Tarotscopes – Week of December 11th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead based on your zodiac sign!

I’m back with another short and sweet edition this week, featuring the Biddy Tarot deck.

Want a more multifaceted message? Check your Moon and Rising signs as well. Not sure what they are? Visit Astro Cafe to find out!

Aries: Time to get focused, and be diligent as you plan your next steps, Aries. Where are you heading next? You’re in the zone to get things done, so keep to it but do what you need to remain grounded.

Taurus: You’re in your element this week! Balance productivity with self-care. Hunker down and get to that to-do list, but remember to treat yourself as well. Check in with your budget, and make sure you’re on the right track financially speaking.

Gemini: Do what you’re good at: be resourceful and circumvent problems through quick wit and thinking outside the box. Just be sure to stay true and honest; there’s no need for a fabrication of the truth.

Cancer: Your cup runneth over! Allow your emotions to flow; reconcile with the feelings weighing you down, so you can get a fresh start. This is a week for love, forgiveness, and moving forward.

Leo: Trying to escape reality this week, Leo? There’s a tendency to continuously divert your attention to the next shiny thing so you don’t have to deal with the situations at hand. They’ll catch up, so instead of giving into temptation, face difficulties and challenges head on.

Virgo: You may find yourself confronted with frustrations this week, and controlling that snap won’t come as easily as normal. Instead of feeling like things are out to get you, channel that inner fire into something productive or creative. Deep breaths and slow down.

Libra: This is a great week for collaboration and teamwork. Trust others to do their part, and do what you need to fulfill your own. You’re building from a solid foundation; keep making forward progress.

Scorpio: Dig into that Devine masculine energy as you navigate this week. Step up and take control. Do what you need to protect your kingdom, and don’t be afraid of a little added structure. You are the ruler; don’t give your power away to anyone.

Sagittarius: Opportunities are abound! It’s time to plant new seeds, and focus on what you want to build. There is success to be had, but it will require work, willingness, and a desire for something new.

Capricorn: This week is where you shine, as it calls for logic, reason, and a bit of strategy. Hone into that meticulous side of yourself. Use your intelligence, and communicate clearly. You’re not tolerating any drama or crap; you have things to accomplish. Let nothing stop you.

Aquarius: There are some discomforts to face this week, and it’s important right now to see where you’re making things bigger than they are. Don’t let your imagination run wild; confront fears and work on seeing through illusions and fantasy.

Pisces: This is your week to enjoy! You’ve had your fair share of ups and downs lately, but now relish in the stability you have. Practice gratitude. Treat yourself. Realize how hard you’ve worked and what you’ve sacrificed to be where you are. Stand on your own two feet.

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