Tarotscopes – Week of August 28th

Welcome to Tarotscopes – guidance from the cards for the week ahead broken up by zodiac sign!

For this week’s message I’m using the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot because who can say no to that shine?

Want to get the most out of your Tarotscope? Give the reading a moment to sit, mull over the questions, and check the sign(s) in your chart that you feel connected to.


Seven of Swords & Two of Swords: This is your week to work smarter, not harder. Make good decisions, and don’t be afraid to take a few shortcuts when you know they won’t affect the quality of your work. Getting what you want comes down to using strategy, cunning, and looking out for yourself – if you don’t, who’s going to?

You may find yourself at a crossroads, and at the end of the day, you need to make the choice that is best for you. But don’t rush into it, Aries. Think it through, weigh the pros and cons, but know that a decisions must be made. Make the choice that is best for you, because that’s what this week is about. It’s not selfish to put yourself first from time to time.

Questions for the week: What resources do you have available to you, and how can you best use them to get what you want? How can you feel good about the choices you’re making?


Eight of Pentacles & King of Pentacles: This is a great week for you to really dig your heels in, and get things done, Taurus! What skills or goals are you developing? How can you take them to the next level? Keep investing time, energy – and potentially money – into levelling up.

Know that it’ll take work to get where you want to be, but if you put in the effort, you’ll be able to see a great deal of success. Show up. Do the work. Come from a place of abundance, and continue to build on your past experience. Make smart decisions towards your goals, but remember to take time out to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Questions for the week: How can you invest in yourself and your skills? Is there a book, mentor or course that will help you reach the next level?


Ten of Wands & Six of Swords: Feeling worn out, Gemini? There’s a lot on your plate this week, and you may feel like things continue to pile up. It won’t be this way forever, so keep pushing – you’re almost through! However, reassess what you have to carry, and what you can drop or delegate. If you totally exhaust yourself, who are you good to?

Sometimes it takes a certain amount of acceptance to realize that you can’t take it all on. You only have so much energy and so many hours in a day. Let go of whatever you’re holding onto that is weighing you down – especially that mental load. If it’s not affecting you now, stop engaging with the thought (and thus allowing it to affect you; we know that viscous cycle well).

Questions for the week: What responsibilities have you take on that aren’t really yours to deal with? What can you finish to lighten your load? What thoughts or beliefs do you need to part ways with?


Queen of Pentacles and Three of Wands: This week, dear Cancer, give yourself space to really get grounded. There’s a lot to do, and you have the power to do it, but first we need to make sure your feet re solidly on the ground. Be practical and reasonable with yourself. Know when to work, but when to take a time out to take care of yourself – that’s the balances you’re working on striking this week.

Where are you expanding? Where are your ambitions taking you? Be bold, and keep moving forward. This is the time to give into that momentum, and really make an impact towards your goals. That said, have a plan of action in place so that you remain on task.

Questions for the week: What goals are you working towards and what can you cross off your to-do list this week? How can you make time for self-care? In what ways are you expanding and growing?


Two of Cups & King of Cups Reversed: The Two of Cups is present again for you this week, Leo! A clear sign to spend time with the people you love, or open yourself to new friends and new romance. It’s time to take off the mask and be seen for who you are; be vulnerable, and allow yourself to connect on a deeper level.

There may be some hesitation with letting that guard totally down – and that is completely natural. However, instead of giving into the anxiety and overwhelm, stand strong in your power. Get a handle on your emotions, and remain calm, cool, and collected – especially during difficult (and emotional) conversations. Remember, relationships take effort from both parties.

Questions for the week: What kind of connections do you want to foster in your life? How does vulnerability make you feel? Why? In what situations do you have difficulty controlling your emotions and how can you regain power over them?


Ten of Pentacles & Page of Pentacles: You’re feeling much more stable and abundant this week Virgo, and I love that for you! See the security that you have in life, whether that be material, mental or emotional. There is a strong foundation there, so give yourself a moment to breath easy. Make time for family (chosen family included), and enjoying the small luxuries of life.

While giving yourself moment to pause, realize that there is still more out there for you. What else do you want to learn? What skills are you interested in? What do you want to experience? Create a plan of what comes next, and stay focused on your tasks. Make time to read that book, listen to that lecture, or take that course.

