Transient Light Tarot

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An 81-card deck and guidebook that invites the reader to embrace change and see it through a positive lens, with diverse, gender-neutral illustrations. With gender-free artwork and language, this queer reimagining of the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot will meet you on your journey to self-acceptance to help you discover your unique inner magic. “

This gentle deck from Ari Wisner is a wonderful addition to any collection! It comes complete with a sturdy box, and 136-page guidebook to help you connect with the cards. While incorporating much of the classic Rider Waite Smith symbolism, the Transient Light Tarot brings a fresh and more modern approach to the cards.

There is something simple, but elegant in the Transient Light Tarot. I love the inclusive nature of the deck, as it focuses less on a cast of characters, and more on symbols that we can use to tap into our inner wisdom. In lieu of a Page, Knight, Queen and King, the deck features the Apprentice, Champion, Keeper and Crown. It also includes a few bonus cards, my favourites being the Past, Present, and Future cards that look lovely when incorporating them into a reading.

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