Tarotscopes - Week of December 18th

Welcome to Tarotscopes, weekly guidance from the tarot cards based on your zodiac sign. 

As we’re quickly approaching Christmas, I’ve decided to use my Winter Rider Waite Smith deck – perfect for the season!

And don’t forget, you are more than just your sun sign. For a more rounded out message, make sure you take a look at your moon and rising, too! Not sure what they are? You can find out by using the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Cafe


Strength & Four of Cups: You’re finding yourself in a wave of emotions this week, Aries, but no matter what comes your way, remember that you have the inner strength to get through it. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others, and tame that inner beast. Remember, you’ll attract far more flies with honey than vinegar, so deep breaths as you focus on your inner calm.

The desire for peace can lead to a bit of checking out. Sometimes, this is necessary, but make sure you don’t fall into apathy and stagnation for too long – especially since it’s not really in your nature. When opportunities arise to get out of that momentary funk, take them (if they feel right) – but know that it might take a bit of strength to stand up and say yes.

Challenge for the week: Draw upon that inner courage to face the uncomfortable emotions this week instead of allowing them to fester. Those blah emotions can cause self-criticism; catch yourself, be kind to yourself, and make a list of the things you’re good at. 



Three of Cups & Queen of Swords Reversed: Eat, drink, and be merry! This is the week to really make time connecting with the people that matter. Celebrate the friendships that you have, and just enjoy the company of the family you’ve chosen. Even if you can’t be physically together, send a card, a text, or arrange a video chat. There are lots of laughs to be had!

At the same time, know that it’s okay not to invest your energy into everyone around you. There are always those who want to gossip and cause drama, and it’s important that you do what you need to keep your peace. Social gatherings can be energy draining, but if you uphold appropriate boundaries, you’ll find everything much more enjoyable. This is not the time to dig your heels in on your grudges; this is the time to find happiness and joy (even if that means bringing down the sword, and walking away).

Challenge for the week: Reach out to someone you miss spending time with. Arrange a date, or just catch up with a chat. 


Eight of Wands Reversed & Knight of Wands: It happens every year, Gemini. Expect things to slow down, and delays to happen this week which just may throw a small wrench into a plan or two. This is your reminder that there’s no need to rush through things, but knowing that hiccups are coming, it might be best to plan ahead – at least a little.

Feeling like things are going in slow motion can frustrating to say the least. Instead of letting that drive to just go burn up, channel that energy into something productive or fun! Explore a new area, a new hobby or have a mini-adventure. Make sure you have balance between patience and action. Let go of the frustration, and turn on the charm instead; we know that’s what you’re good at!

Challenge for the week: Seeking moderation, and staying in the present moment. It may feel like there are a million things to do and none are happening quickly enough, but stay present, and stay grounded. One step, one thing at a time. 


Judgement & Ace of Pentacles: Let things go this week, Cancer, especially when past mistakes or arguments get brought up again. There’s an inclination to get defensive and protect yourself, which while totally fair, isn’t going to help you move forward. Take a moment for self-reflection (not self-criticism or breatement) to understand, learn, and not repeat the same mistakes you’ve made before. You may not get the apologies you’re hoping for, but you can find inner-peace.

The beautiful thing about putting the past behind is that it welcomes new opportunities. This week, start thinking about the seeds you want to plant; the ideas you wish to pursue. It doesn’t have to be a big, life-altering quest, but this is a great time to keep your eyes peeled for new doors to open. It’s time for a renewal of that grounded, stable energy.

Challenge for the week: Make peace with past mistakes or regrets; especially ones that flare up around this time of year. Release, atone, forgive (especially yourself). Stop punishing yourself so you can see what’s really out there for you.


Eight of Cups & Eight of Swords: There’s a lot going on internally this week, and now is the time to act. Start exploring your options, and looking for a new direction to take. Know that walking away or withdrawing from something that you don’t particularly enjoy that isn’t bringing you much isn’t failure; it’s growth. What is draining you, and how can you let it go?

The bigger question, and I know it’s uncomfortable, is why are you holding on? There’s a feeling of powerlessness or illusion that you don’t have a choice in the matter, but you do. See things for what they are, and people for who they are showing you to be. This is a week for freedom, so shed the emotions that are keeping you stuck and the thoughts that are holding you prisoner. Basically, dear Leo, stop getting in your own way! It’s not easy, but you’ve got this. Stop telling yourself otherwise.

Challenge for the week: Walk away from something that isn’t serving you and divert your attention to something meaningful and fulfilling. Don’t overthink it, and trust your intuition.


Wheel of Fortune & Five of Cups: Change is coming, Virgo! Let the wheel do its thing! I know that you prefer to have things a certain way (which I totally get), but remember that it’s not always up to you. Expect the unexpected (not in a bad, warning type of way; just in a this is what you planned, well, this isn’t quite the way it’s going). Get comfortable with not-quite-perfect, and allow the wheel to keep spinning – you’ll be happier in the end, and there’s a very good chance things will work out in your favour.

