Modern Witch Tarot

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Modern Witch Tarot is a magical take on traditional tarot symbolism, inspired by fashion and modern witches from every walk of life. Spark your imagination, seek your inner wisdom and discover your true power.”Liminal 11

All the goodness of a the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck, with a some extra spunk and charm! This is a 78-card tarot deck with two bonus cards, that comes packaged in a sturdy tuckbox with a hardcover guidebook. The colours are vibrant, the pictures are modernized, and the deck just oozes female power!

If you’re looking for a deck that combines the traditional symbols and scenes from Pamela Coleman’s work with a modern pop and all-woman cast, you’ll want to add this to your collection. Just learning to read tarot? No problem! This is a great deck to learn the art of tarot with.

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