Tarotscopes - Week of April 8th

Spring is in full swing, but the focus right now is on the solar eclipse that is fast approaching. I’m in Niagara, Ontario – in the path of totality, and already the city of Niagara Falls has declared a state of emergency.

I’m not planning on going down to the falls, but I am ready with my eclipse glasses! If you’re partaking in the eclipse hoopla, I hope you do so safely and with enjoyment. 

For this week’s reading, I decided to bring out the UFO Tarot  by Bepi Vigna and Arturo Picca, published by Lo Scarabeo.

Be sure to check the messages for your sun, moon, and rising! Not sure where those fall for you? Visit the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café to find out!


Ace of Wands: This is a great time to start a new adventure, Aries! You are brimming with fresh ideas, new ambitions, and the energy to take it all and run. What passions or desires do you must wish to pursue? Hone your focus, and set out on your quest. Don’t get stuck in overthinking or trying to choose the “best” idea to act upon – if it feels right, go for it. Say yes, and be bold. Remember though, while the spark of potential has been lit, it’s up to you to do something about it. All thought (and talk) with no action will not allow you manifest what you desire. So, go get ‘er!


Wheel of Fortune: This week stands as a reminder that all things in life are cyclical: when something ends, something new begins; what goes up, eventually comes down. No matter where you are on the wheel, do your best to move through the ebbs and flows with optimism and grace. Know that change is on its way, and trying to control it or force it down a narrow path will only make you stuck. There are things in this universe that are beyond your control, Taurus, so instead of digging your heels in (as we know you’re often inclined to do), allow things to happen; allow them to flow.  


Ten of Wands: You’re nearing the finish line, Gemini, so know that it’s worth pushing just a little more to get through. You may feel your energy and motivation dwindling this week, and that’s completely understandable – especially as you continue to add more to your plate. Know that it’s okay to say no; to give yourself time to finish up what you’ve been working on, and to drop some of the load you’re carrying. What may feel like an uphill battle is almost over, but don’t make it more exhausting on yourself by adding unnecessary tasks to your to-do list.


Page of Cups: Emotions are running high, Cancer, and this just may be the perfect time to usher in a new beginning. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable, to express your feelings and move through your creativity. You may find that you go from feeling everything to feeling numb, and it’s important to find balance somewhere in between. Allow yourself to dream big; open your heart to something greater, and know that it is possible. Let your imagination run wild, and try not to take things too seriously. Getting into the flow is key.


Strength: Whatever life throws your way, know that you have the strength to overcome it, Leo! So, draw upon that inner fortitude, and step into your power and confidence. Remember that this is a gentle, graceful strength. Lead by example. Employ diplomacy in your interactions. When frustrations arise, remember that you are in control; do what you can to tame that inner beast. And when you can’t, have the strength to forgive yourself. You know that kindness and compassion you show others? It’s time to turn it inwards.


Seven of Wands: There are definitely some challenges present or coming this week, Virgo, where it feels like there are people who are standing against you. It’s important right now for you to stand up for what you believe; to dig your heels in, and put your foot down for what is right for you. You’ve made good progress in who and where you are, don’t let anyone take that away from you. While you may feel like you’re being too stubborn, that is exactly the energy you need. Remember, the only person you have to prove yourself to is you.


The Lovers: This is a wonderful week for connections, Libra, so make time for the people in your life that matter. Strengthen your connections, and show up authentically in your relationships. The Lovers is all about the partnerships that work in unity and harmony; how can you achieve more of that this week? As you show up in relationships with authenticity and vulnerability, do the same for yourself. When confronted with a choice, consider what would be the best course of action for who you are at your core. Make decisions not based on the wants or perceptions of others, but on what is the right path for you


Ten of Cups: Beautiful energy this week, Scorpio, as you’re stepping into happiness, harmony, and connection! This is a wonderful time spread love, and simply enjoy those moments spent with the people you care about. When your heart is full, let it sing! Seek out opportunities to do things that make you feel emotionally fulfilled – what makes you happy? If it seems like things are going too well, don’t get in the way and question it. Enjoy it, and allow it to happen. You’ve made a lot of progress towards finding joy and peace in your life; give yourself time to simply bask in it all. 


The Moon: Things may not be quite as they seem this week, Sagittarius, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth allowing your imagination to run rampant. Don’t make situations bigger than they are, especially when you feel confused or stuck. Instead, face the insecurities that swell up head on; see them for what they are (instead of what they could be). The best way through the darkness right now is allowing your intuition to guide you. Pay attention to how the energy moves through your body, where it feels heavy, and where it flows. Listen to your instincts, and find your way through the shadows and back into the sun.


Ace of Swords: New ideas and thoughts are coming your way, Capricorn! Are you ready to cut through the fog and see your way forward with a newfound sense of clarity? Be honest with yourself and those around you. Express your thoughts clearly. Focus your mind on what’s important, and do what you need to concentrate on the matters at hand. This is the time to face any problems with an open conversation and a willingness to work through them. Remember, your words can be used to help or to hurt; use your sword wisely.


Ten of Swords: It’s time to let go, Aquarius. To welcome endings, as painful or uncomfortable as they may be, so that you can move beyond them and usher in a new phase. What are you holding onto that needs release? And why are you holding onto the pain? It can be difficult to let go when we feel like we’ve failed or have been done wrong by, but at the end of the day, harboring these emotions is only holding you back – no one else. Accept where you are and what has happened. Reflect on what you’ve learned. The good news about the Ten of Swords is that it’s over now, and time for a new start.


The Hanged Man: This is a week of pause, Pisces, where it’s best if you don’t make any big changes or decisions until you’ve really given your options a chance to simmer. It may feel like you’re taking a step backwards, but it will be worth it in the long run. Just wait – see where the cards fall, so to speak. There may be an alternate route that you haven’t considered, but you can’t see it until you slow down and let yourself just be. Shift your perspective; take yourself out of the situation and look at things from a fresh angle. Know that sometimes, the best course of action is inaction itself.

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