Green Glyphs Tarot

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“Echoing the panoramic storytelling found in other decks within the Visions Universe, the major arcana of the Green Glyphs Tarot weaves together a tapestry of tales, enabling fluid interpretations and visually cohesive narratives.”

This 78-card deck comes packaged in a beautiful box, and has prismatic gold gilded edges. The card size is smaller than your stereotypical tarot deck, making it great for travel and for those who find the standard tarot card a little too big.

When James R. Eads announced he was releasing another tarot deck, I couldn’t wait, and Green Glyphs tarot did not disappoint. The art is simple, and easy to connect with. When lined up, the Major Arcana forms a panoramic picture. For those new to tarot, the cards have a subtle colour coding to them: yellows and golds for more favourable cards, and orange for less favourable ones.

Deck Stats:

  • Number of Cards: 78
  • Guidebook: 120pg
  • Card Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
  • Cardstock: Durable cardstock, prismatic gold-gilded edges
  • Box: Durable,  4.25″ x 7″, one-piece flip-top clamshell box printed with a matte finish that includes holographic foil accents
  • Reversable: Not 100%, but you have to look closely to tell which cards are reversed
  • Links: James R. Eads Art, Prisma Visions, Green Glyphs Instagram

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