Tarotscopes – Week of September 4th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead broken up by zodiac sign!

This week we’re using the lovely Fantôme Tarot by La Muci.

Get the most out of your tarotscope by giving the reading a moment to settle. Mull over the questions, and check the sign(s) in your chart that you feel connected to.


Seven of Wands Reversed & Page of Wands: While not uncommon for you, Aries, you will find yourself changing your mind about a million times this week. Ideas that you were fully on board with will now seem like a not-so-great plan, and beliefs you were holding onto are left in the dust. This isn’t a bad thing, but be aware of why you’re not fighting for what you want – if the fight isn’t worth it, great, walk away. But if it’s fear or uncertainty you’re giving into, it might be time for a rethink.

This is your chance to be brave. Standing in your truth isn’t always an easy thing to do (just make sure you know what it is). You’ll have plenty of new ideas coming your way, but with the tendency to start and not finish things, make sure you’re not throwing away something great because of a whim for a new adventure. Plan, focus, act intentionally.

Questions for the week: What have you been wavering on lately? Why? What can you choose to stick with instead of putting it aside to start something new?


Ten of Cups Reversed & Ten of Pentacles: We see a little unhappiness or disconnect this week, Taurus, and there are feelings of simply going through the motions. It’s not necessarily that things are bad, but there is a missing element in your day to day and it may feel like you’re simply painting on a smile just to get through.

Your needs are being met on a material level (at least for the most part). You have a sense of security, and you’re not worried about where your next meal is coming from. But where is the emotional fulfillment coming from? What would make you happy and connected with the world around you? Even if it’s just a start, that’s what you need to inject into your week.

Questions for the week: Where in life are you simply keeping up appearances? How does that make you feel and how can you feel more fulfilled in that area of life? How can you balance emotional and material happiness?


Knight of Swords Reversed & Eight of Wands Reversed: Impatience is ruling you this week, Gemini (more so than usual), so get ready to take a deep breath, and calm that racing mind. It may feel like time is running out, and therefore you’re trying to force things to happen. This can lead to bad decisions, and recklessness – and we don’t need that.

Slow down. Rushing forward on a whim and trying to bulldoze your way through isn’t going to lead to progress – you’ll only miss opportunities. Expect delays and setbacks; preparing for them will may them easier to handle. This is your reminder that not everyone else is on the same timeline as you are; play nice if you want to get ahead.

Questions for the week: Where are you trying to rush through things? Why the hurry and what can you do to slow down?


Six of Pentacles & Eight of Swords: It’s wonderful to be generous with your time, energy, money, but as you feel stuck or drained, take time to assess where different aspects of yourself are being spent. If you feel you’re lacking, how can you take from one area of life and give to another?

Remember that you should get a return for what you give. Not in a transactional, tit-for-tat kind of way, but there needs to be an exchange. You can’t fix everyone’s problems nor can you allow yourself to constantly be the victim. It’s time to see your interactions with a new lens, be honest, and let go of narratives (and guilt) that are not helpful. Why waste your energy there?

Questions for the week: Where are you spending most of your time and energy? What do you get in return? Are there adjustments you can make that will make you happier?


Five of Cups Reversed & Six of Wands: You have a good week coming to you, Leo, where you’re really focusing on what’s going right instead of focusing or lamenting on the past. You’re ready to leave ideas or memories of self-perceived failure behind, because you’re ready to move on.

Celebrate the wins! And while being in the limelight isn’t generally a big problem for you, humbly accept the praise and recognition that comes your way. Feel proud, and enjoy yourself! This is a week to reach milestones (big or small), so allow yourself to see your successes knowing that they’ll differ in size from day to day – and that’s totally okay!

Questions for the week: What are you releasing this week? What are some positives you can focus on? What are you proud of yourself for?


Three of Pentacles & The Empress Reversed: This is a great week for cooperation and collaboration! Where in life are you part of team, and what can you do to make sure that team thrives? Create a plan of action together, and have everyone do their part. You may have the urge to take on more than your fair share because of the desire to get it done, and get it done right. Know that this will only create disharmony amongst those you are collaborating with.

Work on balancing the need for control. Remember, you don’t have to be the expert in everything; trust those you’re working with if you want things to go smoothly. It may feel like some of your ideas or creativity is being overlooked, but sometimes, it’s okay to take a small step back.

