Tarotscopes - Week of April 22nd

The deck this week is the Pulp Tarot by Todd Alcott – which honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t used before! This is one of my favourite tarot decks, and I bring it every market and event I go to. If you’re looking for something fun, funky, but still very easy to read, this is a deck worth checking out!

Be sure to check the messages for your sun, moon, and rising! Not sure where those fall for you? Visit the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café to find out!


The Sun: Wonderful energy coming your way this week, Aries! Allow your radiance to shine; you have a warmth that is worth sharing with the people around you. What makes you feel happy from the inside out? And how can you bring more joy into your week? Open your eyes to the beauty around you, and take time to relish in your successes – big and small. Get out into the sunlight and bring more play into your week. Make time to enjoy the simple things in life, and don’t forget to do what makes you laugh. Fill your lungs with fresh air, live in the now, and soak up the sunshine (literally, and metaphorically). 


Five of Pentacles: You may feel a little slower this week, Taurus. Whether it’s your energy dwindling, allergies flaring up, or worries seeping in, it’s important to remember that it’s all part of life. Instead of getting down or frustrated, dig those heels in, and take care of yourself. On the days that feel like more of a struggle, know that it’s okay to take it one step at a time. Be mindful of how you are spending your time, money, and energy – there’s no need to overdo it. And if you need help, ask (even if it’s something as simple as a shoulder to lean on). Remember, no one knows you’re having a tough time if you don’t tell them.


King of Cups: With that ever moving mind of yours, this week may come as a welcome break. Focus on balance between heart and mind, which will help those racing thoughts to calm (even if it’s just for a moment). With the energy of the King, you’ll do well to stay cool and collected in stressful situations; manage your emotions from the inside out. You may find people are coming to you more than normal this week to share their stories and plights; maintain healthy boundaries, but don’t be afraid to help where you can. Use your experience and wisdom to help others. 


Five of Wands Reversed: If it’s harmony and the ease of conflict that you’re looking for this week, Cancer, know that you’ll likely have to agree to disagree. It may feel like you’ve been fighting to have your ideas seen and heard, to have yourself understood. While the tension that’s arisen isn’t anything that’s rocking your world, it’s best to speak your peace so that there is no regret or resentment. Say what you need, get your ideas out there, and then allow yourself to move on. Work together to find a resolution, and don’t be afraid to call a truce.


The Devil: Feeling stuck or trapped, Leo? This week is all about facing the insecurities that are keeping you you from moving forward. What habits or coping mechanisms have you been relying on as of late? What stories have you been telling yourself about your situation? This card often represents trying to fill a void with materialism; whether that’s a shopping spree, a few extra snacks, or extra hours at the gym, it’s important to consider whether these behaviour are helpful or just a bandage. There is a way to take back your control, but the first step is believing it. 


King of Swords Reversed: Your thoughts are everywhere this week Virgo, and it’s a battle this week to rein them in. You may find that your mind wanders, causing you to be extra judgemental or nit-picky. Know that it’s important to hone your focus, and concentrate on the task at hand. Solve problems, instead of making more for yourself. Express needs and opinions in a clear, and concise manner instead of creating more friction. Remember, you are in control of your words and your mind. Wield it honest and integrity, instead of judgement and criticism. 


Three of Wands: Ready to expand, Libra? What is the next step that you’re ready to take? It may be a small shuffle or a big leap forward, but it’s important to get ready, get excited, and start moving. This is a time for you to grow; you have the confidence and ambition to really solidify your foundation. Keep your eyes open for new paths to take and new ideas to unfold, but remember to keep the big picture in mind. This is a week for action; just hoping that things will all come together won’t make it so. Use your energy to work towards making your vision a reality. 


Ace of Pentacles Reversed: You are on the precipice of new opportunities, dear Scorpio, but the timing isn’t quite right. Get your ducks in a row first; decide what door is the best for you to go through, and make your plan of action. Expect a few delays this week, as the right opportunities aren’t quite here. It may be attractive to jump in full speed ahead, but that won’t be approach that brings you the success and stability you deserve. Don’t rush (especially when it comes to spending or investing your hard earned money). Take a look at how you’re doing things, and adjust your approach. Focus  on making a viable plan.


Eight of Cups: What have you been trying to do or fix that isn’t working, Sagittarius? It’s time to put it aside, and focus your attention (and emotions) on bigger, better things. It can be hard to let go of an idea, relationship, project, even a physical item, that you have invested emotion and energy into. However, it’s important to assess if it’s still worth it (with the Eight of Cups coming up, I’m guessing it’s not right now). Don’t be afraid to walk away, especially if you’re feeling stuck. On a mundane level, this could even be getting out of the house for a change of scenery and some fresh air to get things back into flow.


The Empress: What are you ready to put out into the world, Capricorn? You are being encouraged to bring life to the ideas that have been mulling in the back of your mind; to express yourself and allow it to grow. Find inspiration in the beauty and joy around you. Allow yourself to experience the here and now with every one of your senses. Make space to listen to your heart and intuition. Ground yourself by connecting with nature; give focus to your breath. This is a week of creativity, beauty, and nurture. How are you nurturing yourself and others? 


Two of Swords: You’re approaching a crossroads this week, Aquarius, and it’s important to know that sitting on the fence will not yield the results that you desire. It may be easier to check out and wait to see what happens, but know that indecision is equal to giving your power away. To make the best choice, get more information; ask questions and weigh the pros and cons. Be honest with yourself and anyone else involved. It may feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, but you are more than capable seeing the way out if you allow yourself to.


Nine of Pentacles: This is your week to enjoy, Pisces! It’s important to realize that you have worked hard to get where you are. You’ve invested time, energy, money – and you’ve reached a place where things are at the very least, a-okay. You’ve been able to maintain a certain level of stability, so allow yourself to pause and take a breather. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a little treat (you’ve earned it after all). This is also a great time to realize all that you’ve learned through your accomplishments. Spend extra time in the next few days for gratitude practice – it will help you see how full your cup really is.

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