Tarotscopes – Week of August 14th

Welcome to Tarotscopes! Get guidance from the tarot cards for the week ahead based on your zodiac sign!

Messages are broken down by sign, so find the one that corresponds to your Sun and/or Rising. Is there a different sign in your chart that you connect with more? Look at that reading, too! More than one message can apply.

I’m back from a week hiatus! Last weekend (Monday included) I was a vendor at Canal Days in Port Colborne. It was a great weekend, but busy. And sometimes you have to know when you’ve reached your limit, right?

But we’re back into our readings for the week ahead – and this week I’m combining the Light Seer’s Tarot with the Sacred Creators Oracle. What messages does this dynamic duo have for you?


Seven of Pentacles Reversed & Fearless Expression: You’re facing another week of your patience being tested, Aries. I know what you want to go full steam ahead, but whether you give into procrastination or rush through things to get them over with, it won’t yield the results you’re looking for. It’s time to be authentic and honest about what you’re working on.

What are you trying to force that just isn’t coming? It may be time to speak up and alter course. Know when to cut your losses, and have the confidence and respect for your time and energy to do so. Know your worth, and speak up for it – if you don’t, no one else will.

Your challenge this week: Share something that you normally would be too scared to share. Get vulnerable.


The Magician & Manifesting and Doing: This is a powerful week for you, Taurus! It’s time to tap into that inner Magician – have the confidence to go for what you want, and know what you have the skills and resources to get what you desire. The most important part is intentional action.

This is not the week to go in half-assed. Manifestation requires living in the energy of what you want, but it also takes doing the actual actions. Thinking and hoping isn’t enough. Set your intention and then act upon it. Be consistent in your execution, and know that you already have what you need – so stop second guessing yourself!

Your challenge this week: Tell someone what you’re working on manifesting (this helps make it real). Say it loud and proud.


The Tower Reversed & The Sacred Flow of You: While we’re knowing for being flexible and adaptive, fellow Gemini, we can have a stubborn streak from time to time. This week we need to make changes. Nothing world shaking or foundation shattering; but changes to faulty programming. Because honestly, by digging your heels in, you’re just delaying the inevitable.

But with change comes flow. By accepting what is and altering our path, we find a road that isn’t quite as bumpy. Say yes more, and no less, but don’t force something that’s pushing back. Get into your flow, and you’ll find that new doors that you never even saw will open.

Your challenge this week: What is something you could do to make your life easier? Do it.


The Star Reversed & You Are Magic: There’s a tendency to hole back up in your shell this week, Cancer. You may feel those emotions taking over or a certain numbness setting in; but this is not the time to give into it. It’s time to allow yourself to be seen – scars and all. To open up, to trust, and to employ some self-discipline to pull yourself out of the funk.

Remember, you have talents, stories, and adventures that are worth sharing with the world. Doing so and being active will give you the energy to heal. Shine bright, and use your magic. You have a lot of good advice stored within; share it and take some of it for your own.

Your challenge this week: What has been difficult lately? Share your story. You never know how your story may inspire someone else’s.


Three of Swords & Creator Fire: It seems like there’s some sadness or disappointment this week, Leo, and you may find yourself feeling stuck as a result. Know that this is a time to heal; to process (not ignore) those uncomfortable emotions so they don’t swallow you whole.

You have an inner fire to you Leo that is worth drawing upon to help you heal. What makes you feel excited and passionate? Follow the energy there. Remember, there is more to life than pain, sadness, or disappointment – so relish in it all. Even when life dims your flame, it’s still there, ready to soar.

Your challenge this week: Move your body. Walk, run, dance, do yoga. Move your body and allow that fire to flow through use; cleansing and purifying.


The Lovers & In Flow with Money: It’s all about the duality of choice this week, Virgo, and you may find yourself getting stuck in the analytical phase. It’s wonderful to want to do for others, but it’s time to make your decisions on what’s best for you and not take so much stock in the opinions of others – especially when it comes to money.

A lack mindset can stop us from investing in what’s important. This is a great week to attract abundance, but you need to align yourself appropriately. If you charge for services, consider your output and return. If you know of a book, course, mentor that will help you towards your goals, maybe now is the time to invest. You’re on the right track; don’t stand in your way.