Questions for the week: What can you do to help the ideas of others grow? How can you balance control and flow? What is your part, and how can you excel at it?


Page of Swords & Three of Swords: You are brimming with questions this week, and that Page of Swords wants you to ask them all. Be curious, and see where your questions take you. This is the week to use your head, Libra – think before you leap (and speak). Communicate your thoughts and ideas; your mind is agile and while that can be amazing, we don’t want you thinking yourself into circles.

Some of your questions will lead to uncomfortable memories and realizations – and that’s okay. GIve yourself time and space to heal. Think through issues instead of skirting around them, and don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you need to. Holding it all in isn’t going to help, so give yourself a chance to release.

Questions for the week: What questions do you have and how can you find their answers? Are there any feelings you’re repressing? How can you deal with them?


Eight of Pentacles Reversed & The Sun: Motivation is dwindling this week, Scorpio, and there may a desire to just rush through things to get them off your plate. There’s that little voice in the back of your mind telling you to be productive, but doing a half-assed job is only going to make more work in the long run.

Instead of focusing on getting through things, how can you set aside time for fun? The Sun encourages playfulness and laughter, and by finding that joy you’ll feel more inspired (and energetic) to push through. Give yourself breaks. Feel the sunlight on your face. Do things that make you laugh (even if that’s watching funny pet videos on TikTok). It’s through this that you will find greater success, even in the jobs you dislike.

Questions for the week: How can you make even mundane tasks a little more fun? How can you inject more fun and play into your week? What is something fun you’ve been putting off doing?


King of Swords & The Chariot Reversed: It’s all about the logical, rational mind this week, Sagittarius, and it’s a great time to put that problem-solving cap on. You are intelligent and capable. Remember, you can think (and talk) your way out of anything.

It’s time to pick a path, and get to it. You’ve been meandering through the sideroads for a while, and honestly, you’re just delaying the inevitable. You may find that you have a difficult time controlling yourself or really focusing your energy this week, so you will need to dig those heels in and be strict with yourself. We know you have that stubborn streak, so use it to your benefit.

Questions for the week: Where in life are you feeling lost or out of sorts? How can you get back on the road? What decisions do you need to make? How can you use your mental agility to make the best choice?


Knight of Pentacles Reversed & Ace of Wands: Focus is waning this week, Capricorn, and while you’re usually down to just get ‘er done, things aren’t coming as easily. You may find that you’re bored or frustrated of the everyday tasks, and would rather just take a break and give into laziness. Sometimes, that’s okay, but it won’t make you feel any better.

Instead, make space for a little adventure, and know that the investment is worth it. What ideas can you put into action? Don’t be afraid to chase your ambitions and give into a little excitement. Isf there’s something that you feel enthusiastic about, invest some energy into it!Take that spark of an idea and run with it – see where it takes you.

Questions for the week: How do you balance work and play in life? What idea makes you feel excited? Is there something you can do right now to take action towards that idea?


The High Priestess Reversed & The Devil: These past few weeks haven’t been the easiest, and it’s causing you to question yourself and your intuition, dear Aquarius. It’s time to snap back into it and listen to that inner knowing. Turn off the outside noise, and tune into that voice inside. It won’t betray you if you just listen. As cheesy as it sounds, trust in divine timing. You don’t have all the answers yet, and that’s okay.

Not knowing can make you feel powerless right now, but know that you are as free as you allow yourself to be. Confront what is making you feel trapped. Bring it to the light, and work your way through it. By severing that chain, you will feel lighter.

Questions for the week: When recently have you ignored your intuition, and how did things turn out? What is one fear or insecurity are you prepared to take on this week? Where are you giving away your power and how can you reclaim it?


Four of Pentacles Reversed & The Lovers Reversed: This is your week to let go of whatever it is you’ve been clinging onto, dear Pisces. It’s not bringing you the security or fulfillment you were hoping for, so why continue to cling? Be open, and while it may be uncomfortable, it’s time to stop worrying about how everyone else fees and choose yourself.

Sometimes letting go or making a clear choice causes waves in relationships. Be prepared to feel some disconnect this week. However, remember, you are only accountable for what is yours. You cannot control how anyone else acts or reacts, nor are you responsible for the choices they make. This isn’t to say be unkind as you let go, but know that not all connections are meant to last forever.

Questions for the week: What are you holding onto that is weighing you down? How can you choose yourself? Do you find you try to avoid conflict? Why?

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