Manifest This!


Need a little extra boost manifesting what you want to create in this reality? Manifest This! are charm and crystal duos that help you attract what you desire. Great for attaching to a necklace, keychain, or zipper, or for keeping in your purse, on an altar, or by your bedside.

What do you want to manifest? Choose your charm based on these options:

  • Creativity & Inspiration (star, pegasus)
  • Free Time (wing, cocktail)
  • Getting Stuff Done (bee)
  • Good Luck (clover, starfish)
  • Hope & Happiness (flower)
  • Inner Strength (elephant, seahorse)
  • Inner Wisdom (owl, dolphin)
  • Love (heart, love)
  • Mental Clarity (crown)
  • Money & Abundance (leaf, pumpkin)
  • More Travel (pineapple,
  • More Whimsy (faerie, unicorn, Alice in Wonderland rabbit)
  • Peace & Calm (wave. yin yang)
  • Positive Change (butterfly
  • Slow Down (turtle)
  • Time in Nature (tree, pinecone)

Please note that there may be a variation in the charm selected. For example, there are a few types of buttery charms or star charms.