Your challenge this week: Invest in you. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t. If you don’t have the financial stability right now, invest in yourself on a smaller scale.


Nine of Wands & The Distraction of Shiny Things: Tired of the uphill battle, Libra? You’re almost there, so dig in those heels, and call upon that inner grit and resilience. There are still a few challenges coming; you’ve faced them before and got through them. You will again.

Don’t be afraid to put up boundaries to protect your time and energy; you know what’s best for you. It’ll be easy to get distracted this week, especially since you’re ready to be done, but stay focused and use your discernment. Don’t waste time with comparison or thinking about what you dont have; leverge your own strengths and you’ll get through.

Your challenge this week: What are your strengths? When you’re feeling stuck, make a list of your skills (big and small) and how they can help you persevere.


Ace of Pentacles & Creator Air: New opportunities coming your way this week, Scorpio! Are you on board? What ideas are you planting? What are you hoping build in this reality? It’s time to take that idea, and put it into action. Keep your eyes open for new doors that will lead you where you want to go.

At the same time, be realistic about how you want to accomplish your goals. The Ace of Pentacles shows that while opportunities are there, it’s up to you to grab them. Use your intelligence and logical mind to work through any bumps along the way. Stay grounded, while allowing your ideas to flow. Communicate your needs, and remember, it’s okay to start something without having it all figured out.

Your challenge this week: What are you putting into motion this week? Communicate your plan. Lay it out, and adjust as needed.


Wheel of Fortune & Unstick the Stuck: Get ready to let things flow, dear Sagittarius! This week is all about remembering that sometimes, there are things in life that we can’t do anything about – and that’s okay. Let your foot off the brake a little. Change is coming and luck is likely on your side. Go with the ebbs and flows, and you’ll find things will work for, not against, you.

Work on releasing yourself from thoughts and situations that are making you feel stuck and stagnated. What patterns are you repeating that you’re ready to break? What loops are you tired of travelling through? It’s time for you to take agency over the things in your life that you can control. The wheel wants to turn, so unstick yourself to gain momentum.

Your challenge this week: What do you want to change in your life? Start small with something manageable. Make the adjustment and be consistent.


Ace of Wands & the Good Kind: This is your call to action, Capricorn! Whatever idea you have been stewing on, whatever passion you’re hoping to follow, it’s time to get motivated, and hop on board. Trust your gut instincts as you decide what ideas to act upon, and don’t be afraid to take a risk. You’re ready for some adventure!

At the same time, we want to make sure you’re balancing all that fire with moments of calm; how can you appreciate the world around you when you can’t even stop to see it? With the Ace of Wands you have the energy to hurl yourself forwards, but what is the purpose if there’s no enjoyment? Hone your focus based on your highest good: keep things simple.

Your challenge this week: Unplug and find time to see the good that surrounds you. Make a list: five good things every day.


Nine of Swords & Creator Alchemy: This can be such a powerful week for you, Aquarius, but first, it’s time to overcome those thoughts that are holding you back. Where is fear or anxiety taking over? What is causing you to give into that negativity? It’s time to process and purge or it’ll continue to eat away at you from the inside out.

Turn anxiety into acceptance, and fear into love. It’s time for a shift in perspective; a raise in vibration; a type of ascension so to speak. Move beyond what is keeping you stuck. What skills have you allowed to fall dormant? It’s time to reactivate.

Your challenge this week: Use your creative power this week to get through uncomfortable or negative thoughts.


The Hierophant & Get Back to Elemental: There is a tendency to do what is expected this week; to keep plodding along. But there is more out there for you, Pisces. The Hierophant is so often a card that encourages us to not rock the boat, but this week he’s encouraging you to seek knowledge and wisdom from the oldest of mentors: the universe itself.

Listen to the guidance from the world around you. Connect with the earn beneath your feet, the air that fills your lungs, the water that flows through your body, and the fire that burns within. What can you learn from each of these elements? What do they tell you about who and where you currently are? If you feel stuck, ask a guide or likeminded community for help.

Your challenge this week: Choose one element each day to connect with. Find an activity that helps you connect and get back to your elemental basics.

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