Spheres of Heaven Tarot

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“Drawing from the history of tarot—from Rider-Waite-Smith and Marseille, to Judaic Kabbalah and esoteric lore—this deck explores the deep roots of the archetypes and symbolism as well as the many uses of tarot as a game, a powerful divination tool, and a meditation aid.”

Created by Georg Hobmeier and James Patton, and illustrated by Eliot Baum and Viv Tanner, the Spheres of Heaven Tarot transports you into the fantasy world of Dioscoria. This 80-card deck comes complete with a guidebook. The illustrations are done in an  art nouveau/comic style, with a fully fleshed out set of Major Arcana cards, and a Marseille-style Minor Arcana (unillustrated pips).

One really cool thing about this deck is that they give you a set of Lovers cards – each with a different representation of love. While the deck was created to go alongside the Sefirot Game (more information on that here). it is a stand alone tarot deck – no knowledge of the game is required.

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