Questions for the week: What are you grateful for? What foundations do you have that are worth building on? What do you want to learn next?


Queen of Swords & Eight of Wands : Your mind is is sharp and with it this week, Libra, take this as a sign to not second-guess yourself! Instead, use that intellect to make good decisions. No matter what comes your way, know you have the mental fortitude to handle it. You’ve been through difficult situations before and survived; and now, you’re stronger and smarter than you were before. Be perceptive, and give yourself the grace to observe before taking action.

That said, when the time is right, strike while the iron’s hot. You’ll know when something is the right way to go, so go! Trust yourself, and say yes. If you hesitate, you’ll likely miss out – and I don’t want you to miss a great opportunity simply due to overthinking.

Questions for the week: What are you second-guessing yourself about? If you were to be totally honest with yourself, why do you think you’re hesitating? How can you feel more comfortable saying yes quickly?


The Chariot & Seven of Cups: What do you wish to accomplish this week, Scorpio? Because this is your week to take the reins, and drive. Choose your destination, and don’t let anything stand in your way. As long as you are in control, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. When obstacles get in the way, remember, you have many different ways around them, so consider your options before barrelling ahead.

However, while you have a lot of options available to you, it’s easy to get lost and confused between them all. Stay focused, and don’t get “grass is greener” syndrome or you’ll wind up right back where you started. Not sure which path to follow? The best way forward is to trust your intuition – it won’t lead you astray.

Questions for the week: What is your goal for the week? How will you feel when you accomplish that goal? How can you make space to listen to and trust your intuition?


The Moon & Page of Swords: Your imagination is on fire this week, Sagittarius, and it’s not necessarily going to the best of places. It’s time to really turn on the light and assess your situations for what they are; to be honest instead of giving into the story you’ve created internally. There are some skewed perceptions that need a new lens. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but you just might find that things aren’t quite as dire as they may feel.

Ask more questions. Seek the truth. It’s time to cut through the veil and see things for what they really are. Stay curious, but lean towards caution. Use your aptitude for problem-solving to work (and talk) your way through difficult situations.

Questions for the week: Where are you making mountains out of molehills? What questions do you have that you can seek answers to this week? How might those answers help you feel more stable?


The Hierophant & Knight of Cups: You have an interesting balancing act week, Capricorn. There are times when it’ll be best to follow the rules; to take the beaten path or the tried, tested, and true method. This is not your week to rock the boat or cause a storm – we know you’re diligent and hard working, so use that to your advantage.

The balance comes in with the desire to follow your whims or imagination. You get that moment of inspiration, and while it may not be conventional, you really want to just see where it takes you. Don’t ignore this part of yourself; follow those inklings and the emotions when you know the opportunity is right. There is wisdom in both structure and whim.

Questions for the week: How do you feel going against the grain? Do you have a healthy balance of rules and whim in life? If not, how can you correct the balance?


Five of Cups & Three of Swords: Oh Aquarius. It’s another emotion-filled week, but it’s up to you to decide what that really means. Are you going to focus on the past? The things that have gone wrong? Or that you regret? Or are you going to turn your attention to what’s going right? (I suggest the latter). Look to the cups still standing; you can’t go backwards afterall.

Give yourself time and space to heal. To deal with those difficult emotions and get to the root of the problem. It won’t happen overnight, but repressing isn’t going to get you anywhere. So, open those floodgates and give yourself the opportunity to release. it’s okay to feel sad; but don’t allow yourself to be stuck there. You deserve better.

Questions for the week: What regret are you holding onto? Why? How can you turn past disappointments into lessons or experiences? What are some healthy ways you can express and feel your emotions?


Six of Pentacles & Ace of Wands: You have a lot to give this week Pisces, and you are here for it! I love that generous attitude, but be cautious of being taken advantage of. Take a moment to assess where your time, energy, money is going – are you getting anything out of those interactions? If not, it might be time to alter course.

Why? Because if you’re giving all your energy away, you don’t have time to chase those amazing dreams and ambitions that are bubbling inside! This is your week to say yes! To seize new opportunities, and have a little fun and adventure! Get excited, get motivated – take that spark and run with it. It’s all about taking action this week, not just letting those ideas sit inside.

Questions for the week: Where do you spend a lot of time and energy? Is that where you want your time and energy going? How can you make adjustments? What can you do that would make you feel excited and alive this week?

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