It may be easier to focus on what’s gone wrong (and again, by wrong I mean just not the way you’ve totally planned it out), but instead of looking what’s been spilt, look at what’s going right. Where can you find happiness? Love? Laughter? What good has come from all the effort you’ve put forth? Yes, it’s important to acknowledge the not-so-great feelings, but don’t allow them to send you into a spiral. This can be a great week, if you let it be one.

Challenge for the week: Get behind the idea of “done is better than perfect” to take some of the stress off yourself and tasks off your plate.


Ten of Cups & Six of Swords Reversed: This is  lovely week to just enjoy! Bring balance and harmony into your every day, and do what makes your heart sing. There is a lot of emotional fulfillment to be found, so as cheesy as it may sound, give yourself the opportunity to indulge in love, happiness, and joy. There is a wonderful feeling of fullness this week; sit with it and don’t think you have to search for more right now.

At the same time, remember, painting on a happy face isn’t going to make problems just dissolve. Instead, it’s important to work through them. If you try to run away, they’re just going to be lingering upon your return, and we don’t want that for you. Accept where you are, how things are, and leave the baggage behind. That release will lift a weight from your shoulders, and give you the chance to experience the joy the Ten of Cups truly brings.

Challenge for the week: Seek out moments of peace and joy. Be with the people that make you happy; the people that love you, support you, and see you. Release the words, thoughts, and memories of those who don’t.


Nine of Swords & Ace of Swords: There’s lots going on in that head of yours, Scorpio! And while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there’s a good chunk of it that isn’t so nice. The worries and the stressors are piling up, which are only compounded by the fact that it’s the holiday season. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself some grace – and maybe a nap or two to recoup.

Clarity is coming, but it requires you to have an honest internal conversation. Where are these anxious and fearful thoughts coming from? Are they actually based in reality (my guess, for the most part, is no)? How can you release them? Use that sword (your thoughts) for good; it’s time to change the narrative and free yourself. That ah-ha moment will strike, and you’ll find your way out. 

Challenge for the week: Purge those spiralling thoughts by getting them out. Write them down, voice memo them, scream in a field – you’ll feel better after you do.


The Chariot & The Magician Reversed: You’re ready to take on whatever is left to get done this week, Sag, and I love that energy! You have an idea of where you want to go, and you’re putting the pedal to the metal. Maybe you’re preparing for a party or getting that last minute shopping done; whatever it is, you’ll be victorious in the end as long as you stay on course.

Well on the forefront you’re ready to march ahead, there’s an underlying nervousness which is making you second guess yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed. You have so much talent and so much to offer that we don’t need that voice in the back of your mind getting in your way! When you’re dedicated to your trajectory, it can be hard to see what’s happening on the fringes; stay vigilant, remain confident, and be wary of the advice from others when you already know your way.

Challenge for the week: Stay on course. There may be a lot of distractions, but keep your destination in mind.  Santa wouldn’t let anything throw him off his route; keep that in mind and do the same.


Knight of Swords & Nine of Cups: This is the time to seize the day, Capricorn! Do what you need to do, and enjoy things to their fullest! When you have an idea, give it the chance to run its course. This is a week of action, amd not being afraid to go against the flow, especially when you know it’s the right thing to do. Use that mind of yours, and solve those problems and puzzles. At the same time, don’t let your words get the better of you. I know you have strong opinions and a lot of things to say, but think it through before you speak.

Taking action allows you to get that energy out, and feel content in what you’ve accomplished. Remember to take time to just sit back and enjoy – to feel happy with where you are, knowing that it was you who made it happen. 

Challenge of the week: Not giving too much into impulse, curbing your words when you know they will sting, and balancing action with moments to recognize what you’ve accomplished. 


Seven of Wands & King of Wands: This may not be the most harmonious week, but this will be one where you’re standing in your strength, Aquarius! Not everyone understands where you’re coming from or the choices you’ve made, so know that you may have to dig your heels in, and stand up for what you know is right. This is not the time to compromise on your beliefs, ideas, or choices; you know you’re better than that.

It’s up to you to lead; to demonstrate, and to have the courage to do or say what is needed. It’s not always an easy mantle to bare, but you have the ideas and the charm to pull it off. Your ambitions are worthwhile, and you can see the big picture that many others cannot. Find solace in the fact that you know your path. So continue to be bold, brave, and completely authentic to who you are.

Challenge for the week: Temper your frustration. We have a lot of fire this week in the cards, and your patience may grow thin. Remember, you are in control. You are the king.


Page of Swords & Four of Swords: This is a lovely, balanced week for you, Pisces! This is your time to enjoy talking, communicating, and sharing your thoughts with those around you. Let that curiosity soar, ask questions, and seek answers – but be cautious (or thoughtful) in your approach. You may find your thoughts racing right now, and that’s okay, just make sure that you’re still the one in the driver’s seat.

While it’s wonderful to talk, debate, listen, and seek, it’s important to take some time out for yourself. Turn off for a little while. Close the door to the outside world. Allow the thoughts to float by, without engaging. This season can get so busy, and it’s important that you take time out for some rest and relaxation so that you’re able to enjoy everything to its fullest.

Challenge for the week: Make time every day for moments of peace and quiet. Whether that’s going for a walk (alone), meditation, or simply staying at the wall take a time out so you don’t deplete yourself.

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