Tarotscopes - Week of January 22nd, 2024

Happy Monday! It’s time for this week’s Tarotscopes! Today, I’m using the Pacific Northwest Tarot by Brendan Marnell. This is a lovely animal based deck, filled with lots of birds!

And remember, you have so much more to you than just your sun sign. Want to learn about your other placements? Visit the Natal Chart Calculator at Astro Café to find out!


Five of Cups Reversed: It’s frustrating when things don’t go the way we’ve planned, and it’s easy to focus on the “could’ve”, “would’ve”, “should’ve” of the situation. But this is a week of acceptance. Of not trying to go backwards or lamenting on what could have been. Instead, see where you are and appreciate the road so far. There’s an energy in your, Aries, that wants to keep burning bright, and by focusing on what you do have, on the things going right, on the positives in your situations, you’ll be able to do just that. This isn’t a call to ignore those not-so-pleasant emotions, but to see them, accept them, and refocus.


Page of Wands: Okay, Taurus, this is the week to get yourself pumped up, and step into a new adventure. Whether that’s stepping outside your comfort zone, confronting a situation with courage, or saying yes to a new opportunity, the time is now. You’ll find yourself easily distracted this week, so be intentional in your actions and focus your energy on what you wish to accomplish. Dormancy will lead to lack of progress; so don’t let that little voice of fear get in your way. What do you want more of in your life? What makes you feel excited? That is the direction you’re being encourage to head towards.


Three of Cups Reversed: There are feelings of loneliness or isolation this week, Gemini. While it can be healthy to disconnect with the outside world, really ask yourself why are you feeling this way now? Are you isolated or are you isolating yourself? If you are feeling isolated, who in your circle can you connect with? Reach out to them, and make connection a priority. It’s also important to look at what relationships you’re disconnecting from, and if it’s for the better. (It might be – but it’s worth asking yourself). Most importantly, if you’re looking for connection, don’t go down the petty gossip path. That’s not the community you need right now.


The Chariot Reversed: Feeling a little lost this week, Cancer? Or like you’re spinning your wheels but not really getting anywhere? It’s okay to meander sometimes, as you figure out where to go next. But don’t spend this week lost in the woods. Remember, you are in control You are in the driver’s seat. Decide on a destination (even if it’s somewhere close; accomplishing items on a to-do list, making progress on something you’re working towards) and use your willpower and determination to make it happen. No one else can do it for you; do it because you know you’re worthy of that victory.


The Sun: Love the energy for you this week, Leo! It’s time to let that inner radiance shine – and shine bright! This shows a week for success, optimism, and just enjoying all that this human experience has to offer. Get outside, and feel those rays on your skin; be present in the world around you.  Do something fun just for the sake of doing it. Connect to that child part of yourself and partake in unbridled joy. If it makes you happy, and makes you laugh, it’s worth it! Bonus points for sharing that joy with other people in your life. 


Five of Pentacles Reversed: We’re seeing lots of improvements this week, Virgo, especially if that January slump has hit. Focus on bringing energy back into your body and make small, but worthwhile changes to your daily routine. What pivots can you make to improve various aspects of your life? What can make you feel safer or more secure? The struggles you’ve been weighed down by are easing up, allowing you to step even further into that Magician power from last week. Know that these shifts won’t happen immediately, so take your time, stay grounded, and enjoy the present moment.  


Two of Wands: You have some decisions to make this week, Libra. And you can choose to go the comfortable route, the one that seems easy and that you’re used to, or you can choose to take a bit of a risk, and step outside your comfort zone. The real question is what ambitions are you hoping to make progress towards, and how can you do that? It is important right now to move forward with purpose and a plan of action in place. Instead of giving into that restless energy, use it to make a choice, and propel yourself into action. 


Ace of Swords: If you’ve been feeling a bit foggy or confused lately, Scorpio, know that things will become more clear this week. It’s important to be honest with yourself about where you are, how you’re feeling, and what you need. Focus your energy on solving the issues at hand, and in expressing yourself in a clear, meaningful way. You may find your head swimming with new thoughts and ideas, but be selective in which you act upon. Stand in your truth, and know that this is not the week to compromise on your values.


The Magician: This can be a very powerful week for you, Sagittarius! Realize that you have the tools, talents, and resources to make what you want to happen, happen. Set your intention, focus your energy, and go for it. Take intentional action, and let your personal power shine through. The Magicians knows how to utilize their abilities from the inside out; and you must do the same. The thought without the action isn’t enough. The action without thought won’t yield the results that you’re looking for. Create new opportunities for yourself, and don’t take no for an answer.


King of Pentacles: What a great week ahead, Capricorn, as it relies on innate skills for you: hard-work and practicality. You have high standards in how things are done, and this is the time to enforce them, whether that’s within yourself or the team around you (work, school, family, and friends included). At the same time, it’s important to be kind and generous with your time and expertise. Share you experience as a way to lead others. Enjoy the stability and security that you have created for yourself, and don’t be afraid to indulge a little from time to time. Really hone in on the balance between working hard, and playing hard.


The Star: Wonderful energy for you this week, Aquarius, as it is filled with hope, inspiration, and trust. Allow yourself to enjoy in the world around; experience the awe and beauty. Trust in yourself (and the universe) to know that you are on the right path, and to lead you in the direction you need. This is not the time to hide yourself away, but instead to allow yourself to shine bright. Remind yourself of the blessing that surround you, and no matter what obstacles come up, keep hope alive. This is a great week to renew your energy, and do what you need to feel fresh and rejuvenated. 


King of Cups: Another King this week, Pisces, but we’re going from the fiery energy of the King of Wands, to the calming influence of the King of Cups. This is the time to allow things to flow. To be calm, cool, and collected in the face of adversity, and to be the master of your emotions. You may find that others come to you as a shoulder to lean on. Use your experience and wisdom to offer support, but remember to maintain healthy boundaries. The best way for you to make decisions right now is through a balance of heart of mind. 

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