type week. Instead of allowing yourself to get distracted, channel any irritation or frustration into forward movement. 


Ace of Cups: There’s a new state of flow coming your way this week, Aquarius! Go forward with an open mind, and a desire for refresh. Release emotions that have bottlenecked within, and you’ll find things move a lot more easily. Stay open to new people as this is a great week to meet people, and foster relationships. You may find that others are more receptive to what you have to share, so take these opportunities to connect. This is a week where, if you allow it, your cup will runneth over, bringing you partnership, happiness, and compassion. 


Ten of Pentacles: It’s time to wind down this week, Pisces. Check something off your to-do list, and enjoy a sense of completion. There is stability to this week, which gives you an opportunity to take time to connect with those you love, and enjoy everything you’ve worked for. Right now, focus on creating memories, and on strengthening the foundation you’ve built.  Slow down, and appreciate where you are. Decisions made this week should be done thoughtfully with the future and your goals in mind as you set yourself up for further success.

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