Tarotscopes - Week of February 19th, 2024

Happy Monday! We’re starting off with another chilly blast here in Niagara. But let’s keep warm with some tarot. This week’s messages come to us from the Awaken Tarot by RYVE

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The Sun: Okay Aries, this is your week to shine – and shine brightly! Take time to reflect on the successes that you’ve had, and funnel some of that vibrant energy into the next milestone. Make time for fun and play. Do things that bring you joy, for no other reason than it makes you feel good. Give yourself permission to be happy despite struggles and hardships. Share that radiance with those in your life, and know that you do make a difference. This week it’s about play first; work will follow but do something you enjoy first each and every day.


King of Swords: Nothing can get by you this week, Taurus, as your mental game is on point. This is the week to be focused and dedicated. That may come with being hard on yourself, but know when to push, and when to let things slide. It’s important to engage your mind, and use your problem solving skills to get things done. You have greater clarity right now, so use it wisely. Keep your standards high, don’t tolerate drama, and focus on the facts. Honesty is key, as is expressing yourself in a clear, truthful way. You have a lot of integrity; don’t let it wane.


King of Wands: You know all those ideas you have and that energy that goes every which way, dear Gemini? Well, it’s time to harness that fire and focus. Take the reins, and step into a position of control (even if it’s only over yourself). You have ambitions that are worth realizing, so stop spinning your wheels and get it done. Don’t worry about what other people think or how they might perceive what it is you want to do – the King wouldn’t. Use your charm, tap into that confidence, and don’t be afraid to be bold. 


The Hermit: There’s no rush to push forward this week, Cancer. Instead, take some much needed time to yourself to sort out your thoughts, and seek answers. Reflection, introspection, soul-searching – these are the themes to focus on. Whatever answers you’re seeking, they already lie within; you just need time to tune out the outside noise to really listen. There may be moments where you feel like the world is spinning around you, and when that happens, bring yourself back to reality. Get grounded, take some time out, and give yourself permission to disconnect – at least for a little bit.


Queen of Cups: This is your call to focus on trusting your heart and intuition right now, Leo. Tap into that inner voice, and allow it to guide you. Get in touch with your emotions; allow yourself to feel fully and move through each wave that comes. You may find people come to a lot this week for care and support. Be that pillar, but remember that you also need to fill your own cup. Take time to take care of you, and know that it’s not your job to solve everyone else’s problems for them. Nurture, create, heal – but most importantly, listen to yourself and your inner knowing.


Four of Pentacles: There’s a inclination to keep your guard up this week, Virgo, and while it’s important protect your assets (whether they be money, job, heart, or something else entirely), it’s also worthwhile to consider where the wall comes from. When we feel safe, it can be hard to let go. But lowering those walls just a little can make a big difference. Don’t keep yourself stuck by thinking that you need to cling to everything you’ve worked towards. Investing in yourself may just be the risk you need to take; but don’t rush any decisions (especially financial ones). Be practical, weigh the pros and cons, and choose wisely.


Page of Swords: While the frustrations from last week are lifting, you may find that you’re left with more questions than answers this week, Libra. This is the time to seek; to search for answers, to use your mind, and explore your thoughts and ideas with openness. It’s hard to turn that mind of yours off right now, so it’s important that you don’t allow yourself to fall too far down the rabbit hole. Instead of keeping everything in, talk about it. Share your thoughts eagerly, express your opinions honestly, and be sure to communicate your needs.


Ace of Pentacles: What are you hoping to build and grow, Scorpio? Because this is the week to make your move. New opportunities are on the horizon, but you have to be ready (and willing) to say yes. Start planting those seeds – take the idea, and put it into the ground, making it a reality. Realize that it’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out; you can always learn as you go. The important thing right now is to set your sights, and know that the reality you desire can be created as long as you’re willing to put in the work and effort. Now is not the time to slack.


Nine of Wands: Feeling a bit… over it? There’s definitely some of that going around this week, Sagittarius, where the challenges you thought were behind you, sneak their way back in through the cracks. Know that you have the grit and resilience to get through it; you’re almost there! They didn’t stop you then, and they won’t stop you now. Don’t give into the frustration, and don’t be afraid to set boundaries. I know it’s tiring, and I know you’re ready to move onto the next phase. You will in due time, so don’t throw the towel in. 


The Lovers: This is a great week for connecting, Capricorn, in whatever capacity makes sense to you. That may be going out to meet new people, attending a networking event, or spending time with your loved ones. At the end of the day, the relationships you invest your time and energy into are a choice. Are you happy with what you have chosen? If not, how can you make adjustments to feel more in alignment? When you feel like you’re at a crossroads, and not sure what path to take, who can you lean on for support? Choose your connections wisely.


The Magician: You’ve had a few weeks of being told to calm your pants, but this week, Aquarius, it’s time to step into your power. This is your reminder that you have all the tools, skills, and resources you need to make things happen. So, no more spinning your wheels or thinking it through. No more waiting for that perfect moment to start. The time for intentional action is now. Have the confidence to go forward by making a plan, honing your focusing, and going for it. Don’t miss out on something amazing by getting in your own way; you’re more powerful than that.


Two of Pentacles: Where in life do you currently feel out of balance, dear Pisces? Does it feel like you’re juggling too many things at once? This week spend time refocusing your priorities. Where is your time and energy going and where do you want it to be going? Know that it’s okay to put a few things down; you don’t have to juggle it all (and you’ll be much happier if you don’t!). Bring the different areas of life or facets of yourself back into balance so that it doesn’t feel like the tiniest of waves will knock you down.

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