Tarotscopes - Week of April 15th

The messages for this week come from the beautiful Soul Cards Tarot by Kristine Fredheim, Corina Nika, and Eva Ekelund. I love the back of these cards, and the gorgeous black and gold motif! The cards themselves also have a smooth matte finish which is so satisfying to touch. 

Be sure to check the messages for your sun, moon, and rising! Not sure where those fall for you? Visit the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café to find out!


Three of Cups: Eat, drink and be merry, Aries! This week is all about connecting and spending time with the  people in your life who bring you support and community. Make time for a friend date. Organize a get together and introduce people you like to one another. Celebrate an event, accomplishment, or just that extra little win. Allow yourself to share in the joy and happiness of those around you. If you’re working on a project, you may find that creative collaboration does a lot to propel things forward – even if that’s just bouncing some ideas off a couple of friends!


Justice Reversed: Things may not feel quite fair this week, Taurus. It could be people not treating you or listening to you in a way you deserve,  things not going quite according to plan, or not being told entire truths. Know that the truth will come out in the end – regardless of which side of it you’re on. It’s important to consider what part of what seems unfair that you’re accountable for. Is it possible that you’re doubling down on something because you just don’t want to budge? This is a reminder that our actions have consequences, so act with honesty and integrity if you want to set yourself up for success. 


Page of Pentacles: This week is right in your wheel house, Gemini, because it’s encouraging you to start something new. What have you been wanting to learn more about? Whether it’s something completely different or digging deeper into an existing interest, set time aside to focus your energy on doing just that. I know it can be hard to maintain focus when there are a thousand other interests pulling at the strings, but give one subject a chance. Remember, while a plan of action is great, you don’t have to have it all figured out to start. You can learn along the way, and help is out there if you just ask.


Four of Cups: You may find that this week slows down, and you’re stuck in feelings of stagnation or just plain blah. While it’s important to sit with your emotions to process them, turning off is sometimes necessary so that you can give yourself a chance to recover. That said, don’t get stuck in the numbness this week, dear Cancer. Be open to opportunities as they arise. This isn’t saying you have to act on every one, but don’t let melancholy prevent you from taking advantage of something that could actually be wonderful. 


The Lovers: Spend time feeling and sharing the love this week, Leo! What connections in your life need your focus right now? And how can you show up authentically in your relationships, especially knowing that you have the support within them to not need a mask? You get to choose the relationships in your life that you want to invest time and energy into. Are you happy with the people you have chosen to have around you? This is the time to show up with complete authenticity; make decisions based on the person you want to be, and the life you want to be leading.


The Fool: Loving the energy of the Fool for this week, Virgo! This is your sign to say yes. This is a great time to set off on a new adventure (big or small). If you’ve been hesitating due to questions of uncertainty or fear of the unknown, the Fool is your reminder to take a leap of faith. Go forth with a sense of freedom, and a mindset to explore. You don’t need to have the path all figured. It will come. Now is not the time to worry about how other people will perceive you; they don’t have to get it. This journey is about you. Keep your pack light, and your mind open. 


Three of Swords Reversed: Focus on healing and forgiveness this week, Libra. It’s important to remember that forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing someone to get away with their actions or giving them permissions to come back into your life. Forgiveness is a way to release yourself from harbouring those negative feelings, to move forward, and to find peace. Make time and space to work through difficult emotions and thoughts, and realize that recovering from difficult feelings and situations isn’t something that will necessarily happen over night. Give yourself some grace. 


Ace of Cups Reversed: You’re going from the end of a cycle last week with the Ten of Cups, to a bit of a bumpy start of a new one, Scorpio! Last week was all about fostering harmonious connections, but this week you may feel some disconnect. Whether you’re not on the same page as others feeling-wise, or it just feels like things are getting stuck and not in flow, it’s important to allow yourself to feel (and process) the ups and downs. Consider what has changed, and what you can do to refill your cup, so to speak. It’s important right now to not cut off your heart; keep yourself open instead of bottling everything up.


The Hierophant: This is a week of convention, Sagittarius, where it’s important to follow guidelines and work within structure and community. While it’s worthwhile seeking answers, especially from those in a higher or more knowledgeable position, this is not the time to openly question their wisdom. Play by the rules, and don’t rock the boat (for now, at least). Remember, Sagittarius, you don’t have to constantly be reinventing the wheel. Sometimes the tried, tested and true methods (or perhaps the path of least resistance) is the best option. 


Ten of Cups: Some lovely energy this week, Capricorn, as you are encouraged to seek happiness, connection, and emotional fulfillment. What makes your heart feel full? What people in your life are worth spending extra time and energy with? Make space for them, enjoy the company, and celebrate what you have together. Consider where you find joy in life, and work to incorporate more of that into your every day. Enjoy where you are; be in the present moment. Seek peace and harmony, as they will allow things to flow in the right direction.


Ten of Pentacles Reversed: Expect a bit of instability this week, Aquarius, especially in terms of familial relationships or finances. Tensions may be running a bit high as there are people who don’t quite have the same values. This may cause some friction, but it’s important for you to focus on the foundation you’re building and the legacy that you want to grow. Be wise in how you are spending your money, and how you’re investing in material things. Use experience to guide your decisions, and know that now is not the time to rush into anything. Seek long-term stability over quick fixes.


Four of Pentacles: You may feel like you need to hole up and protect yourself this week, Pisces. This may not be a bad tactic, as you want to ensure that you have security and stability right now. If you’re having difficulty letting people in, take time to consider what threat they truly bring. If it’s money or your job that’s the focal point, it is important to protect your assets. However, don’t cling so hard to what you have that you miss out. Consider your options carefully, but be willing to let down the guard just a bit; and investment in yourself may pay off more than you think in the long run.

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